2012 NFL Week 1 Picks – Scottie vs. Mattyoshow

As a new NFL season has finally dawned upon us, Scottie and I couldn’t resist the temptation of picking games again.  The last season we decided to each enter our picks was 2010.  I pretty much blew Scottie out of the water, but that was to be expected.  Since, Scottie has allegedly refined his craft, spent many months interning under Hank Goldberg, and is now ready to challenge me for the 2012 season.  Scottie, I commend your relentlessness, but you need to realize that once again you have no chance of beating me.  We obviously missed the first game between Dallas and Giants, so that won’t be counted in our final standings.  With that being said, let the picking begin.  By the way Scottie, one night’s bar tab at is up for grabs again this season, with the location to be determined.  Let’s do it…

Less talk more walk from me this year…

Colts @ Bears

Mattyoshow – Bears

I think the Colts have made several good moves this offseason.  Obviously drafting Luck was the first step in the rebuilding process, but I think the Colts will be back in the thick of things earlier than many realize.  The Vontae Davis move also made perfect sense for Indy.  That being said, the Bears finally have given Jay Cutler a legitimate #1 receiver and Matt Forte is a force to be reckoned with.  Even if Brian Urlacher sits this one out, Bears get the win.

Scottie – Bears

Ditka vs. God.  Ditka is God.  Daaaaaa Bears!

Falcons @ Chiefs

Mattyoshow – Falcons

2012 is Matt Ryan’s year.  Everyone expected him to break out big time in 2011 with Roddy White and Julio Jones both on the field.  Ryan disappointed and didn’t have the “elite” type of season that we were expecting.  In my opinion, Jones and White were on the injured list nearly every week last season and although the played on Sunday’s, I doubt they did much practicing.  After a full offseason Ryan is finally ready to explode.

Scottie – Falcons

Julio Jones will be the new Roddy White.  While I have concerns about the Falcon running game, they will still be able to get by the Chiefs.

Eagles @ Browns

Mattyoshow – Eagles

Mike Vick was my first round pick in my fantasy league this year for a reason, I think he’s going to have a huge season (and I had the 12th pick).  With a motivated DeSean Jackson and a consistent Jeremy Maclin running routes, and a formidable running back in McCoy in the backfield, Mike Vick will lead the Eagles to an 11-5 season and a NFC East division title.  The Browns, no matter who plays quarterback, will struggle again.

Scottie – Eagles

The Browns have no weapons other than rookie Trent Richardson.  Not enough to beat the high flying Eagles.

Redskins @ Saints

Mattyoshow – Saints

I love RG3, but then again who doesn’t.  This kid has all of the tools to be a big time quarterback in the NFL.  People compare him to Cam Newton and Vick all of the time, but I believe RG3 is a much more accurate passer than either of those two.  That being said, I think he will experience more growing pains than Luck.  Drew Brees is one of the few players that I believe could operate as a player/coach in the NFL.  The loss of Sean Payton hurts the Saints, but not extraordinarily.

Scottie – Saints

Brees is just too good.

Rams @ Lions

Mattyoshow – Lions

As was very evident in my fantasy draft this year, many believe Matthew Stafford will continue to put up huge numbers this season.  Honestly, I think Stafford takes a step back statistically, but the Lions take a step forward as a team.  I know he is named Megatron for a reason, but if Stafford keeps lobbing up the ducks for Calvin Johnson to grab, the guy is going to get killed.  I believe the Lions offense becomes a bit more balanced by utilizing Mikel Leshoure, Titus Young, and Brandon Pettigrew a bit more, and the defense continues to improve.

Scottie – Lions

Matthew Stafford is living proof the NFL has turned into flag football.  Teams can just air it out nowadays and he has the best receiver in football.

Patriots @ Titans

Mattyoshow – Patriots

Shout out to my man CV for still sticking with the Fisherless Titans, but I can’t see them pulling this one out.  I think Locker will grow into a decent NFL quarterback, but it is going to take some time.  Tennessee’s only shot in this one if for Chris Johnson to go off.  Otherwise, it’s going to be a tough start to the 2012 season for the Titans.

Scottie – Patriots

I am not as confident as most Patriots fans seem to be.  The Titans could pull this out if they keep TB12 off the field.  But in the end I don’t think they’ll be able to do it.

Jaguars @ Vikings

Mattyoshow – Vikings

Nothing like a battle between two pretty bad teams to get the fans in Jacksonville and Minnesota really excited!  The news that MJD won’t start this week basically seals the deal on this one.  I like what Christian Ponder did last season, but I’m still not sold.  A banged up Adrian Peterson and an often utilized Percy Harvin get the job done for the Vikings.

Scottie –  Vikings

Who cares? MJD and AP will be limited leaving the battle of 2nd year quarterbacks in what will sure to be the snoozer of the weak.  Heads Vikings Tails Jaguars… Vikings it is.

Bills @ Jets

Matty0show – Bills

From my point of view, the Jets are a complete disaster.  They willingly created a quarterback controversy between God and their already self-esteemless starter, they resigned the receiver who ripped the entire team last year, they just traded for a huge 1st round bust in Jason Smith, and Rex Ryan becomes less lovable with every pound he loses.  I think the Bills are out to prove that they can hang in the AFC East this year, and nothing says that more than Mario Williams knocking Mark Sanchez out of the game en route to a Buffalo victory.

Scottie – Jets

Tebow is going to replace Sanchez in the 4th quarter and lead the Jets in a come from behind win because that’s what Tim Tebow does. Prayers and Football!

Dolphins @ Texans

Mattyoshow – Texans

After watching Hard Knocks, it’s pretty clear to me that Joe Philben has absolutely no control over his team.  He reprimanded Chad Johnson for swearing at his press conference by never even talking about swearing at his press conference…doesn’t make sense to me.  In my eyes, Tannehill doesn’t get the job done.  I just can’t see this kid as a success in the NFL.  Also, beginning your career against a scary Wade Phillips defense doesn’t help.

Scottie – Texans

I can’t think of a team that has an easier schedule than the Texans this year.  They open up the 2012 campaign with a gimme.

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Mattyoshow – Seahawks

Ken Whisenhunt is screwed, plain and simple.  The Cardinals sent draft picks, their best defensive player, and 25 pounds of shaved steak to Philly for a complete bust of a quarterback.  Now they have this big doufus from DIAA ready to take them to the playoffs.  Good luck Arizona!  The Seahawks defense wins this one, even though I love Russell Wilson.

Scottie – Seahawks

Matty O’s sister is playing quarterback for the Cardinals.

49ers @ Packers

Mattyoshow – Packers

Now this game is more like it!  Arguably the league’s best defense taking on arguably the league’s best offense in week 1.  What more can you ask for?  As much as I love Pat Willis and crew over there in San Fran, I don’t think their offense can give them enough support to over take the Pack, especially at Lambeau.  The Packers defense will recover from a rough 2012 campaign, and as scary as it may sound, Aaron Rodgers will continue to improve.  The Pack take this one, but it will be too close for comfort.

Scottie – 49ers

The 49ers are the most balanced team in the league.  They have an outstanding defense and their offense is efficient under the underrated Alex Smith.  I love what Harbaugh has done with Singletary’s boys and I think this is the year the Niners get back to playing football in February.

Panthers @ Buccaneers

Matty0show – Panthers

Cam Newton’s sophomore season is almost underway.  The man who amazed NFL fans as a rookie in 2011 looks to improve upon his performance in year 2.  I think Cam will have a little tougher of a ride in 2012 simply because defenses will be putting much more emphasis on containing him in the pocket and avoided giving him big yardage on runs.  That being said, DeAngelo Williams and John Stewart are nothing to sneeze at in the backfield, and I love Luke Kuechly in the middle of that defense.

Scottie – Panthers

I have zero reason to go against Cam Newton in this one.

Steelers @ Broncos

Mattyoshow – Steelers

If Tebow could do, than why can’t Peyton?  The Broncos will be much improved from last season, but can Peyton Manning really be Peyton Manning without Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark?  I’m not trying to say that Peyton isn’t great, because he’s one of the best to ever play, but his supporting cast in Denver isn’t nearly what it was in Indy.  The key to the 2012 season is the Broncos run game.  If McGahee has a solid season, the Broncos make the playoffs, if not Peyton will be calling for some receivers that can actually play.

Scottie – Broncos

It’s the return of Peyton Manning.  Of course he is going to win.

Bengals @ Ravens

Mattyoshow – Ravens

I’m pretty sure that the knock against the Ravens for the past 5 seasons is that they are getting old.  Well, they keep on winning so I’m not even entertaining that thought.  Ray Rice will carry this team as far as it goes.  Joe Flacco is mediocre at best, but with a defense that good, does he really have to be more than that?  I don’t think so.  Torrey Smith it looking to have a breakout year, while on the other sideline AJ Green will be fighting through double and triple coverage all season.  I think 2012 may be a tough year for the Bengals, whereas the Ravens will be right in the playoff hunt.

Scottie – Ravens

Even without T Suggs I think the Ravens D will give Andy Dalton all he can handle and more.

Chargers @ Raiders

Mattyoshow – Raiders

This is probably the toughest game to pick from week 1.  I don’t like either of these teams.  The Raiders are led by a washed-up Carson Palmer, Run DMC is hurt nearly every week, and Darrius Heyward-Bey is arguably their best receiver (yes, I just threw up a bit in my mouth).  On the other sideline, it’s not much better, Philip Rivers will be throwing to Pete Carlone all season, Antonio Gates is getting old, and Ryan Mathews may be the only player in the NFL hurt more often than Run DMC!  The Raiders defense gets the job done in this one.

Scottie – Chargers

Phillip Rivers is a man on a mission this year.  He needs to prove he is a top flight quarterback and not just a fantasy football prize.  I always hate on the Raiders, so why stop now?

2 Responses

  1. Standings After Week 1:

    Mattyoshow: 8-7

    Scottie: 12-3

  2. Scott- 12-3 Matt 0 -8-7

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