If You Must Win One Game to Save Your Life…

What’s this? A post that is not just a bunch of picks? I am slowly getting back into this writing thing yet again.  Today’s topic relates to Matty and I’s ongoing argument about Sam Bradford.  Matt thinks he is actually worth mentioning in a sentence.  I think otherwise.

This argument led me to this question: If I was told that my life depended on the outcome of a football game and I had the choice of a quarterback, who would I pick?  A bit dramatic, yes.  With the way football has evolved over the last 10-15 years, it is pretty much a quarterback league.  If your team doesn’t have a good quarterback, you have no shot of winning anything.  Without further adieu here are my rankings 32-1.

32) Blaine Gabbert

Gabbert has shown me absolutely nothing that would give me confidence in him considering the circumstances.  He is just 22 years old and has 18 NFL games under his belt.  He has a career quarterback rating of 68.7 .  18 games is enough of a sample size for me to see that Gabbert doesn’t have the ability to win a big game.  He couldn’t do it in college.  He won’t do it in the NFL. And he certainly won’t do it with my life on the line.

31) Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden at least made Justin Blackmon look good in college.  Blaine Gabbert hasn’t been able to do the same in the NFL. Weeden is 28 years old, so that has to mean something in the way of life experience, no?  This is all about winning one game and Weeden is yet to do that in the NFL.

30) Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill is ranked higher than Weeden only because he has something Weeden doesn’t.  That is a win in the NFL. Tannehill beat the Raiders in Week 2, 35-13.  Outside of that win, there is no reason for me to think highly of Tannehill (other than his wife).  I don’t remember him winning in college and I don’t think he will remind Dolphins fans of Dan Marino any time soon

29) Russell Wilson

Wilson will always be remembered as the quarterback that threw the Fail Mary that brought the real officials back to the NFL.  There is no doubt that Wilson has the potential to be an exciting quarterback. I just have reservations about his height and how that will affect his ability to get throws over the defense line to his receivers.

28) Jake Locker

Last week, Jake Locker threw up serious numbers against the Detroit Lions.  He threw for 373 yards.  Locker hasn’t shown me anything other than that.  I remember him being a product of the combine in 2010.  He might be a great athlete but that doesn’t necessarily translate to winning.

27) Kevin Kolb

I don’t understand the fascination with Kevin Kolb.  The Eagles didn’t want to let him go.  The Cardinals are currently overpaying him.  What do these franchises see that I don’t?  Remember the Cardinals opening week starter was John Skelton this year.  Yes, the Cardinals are 3-0.  Don’t think for one second that is through anything Kevin Kolb has done.

26) Matt Cassell

Cassell did win 11 games once in his career.  However, that was with the Patriots. Since joining the Chiefs, he hasn’t done much of anything. He didn’t even start a single game since high school before Bernard Pollard took out Brady.

25) Andrew Luck

I haven’t seen much of Andrew Luck in the NFL this season.  What I do know is that Luck would have been the #1 pick in 2011 and was the #1 pick in 2012.  When there is a large campaign to “Suck for Luck” and when a franchise trades away the most popular athlete in its home state, Andrew Luck must be at the very least, pretty good.

24) Christian Ponder

Ponder has the physical tools to be a top-tier quarterback in the NFL.  As a matter of fact, through the first 3 weeks of the season, he has been statistically a top 5 quarterback. Last week, he beat the best defense in the NFL, throwing for 198 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Stats aren’t sexy but a win is a win.

23) Sam Bradford

Matty and I will argue about Sam Bradford until we are the blue in the face.  What bothers me most about Bradford is his inconsistency.  One week he looks like he is ready to turn the corner and become an upper echelon quarterback.  The next week he goes missing.  Also, no self-respecting Texas Longhorns fan will dare speak highly of Bradford.

22) Josh Freeman

Freeman might be the most aggravating quarterbacks in the NFL.  It is clear he has the tools to be successful.  He has a big arm and makes some great throws.  But he also makes foolish decisions.  His inconsistency is what troubles me most.

21) Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer has never lived up to being the first pick from the 2003 draft.  He has a career passer rating of  86.4.  He has never won a playoff game.  I don’t really have anything bad to say about Palmer but I don’t have anything good to say about him either.

20) Andy Dalton

Dalton led the Bengals to the playoffs in his rookie season.  He has quietly become one of the more serviceable quarterbacks in the league.  Dalton was named a Pro Bowl alternate in his rookie season as well. The Bengals decided to keep Dalton over Carson Palmer and I will too.

19) Jay Cutler

I can’t say that I have much faith in Cutler.  He doesn’t have the mental makeup to win a big game.  The second something goes wrong he starts whining like a little punk.  Until he shows some signs of maturity and learns how to deal with adversity, Cutler will be in the bottom half of this list.

18) Robert Griffin III

Griffin appears to be one of the more exciting players in the game.  I like having a quarterback that can put the ball down and run with it.  Based on what I saw him do in college, he can win games on his own.  I am interested to see if that theory proves true in the NFL.

17) Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is a Harvard grad.  That warrants consideration and is a big plus in his favor with my life on the line.  The troubling thing about Fitzpatrick is defenses can still goad him into committing a stupid turnover.  Fitzpatrick is at his best when he plays within himself and doesn’t fall into the trap of trying to be a hero.

16) Mark Sanchez

I know everyone must think I am crazy for ranking Sanchez this high.  The truth is, his playoff record speaks for itself.  He has outplayed both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the playoffs in his 4 year career.  Sanchez is in the spotlight because he is a quarterback in New York.  His stats aren’t the most attractive in the League, but when the stakes are at their highest, Sanchez has shown he can win a ball game against the best the League has to offer.

15) Cam Newton

Newton reminds me a lot of LeBron James and Mike Tyson.  They all have an undeniable skill set in their respective sports but they are all front-runners.  If their opponent is able to connect with the proverbial first punch, the chances of beating them grow exponentially.  Newton reminds me of Jay Cutler but with a better skill set.

14) Tony Romo

I will always remember Tony Romo as the guy that couldn’t dropped a field goal try.  When it comes to big games with Romo, Murphy’s Law applies.  Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.  For a long period of time it seemed that Romo just could not win a game in December.  I am actually surprised I have him ranked this high.

13) Alex Smith

I love Alex Smith.  I think he is a solid game manager. He doesn’t do anything to your team that will lose a game.  Last season he threw just five interceptions. Smith won’t load up a stat sheet but he has one of the more underrated arms in the game.  He certainly can thread the needle when he needs to.  Some people may say I have him a little high, but I am very comfortable with having Alex Smith as my quarterback.

12) Michael Vick

Vick is equal parts exciting and terrifying.  He can tuck the ball and run for a big play at any given moment.  Then he can turn the ball over in a blink of the eye.  He has the ability to make a big throw.  But the next time Michael Vick reads a defense and makes an adjustment, it will be the first time.  I love his big play ability but hate his penchant for giving the ball away.

11) Matthew Stafford

I really believe Matthew Stafford’s success is predicated upon having Calvin Johnson on his team.  Without Johnson, Stafford is just another big armed quarterback.  But he is only one of four quarterbacks to ever throw for over 5,000 yards in a season, the others being Brady, Brees, and Marino.  I guess I have to give the kid his due.

10) Phillip Rivers

Rivers always has the Chargers in the playoff hunt regardless of the talent or lack thereof around him.  He has a career total of 13 4th quarter comebacks and been to the Pro Bowl 4 times.  I think Rivers has a ton of talent but has never benefitted from having talent around him.  And no I don’t consider Vincent Jackson and elite talent.

9) Matt Schaub

Like Stafford, I tend to think that Schaub’s success is related to having Andre Johnson and Arian Foster.  I have seen Schaub engineer some pretty sweet 4th quarter game winning drives.  He had 4 in 2009 alone.  I can’t think of a reason why I would have Schaub outside of the top 10.

8) Joe Flacco

Flacco is another quarterback on the rise.  He has been the best quarterback in the NFL so far this season.  The Ravens are learning that good ole smash mouth football doesn’t win in the NFL anymore.  They have allowed Flacco to air it out and he has responded.  He has also shown throughout his young career that he can win.  If Billy Cundiff hits his chip shot field goal last year, we may view Flacco in a whole different light.

7) Peyton Manning

A healthy Peyton Manning is much higher on this list.  But he has had several neck surgeries in the past year.  Peyton knows how to play and knows how to win.  I fully expect him to lead the Broncos to the playoffs this season despite their slow start.  I have no reason to drop Peyton Manning any lower than I already have.

6) Matt Ryan

Ryan is the next big thing as far as quarterbacks go in the NFL.  I have long been a Matty Ice fan and have predicted major things for him since his rookie year.  So far this season, it looks like he has put it all together. He has led the Falcons to a winning season every year since he has been in the League and to the playoffs 3 out of the 4 seasons.

5) Drew Brees

I am buying into Matty’s argument Brees’ success results from the spread system he plays in.  There is no doubt Brees has had his success in the NFL and that helps his ranking.  He has the Super Bowl ring and he owns the single season record for most yards thrown in a season. He is His 3 losses to start the 2012 campaign are alarming though.

4) Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers may be the most talented quarterback in the NFL.  But he is notoriously known as having a bad record in close games. I thought Cam Newton was a front-runner but Rodgers is the biggest front-runner in the NFL.  Rodgers has just 5 4th quarter wins opposed to more than 15 17+ point wins.  These stats were obtained going into the 2011 season.  We remember the egg he laid in the playoffs last year.  Even with that being said, Rodgers is the highest rating quarterback in the NFL.  Not to mention everyone takes him as their first quarterback in fantasy football.

3) Ben Roethlisberger

Love him or hate him, Big Ben is the toughest quarterback in the League.  He has been to 3 Super Bowls and won 2 of them.  Since Ben has come into the League, the Steelers have been regarded as perennial Super Bowl contenders.  Aaron Rodgers may have more talent but Ben is tougher, has more hardware, and wins at a higher percentage.

2) Eli Manning

Yes, I am surprised too.  I just can’t get over that Eli makes the big play when he needs to.  When the pressure is at its highest, Eli delivers.  Maybe I am a little hung up on the pass he made to Mario Manningham in last year’s Super Bowl.  But what a throw that was! And while David Tyree’s catch was nothing more than luck, don’t discount the fact that Eli was able to avoid a sure sack.  Fast forward to this season, and Eli throws for 510 yards in a come from behind win against Tampa Bay. Remember, I need to win this game. And Eli has proved to me that he wins big games.

1) Tom Brady

With my life on the line, I’ prefer to have a quarterback that knows how to win, has won, and wins at a high rate.  Tom Brady meets all three of that criterion.  I once hated Brady only because of my undying loyalty to Drew Bledsoe.  But the bottom line is this: Tom Brady wins football games.  He seldom turns the ball over.  He is also one of the smartest quarterbacks in the league.  He has the jewelry to show for it. With Tom Brady under center, I have the best chance to win an absolute do or die must win game.

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Week 4 NFL Picks: Matty O vs. Scottie

Well last week was pretty freakin miserable.  I went 7-9, while Scottie was on fire going 5-11.  That’s the Scott I know and love.  I can taste that free beer already.  For the season, Scottie has a slim lead at 26-21 to my 25-22.  I expect us both to bounce back this week, but Scottie has no chance of beating me.  Let’s do it…

You want to know who had a worse week than the replacement refs? Me! I am embarrassed.  That is all.

Browns @ Ravens

 Matty: Ravens

The Ravens proved to me on Sunday night that they are the real deal.  Their defense isn’t what it used to be, but Joe Flacco is getting the job done.  Am I ready to say the Flaccmaster is an elite NFL quarterback, like many of the ESPN analysts?  Nope, not even close.  That being said, Flacco does everything the Ravens need him to do for them to be Super Bowl contenders.

Scottie: Ravens

The Ravens will be playing on short rest.  The consolation prize? A lay-up against the worst team in the league.  There is a chance the Browns will go 0-16.

Patriots @ Bills

Matty: Patriots

Well Pats, it’s time to rebound.  A lot of people are saying that they got screwed with that field goal at the end of the game against the Ravens, but honestly they got themselves into that situation when they had the game in hand.  They were up 9 in the 4th quarter, they should have closed the door.  I expect the Pats to come out strong in Buffalo.

Scottie: Patriots

I think this is the week the Pats get their heads out of their rear ends and get back in the win column.  It is a major help that CJ Spiller is likely out and Fred Jackson isn’t 100%.

 49ers @ Jets

Matty: 49ers

The Jets just don’t look great this season.  They aren’t the same menacing team that would run the ball down your throat and then win a 12-10 game.  With Revis out, the Jets D becomes a question mark, and I still think Sanchez is terribly terrible.  San Fran will be on a mission after their surprising loss last weekend.

Scottie: 49ers

The 49ers were one of many teams to screw me last week.  I forgive them.  Plus, I just don’t think the Jets are even decent this year.  Losing Revis for the season certainly doesn’t help either.  I hate to say it but I think Rex needs to shake things up and put Timmy under center.  Until that happens, I will be picking against the Jets every week.

Seahawks @ Rams

Matty: Seahawks

I know I’ve been on the Sam Bradford bandwagon this season, but if you watched the Monday night game you now know Seattle is for real.  They made Brian Bulaga, the Packers right tackle, look like Scottie out there…threw him all over the field.  Seahawks D wins another one here.

Scottie: Seahawks

Gamby said it best. “Scottie, you know Sam Bradford sucks.  You are 100% right.  Why did you cave?”  You know what? I have no idea.  Sam Bradford does suck.  He has never been, isn’t, and never will be anything close to an effective quarterback.  The Seahawks got to Rodgers 8 times in the first half last week? My God, its going to be Bradford bashing time come Sunday.

Panthers @ Falcons

Matty: Falcons

Atlanta may be the best team in the NFC right now.  The Panthers were projected to build on a mediocre 2011 season and contend for a playoff spot in 2012.  Their schedule has yet to allow them to gain any momentum and it doesn’t look promising again in week 4.

Scottie: Falcons

Cam Newton is proving the sophomore slump myth is a reality.  There are questions now about his mental make-up.  If teams get to him early he becomes a pouty little girl and makes Bradford look like Montana.  I expect Matt Ryan to continue his effective play and the Falcons to run away with this early.

Vikings @ Lions

Matty: Lions

What the hell are the Lions doing.  Messing up 4th downs.  Blowing games left and right.  Time to get your heads out of your asses.  Minnesota is coming off an impressive win against San Fran, but I can’t see 2 in a row.

Scottie: Vikings

The Lions may be without Matthew Stafford.  The Vikings (statistically) have the best run defense in the league.  I think Shaun Hill will struggle just enough for the Vikings to sneak in yet another win.

Chargers @ Chiefs

Matty: Chargers

The Chargers got absolutely smoked last week against the Falcons while the Chiefs pulled off the upset against the Saints (who may very well be the worst team in the NFL right now).  I expect Scottie’s golden child Philip Rivers and company to have a bounce back game against KC and start to assert themselves as the best team in a bad AFC West.

Scottie: Chargers

First off, Rivers is leaps and bounds better than Bradford.   Second, Jamal Charles had 38 touches last week.  That was outstanding for my fantasy football team.  (Keep in mind I drafted Charles and Matty drafted Michael Turner. How’s that working out?) While its good for me, it is not at all good for the Chiefs.  They have no other offense.  Matt Cassel sucks wearing anything other than Patriot apparel.  Peyton Hillis is hurt.  Can’t see KC winning 2 in a row.

Titans @ Texans

Matty: Texans

I finally go against my man CV’s squad last week and the Lockmaster led Titans make me look stupid by beating the Lions in overtime.  Sorry Tennessee fans, the Texans are a much better team at this point in the season than the Lions.

Scottie: Texans

The Texans are going to be the number 1 seed out of the AFC come playoff time.  A large part of that is how weak of a schedule they play.  Chris Johnson is getting paid about $1 million for every yard rushed since signing his contract last season.  Locker played well last week but they Titans don’t have the talent to compete with Houston.

Bengals @ Jaguars

Matty: Bengals

I keep wanting to pick against Cincinatti, but then I look at their opponent’s and just can’t do it.  Blaine Gabbert has yet to throw a pick in 2012, but he has amassed about as many yards throwing as Scottie has runs in his shorts this season.  Dude is just bad.  MJD I commend your effort, but you have nothing around you man.

Scottie: Bengals

I sat down to eat breakfast yesterday, looked at the back of the milk carton and saw a picture of Justin Blackmon.  He has 4 catches for 31 yards.  Granted that production dwarfs Matty O’s production in high school on the gridiron, but that’s not going to cut it as a top 10 pick in the NFL. Meanwhile Andy Dalton to AJ Green is the next Schaub to Johnson or Stafford to Johnson.  BJGE also is the perfect complimentary back for the Bengals.

Raiders @ Broncos

Matty: Broncos

I’m really hoping that Peyton Manning starts playing like Peyton Manning soon because the ESPN guys need something to talk about other than the refs.  The Raiders are a mess.  Enough said.

Scottie: Broncos

The Raiders continued their Ripken-like streak of screwing me last week. At this point I have no idea what to do or say when it comes to the Raiders.  Where Matty gets off calling the Raiders a mess, I don’t know.  I mean, they did beat the Steelers last week. But hey, to each his own.

Dolphins @ Cardinals

Matty: Dolphins

So apparently the Cardinals are being crowned as one of the best teams in the NFC.  I’m sorry world, but who is their starting QB?  Kevin Kolb?  John Skelton?  Does it even matter?  Yes, the Cardinals beat the Pats.  Yes, the Cardinals beat the Eagles.  Guess what, I don’t care.  My gut tells me they aren’t that good and I’m sticking with it.  Tannehill…you suck.

Scottie: Cardinals

If the Cardinals defense can destroy Tom Brady and embarrass Michael Vick, the sky is the limit when it comes to what they can do to Ryan Tannehill.  Helen Keller can see better than Matty right now.  The Cardinals win football games.  Unlike Sam Bradford.  Don’t be surprised when the Cardinals win their division and host a playoff game this season.

Redskins @ Buccaneers

Matty: Redskins

I believe I saw scrolling across the bottom of ESPN last night that Adrian Clayborn is out for the season for the Bucs.  Tampa’s defense has been playing physical all year, but Clayborn was a big part of that.  RG3 is a natural born leader and I’m sure is giving the Bucs a little angina.

Scottie: Bucs

I still believe in Greg Schiano.  I don’t think RG3 can go down to Tampa and beat a young and hungry Bucs squad.  After losing to the Giants and Cowboys in close games, I think they come out on top here.  I also think Josh Freeman will have a big game.  Isn’t Vincent Jackson mortified about his putrid Week 3 “effort?”

Saints @ Packers

Matty: Packers

How the hell are the Drew Brees led Saints 0-3?  Is it because their head coach is suspended?  Maybe their defense is bad?  Maybe Drew Brees just isn’t as good as everyone thinks he is an benefits greatly from a wide open spread offense?  I’m not sure.  I am sure about one thing, the Packers are a much better team than they showed on Monday night and that will be proven in this game.

Scottie: Packers

If there is one team I do not want to be facing this week, it is the Green Bay Packers.  The fact that they are at home is an added obstacle.  The Packers will be playing with a chip on their shoulder for the rest of the season after the Monday Night Mayhem.   Nobody knows what’s going on with the Saints.  They are quickly becoming the Ain’ts once again.

Giants @ Eagles

Matty: Eagles

Justin Tuck really rubs me the wrong way.  The dude just blabs and blabs about issues that don’t pertain to him.  Tuck, stay out of the Osi-McCoy beef.  It has nothing to do with you.  “I don’t get involved in other peoples beefs until I’m on the field…”  Just shut up dude.  Eagles come back after a bad loss and Vick shows why he is worth $100 million.

Scottie: Giants

Michael Vick has looked like a Matty O all season.  He does not read defenses at all.  Every time I look, he turns the ball over.  Until Vick learns how to read a defense, pick up a blitz, understand coverage schemes, and can check down to other receivers, the Eagles will go nowhere.  The Giants are over their Super Bowl hangover and Eli has become elite.

Bears @ Cowboys

Matty: Cowboys

This is a tough one.  I live by two rules: 1. Never count on Jay Cutler. 2. Never count on Tony Romo.  Well, looks like I’m screwed.  It comes down to this, I have more faith in Tony Romo’s supporting cast (i.e. Miles Austin, Dez, Jason Witten, DeMarco Murray, D-Ware, etc.) than I do in Cutler’s (Michael Bush, Brandon Marshall, Julius Peppers, Urlacher, etc.).  Sticking with the ‘Boys.

Scottie: Cowboys

I echo Matty’s words.  I also can’t stand Jay Cutler.  His binkie (Matt Forte) won’t be back until next week.  I think DeMarcus Ware picks up the role of what every other NFL team does, and beats the crap out of Cutler.  The Cowboys are just a better team than the Bears.

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Week 3 NFL Picks – Matty O vs. Scottie

Matty got the best of me last week going 10-6 while I went 9-7.  But hey, even a replacement ref gets a call right every once in a while.  For the season I am 21-10.  Matty is 18-13.

After 2 weeks, Scottie has an overall record of 21-10, while I’m lagging behind at 18-13.  I was a little sharper last week, but I’m still refining the craft.  There are a couple of tough games to pick this week, so I’m hoping Scottie will fall into his old moronic habits and I can come out on top for the 2nd consecutive week.  Let’s do it…

Giants @ Panthers

Matty O:  Panthers

The Giants made a crazy comeback win against Tampa last week right after I cracked a celebratory beer thinking I picked the game correctly by choosing Tampa.  Once again Eli somehow leads the Giants to a comeback victory by single-handedly putting them in a huge hole by throwing INTs.  As of today, Bradshaw, Nicks, and a couple other will be missing for the G-Men, so I’m picking the upset and going with the Panthers here.

Scottie: Giants

It is so painful to say but it needs to be said.  Eli Manning has become an elite quarterback in the NFL. He put on a show last week in the second half leading the Giants in a come from behind victory over the Bucs.  I expect a shootout in Carolina but I just can’t pick against Eli. I just threw up in my mouth.

Buccaneers @ Cowboys

Matty O: Cowboys

The Cowboys somehow managed to get themselves smoked by the Seahawks last week.  It seems like every season there is so much talk about how the ‘Boys will finally come together, stop losing against bad teams, and make a serious playoff run.  Their start to the 2012 season doesn’t make it seem like that talk will be validated.  That being said, the Bucs have to be down after the loss to the G-Men, therefore Romo and company should get it done here.

Scottie: Bucs

I absolutely love what Greg Schiano did to the Giants on the last play last week.  The game isn’t over until its over.  What if Eli fumbles? The Bucs can scoop and score and win the game.  Because of that attitude my opinion of the 2012 Bucs completely changed.  I think they will go into Big D and grind out a hard nosed victory.

Jaguars @ Colts

Matty O: Colts

The Colts are bad.  The Jags are bad.  I like what the Colts did last week against the Vikings.  I don’t like what Blaine Gabbert did last week throwing for 53 yards against the Texans.  Pick: Colts

Scottie: Colts

Andrew Luck at least looks to have the Colts franchise headed in the right direction.   There is reason for optimism in Indy.  Jacksonville? Not so much.  The Jaguars are putrid at best.  Gabbert is yet to establish any kind of chemistry with Blackmon.  Have to love Indy at home here.

Bills @ Browns

Matty O: Bills

Coming into the 2012 season, widespread speculation was that the Bills, not the Jets, would be the biggest threat to the Pats in terms of winning the AFC East.  The Bills got off to a slow start in week 1, but rebounded nicely in week 2 against the Chiefs.  Luckily for Buffalo, they come up against Cleveland, arguably the league’s worst team.

Scottie: Bills

CJ Spiller has burst onto the scene in 2012 and has added a whole new dimension to the Bills offense.  After handing the Jets a win in week one, the Bills dominated the Chiefs.  I don’t see any scenario in which the Bills will lose to the lowly Browns.  And to think the Bills could’ve been 3-0 after this week.  Sorry JL.

Jets @ Dolphins

Matty O: Jets

Hate the Jets.  Hate Tannehill more.  Dude is just awful.  May be the 2nd worst QB in the league (behind Blaine Gabbert ofcourse).  When David Garrard is a possible starter for your team, season is a wash.  Thoughts around the league were that Shonn Greene left last week’s game with a concussion, but a return to practice Wednesday looks promising for Greene to play on Sunday.  Give Tebow the ball Rex.

Scottie: Jets

No one was more shocked than I when the Dolphins stomped on the Raiders.  Reggie Bush looked like he played for USC once upon a time.  I didn’t think the Dolphins would score more than 17 points in a game all season.  I was wrong.  See a trend here? All that being said, I don’t think they lightning will strike twice.  I trust Rex will bottle up Reggie and after that what can the Dolphins possibly do?

Chiefs @ Saints

Matty O: Saints

You could throw Petey C in to coach the Saints and they should win this one.  Scottie could be calling the plays, and the Saints would smoke the Chiefs.  I just can’t see New Orleans starting off 0-3.

Scottie: Saints

I don’t think there is a team in the league that is envious of the Kansas City Chiefs this week.  The Chiefs are terrible as it is.  Add being terrible into going down to New Orleans to face an 0-2 Saints team? It’s a recipe for disaster. I think this will get ugly fast.

Bengals @ Redskins

Matty O: Bengals

Cincinnati made it interesting against the Browns last week.  Andy Dalton hasn’t looked like the same QB from 2011 (sophomore slump style) and the Bengals D isn’t nearly as menacing.  That being said. the Redskins lost Orakpo and Carriker last weekend, two huge pieces of their defense that are virtually irreplaceable.  I like what RG3 is doing, I just think the Bengals edge out the Skins in this one.

Scottie: Redskins

The Redskins are a Joshua Morgan penalty away from coming into this week 2-0.  RG3 is Cam Newtown reincarnate.  I think that Shannahan has the Redskins ready to compete in the always tough NFC East.

Rams @ Bears

Matty O: Bears

I made a big stink last week about how I think Sam Bradford is a solid NFL QB, and I’m sticking with that statement.  Sadly, the Rams as a team just aren’t good enough to stick with the Bears, even after that vomitous performance in week 2 against the Pack. 

Scottie: Rams

Matt got the best of me last week in our Sam Bradford debate.  I hate admitting when I am wrong but it must be done. Now I find myself picking the Rams this week.  Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t think Bradford is good, I just think it “sacks” to be Jay Cutler. (See what I did there?) And with Matt Forte likely out? I give the Bears next to no shot winning this week.

49ers @ Vikings

Matty O: 49ers

I love Percy Harvin and everything he brings to my fantasy team (even though I know he will inevitably get hurt every season), but the Vikings will be overmatched in this one.

Scottie: 49ers

I like the 49ers more and more each week.  I remember Alex Smith being a stud quarterback at Utah.  He now has some weapons in Crabtree, Moss, Manningham, and Davis (they can win with him).  The running game is stout and they have the best defense in the league.  If Aaron Rodgers couldn’t do it.Christian Ponder is not going to beat the best team in the NFL.

Lions @ Titans

Matty O: Lions

My man CV’s squad just continually lets me down.  I pick them to beat San Diego last week and what do they do?  Get blown the F out.  I love Detroit’s meanness, and Schwartz is a mad man.  I no longer have faith in the Locksmith, and Chris Johnson looks awful.

Scottie: Lions

The Titans are having serious issues moving the football this season. Chris Johnson hasn’t been able to open up the field for Jake Locker.  The Lions don’t have that problem.  Matthew Stafford is able to air it out whenever he likes.  This has the makings of a blow out.  Sorry CV, your Titans suck something awful.

Falcons @ Chargers

Matty O: Falcons

Just when I thought man fantasy running back situation couldn’t get any worse, Michael Turner goes and gets himself arrested.  The Falcons looked great again against the Broncos, and I expect that trend to continue throughout the course of the season.  Atlanta’s offense is potent and their defense has a knack for turnovers.

Scottie: Falcons

I am on the Falcons bandwagon this season.  They were the beneficiary of a horrible game from Peyton Manning last week.  Even without a running game, the Falcons, in my opinion, are on pace to meet with the 49ers in the NFC Championship.  And bold prediction of the week? Michael Turner lights up his old team for 2 touchdowns.

Eagles @ Cardinals

Matty O: Eagles

Somehow the Eagles are 2-0 after committing 9 turnovers in those two games (or something along those lines).  Michael Vick looked OK against the Ravens, and you would assume he would look even better against the Cardinals.  Although, after the way Arizona stifled the Pats offense last week who the hell knows.

Scottie: Eagles

The Eagles escaped the Ravens with a win in a game they didn’t deserve to win.  Now they travel to Arizona to take on the 2-0? Yes the 2-0 Cardinals.  The Cardinals defense was great against the Patriots and they didn’t allow Brady to get into any type of rhythm.    I don’t think they will be successful doing that with Vick.  Forcing him out of the pocket plays to his strength.

Steelers @ Raiders

Matty O: Steelers

The Raiders are just a mess right now.  Carson Palmer looks OK, but Run DMC just isn’t the same back, and their defense just allowed 35 points to the Dolphins.  No that is not a typo…35 points allowed to the Dolphins!  Maybe I should retract my Tannehill statements?  Nope, sticking with them.  The Steelers crowd the box to make sure McFadden doesn’t go off and win this one pretty easily.

Scottie: Steelers

The Raiders screw me every year in these picks.  When I pick them, they get spanked.  When I pick against them, they revert back to the Tecmo Bowl days with Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen.  Well, the Raiders will need Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen if they are going to beat the Steelers

Texans @ Broncos

Matty O: Texans

Peyton Manning looked like a guy coming back from 3 neck surgeries on Monday night against the Falcons.  He was sailing balls more often than Scottie airballs jumpers.  I still believe that the Broncos will struggle with their mediocre receiving corp.  The Texans defense is legit.  If the Broncos had 4 turnovers against the Falcons, they might hit double digits against Houston.

Scottie: Broncos

Peyton Manning meets up with his old rival and atones for last week’s debacle.  On a side note, from the end of last season to the beginning of this season, has there been a better wide receiver in the NFL than Demaryius Thomas?

Patriots @ Ravens

Matty O: Patriots

Cut the shit, New England fans.  Wes Welker isn’t going anywhere.  The guy needs to be a bit more consistent, and I think he got the message.  The loss of Hernandez hurts the offense, but I’m sure they will adapt with the addition of Branch and Kellen Winslow.  I look for Welker and Lloyd to get more touches this week (although they forced the ball to Lloyd a bit much last week) and the Pats will get right back on track.

Scottie: Ravens

There isn’t one scenario in which I can see the Pats going down to a hostile environment in Baltimore and being able to pull out a win.  If this game was in Foxboro, I might feel differently but after the Ravens were robbed of a win last week, they are going to come out with an edge and the Patriots won’t be able to recover.

Packers @ Seahawks

Matty O: Packers

What’s up with the Pack getting all these primetime games?  I mean I know they are supposed to be good, but what about the Pats?  What about the Ravens?  49ers?  Let’s spread the wealth here NFL.  Anyways, the Seahawks smoked the Cowboys last week, but don’t expect a repeat here against the Packers.  The Week 1 loss to San Fran has Green Bay motivated.

Scottie: Packers

Aaron Rodgers owes me an other worldly performance after the egg he laid last week. Doesn’t he know that I (along with millions of other people) put a lot of trust in him as our fantasy quarterback?  Clay Matthews will be chasing Russell Wilson all over the field and the Packers win by two touchdowns.


I can be followed on Twitter @ ScottieNTCF.  Matt can’t be followed because he is a loser.

Week 2 NFL Picks: Matty O vs. Scottie

Scottie smoked me Week 1, nothing more to say.  Let’s do it…

So I took it to Matty pretty good to open up the season.  I went 12-3 while Matt took it on the chin going 8-7.  I am trying a new formula this season.  I am going to stay humble and not take the young pup for granted.  So on to Week 2:

Bears @ Packers

Scottie: Packers

I can’t see the Packers losing twice in a row at home.  I expect Randall Cobb to have a coming out party in the presumed absence of Greg Jennings.  For all you fantasy football players out there, Cobb is the guy to get not Kevin Ogletree.

Matty: Packers

The Pack really disappointed me week 1 with their lackluster effort.  Similarly to what Scottie said, I simply can’t imagine Aaron Rodgers and the Packers going down for a 2nd consecutive week.  That being said, Jay Cutler looks like a confident QB with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey on the outside.

Cardinals @ Patriots

Scottie: Patriots

Last week I mocked the Cardinals quarterback situation yet they came out and won.  The Patriots defense was very impressive against a young quarterback.  I expect the Patriots defense to give another unproven quarterback fits and TB12 to do his thing.

Matty: Pats

Kevin Kolb was Arizona’s savior in week 1 after John Skelton went down with an ankle sprain.  Sadly for the Cards, they simply aren’t talented enough to keep up with the Pats.  Although, I am looking forward to watching Patrick Peterson play for an entire game.

Chiefs @ Bills

Scottie: Bills

Both teams were destroyed last week.  The Chiefs were beaten by a very good Atlanta team.  The Bills, in essence, beat themselves. I expect the Bills to come out on a mission, pissed off they lost to the Jets, and I expect them to handle the Chiefs on their home turf.

Matty: Bills

The Bills have more bounce-back ability than the Chiefs.  I honestly believe CJ Spiller may be a better fit for that Bills offense than Fred Jackson, but Spiller will have to prove it over an extended period of time.  I expect both Fitzpatrick and Cassel to step up in week 2, but the Bills will come out on top.

Browns @ Bengals

Scottie: Bengals

The Bengals ran into a buzz saw in the Ravens last week.  The Bengals are a lot better than what they showed and they are certainly better than the Browns.  I know the Browns gave the Eagles a run for their money last week but they lost because they are a young team and can’t close out ball games.  Plus, they are without Joe Haden, so I figure AJ Green is going to have a monster day.

Matty: Bengals

Contrary to what Scottie believes, I don’t really believe the Bengals are much better than they showed against the Ravens.  I think the Bengals overachieved last year.  AJ Green is going to have a long season trying to get open against double coverage nearly every play, but it’s tough to be worse than the Browns.

Vikings @ Colts

Scottie: Vikings

The Vikings were able to slip by the Jaguars last week.  Remarkably, Adrian Peterson is not human and is able to play not even a year after destroying his knee.  I believe he is healthy and I believe he will run all over the Colts on Sunday.

Matty: Colts

I didn’t watch one minute of the Colts play last week, but from what I can gather from the stats Andrew Luck didn’t play very well.  I expect Luck to bounce back in week 2, and I think that the Colts D, with Freeney and Mathis on the outside in their new 3-4, will exceed expectations.

Raiders @ Dolphins

Scottie: Raiders

The Dolphins will be this year’s version of the 2011 Colts.  They don’t have any real weapons outside of Reggie Bush.  I was amazed they scored 10 points last week.  It just might be the highest output they have all season.

Matty: Raiders

I agree with Scottie on this one, the Dolphins are terribly untalented.  As I mentioned last week I’m not a big Tannehill fan, but with Brian Hartline as his best receiver, there wouldn’t be much hope for him even if he were Joe Montana.  Raiders ride Run DMC to a win.

Bucs @ Giants

Scott: Giants

I think the Giants were suffering from a Super Bowl hang over last Wednesday.  Josh Freeman isn’t capable of lighting them up like Tony Romo did.  The big concern in New York should be if Victor Cruz was a one year wonder or not.  If he is, they are in significant trouble.  Not enough trouble to lose this week however.

Matty: Bucs

Two things led me to pick the Bucs here.  First, I hate the Giants.  Second, I just love the way the Bucs played against the Panthers.  Tampa Bay took Greg Schiano’s personality onto the field and out-physicaled Carolina.  The Giants lacked physicality against the Cowboys and I think the Bucs expose that again.

Ravens @ Eagles

Scott: Ravens

The Ravens featured a new no huddle offense on Monday night that showed a new dimension of the traditional ground and pound franchise.  Joe Flacco looked comfortable running the new offense.  The Eagles struggled with the lowly Browns.  Any betting man would surely bet that Mike Vick won’t be able to finish this game.

Matty: Eagles

Mike Vick bounces back and exposes the Ravens defense as an aging unit (but damn Ray Lewis and Ed Reed looked really good on Monday).  Flacco looked great against the Bengals, but I’m not sold.

Saints @ Panthers

Scottie: Saints

After the Saints suffered the biggest upset of the week at the hands of RG3 and the Redskins, I fully expect the boys from Nawlins to but a bounty out on Cam and the Panthers.

Matty: Saints

Drew Brees and the Saints won’t be embarrassed like they were against the Redskins for a 2nd consecutive week.  The Panthers are a team that could quickly slip to the bottom of their division and have a tough time climbing out of the cellar.  Hopefully, for my fantasy team’s sake Cam Newton steps it up!

Texans @ Jaguars

Scottie: Texans

Granted it was against the Dolphins, but it sure looks like Andre Johnson is back.  The Texans are the beneficiary of an early cupcake schedule.  I expect them to handle the Jaguars with ease.

Matty: Texans

2012 should be Matt Schaub’s coming out party.  Arian Foster leads one of the league’s best running attacks which takes some pressure off Schaub.  Andre Johnson is a beast.  Those two things alone are enough to win the Jags.

Redskins @ Rams

Scottie: Redskins

Give me one decent reason why I should pick against RG3, Shanny, and Skins after what they did to the Saints last week.  They come to St. Louis on a high facing a Rams team that blew a late lead to the Lions. We saw the energy Cam Newton brought to Carolina last season, I am getting the same vibe from RG3 in Washington this year.

Matty: Rams

St. Louis gave Detroit a run for their money last Sunday, and Jeff Fisher has a team that will battle all season long.  I’m still a big Sam Bradford fan.  He’s proven he can be effective in the NFL.  RG3 certainly made his case that he can be a very good NFL QB last weekend, but I want to see him prove that for another week.

Cowboys @ Seahawks

Scottie: Cowboys

It amazes me how Tony Romo makes #3 receivers look so good.  Look at Miles Austin, Laurent Robinson, and now Kevin Ogletree.  Couple that with the emergence of DeMarco Murray as one of the premier running backs in the league, and suddenly the Cowboys are dangerous again.

Matty: Cowboys

The Cowboys looked terrible last Wednesday, but luckily the Giants looked even worse.  Kevin Ogletree came up big, but I agree with Scottie, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are still the big time guys in Dallas.  Russell Wilson looks to be an impressive rookie, but the Boys’ defense is too good.

Jets @ Steelers

Scottie: Steelers

The Jets were fortunate enough to have the Bills give them the first game of the season on a platter.  The Steelers are going to be angry they were victims of Peyton Manning last week.  I expect the Steel Curtain will make life a living hell (pun intended) for Sanchez and Tebow.

Matty: Steelers

Pittsburgh exceeded all of my expectations on Sunday night against Denver…just kidding.  Peyton Manning shredded them like the Pats defense in 2006.  Like Scottie said, the Jets were handed win #1 on a silver platter.  Their offense just isn’t explosive enough to continually produce big offensive outputs.  I’m sticking with the Steel Curtain in this one.

Titans @ Chargers

Scottie: Chargers

Chris Johnson couldn’t get it going against the Patriots last week.  If he stumbles out of the gates like he did last week, the Titans are in trouble again.  And like I said last week, I think Phillip Rivers is out to prove something this year.  Once he finds his niche with a receiver watch out for the Bolts.

Matty: Titans

With Ryan Mathews still out, Phillip Rivers is all that San Diego has.  I think Chris Johnson has a breakout week against the Chargers.  Jake Locker looked alright against the Pats, and I’m hoping for some improvement against the Bolts.  This one is for my man CV.

Lions @ 49ers

Scottie: 49ers

I believe in the 49ers, I believe in Harbaugh, and I think this is the year they make serious noise.  I picked them over the Packers last week.  Why shouldn’t I pick them over the Lions?

Matty: 49ers

Sadly for the Lions, who I am expecting to have a solid 2012 campaign, the run into a San Fran team that looks to be better than most of us expected.  the 49ers defense is scary, and their offense may just be good enough to have another solid season.  Unless Calvin Johnson goes off, it’s all 49ers in this one.

Broncos @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons

Yeah, Peyton Manning is great in domes.  But this 2012 is Matty Ice’s coming out party.  By the end of the season I think people are going to be talking about Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones in the same sentence.  I really like the Falcons this year.

Matty: Falcons

I think the Atlanta Falcons are the real deal this year.  Michael Turner is absolutely killing my fantasy team, but that doesn’t really matter with Matt Ryan slinging the ball all over the field.  Peyton looked good last week, but the Broncos will be put to the test trying to match points with Atlanta.

2012 NFL Week 1 Picks – Scottie vs. Mattyoshow

As a new NFL season has finally dawned upon us, Scottie and I couldn’t resist the temptation of picking games again.  The last season we decided to each enter our picks was 2010.  I pretty much blew Scottie out of the water, but that was to be expected.  Since, Scottie has allegedly refined his craft, spent many months interning under Hank Goldberg, and is now ready to challenge me for the 2012 season.  Scottie, I commend your relentlessness, but you need to realize that once again you have no chance of beating me.  We obviously missed the first game between Dallas and Giants, so that won’t be counted in our final standings.  With that being said, let the picking begin.  By the way Scottie, one night’s bar tab at is up for grabs again this season, with the location to be determined.  Let’s do it…

Less talk more walk from me this year…

Colts @ Bears

Mattyoshow – Bears

I think the Colts have made several good moves this offseason.  Obviously drafting Luck was the first step in the rebuilding process, but I think the Colts will be back in the thick of things earlier than many realize.  The Vontae Davis move also made perfect sense for Indy.  That being said, the Bears finally have given Jay Cutler a legitimate #1 receiver and Matt Forte is a force to be reckoned with.  Even if Brian Urlacher sits this one out, Bears get the win.

Scottie – Bears

Ditka vs. God.  Ditka is God.  Daaaaaa Bears!

Falcons @ Chiefs

Mattyoshow – Falcons

2012 is Matt Ryan’s year.  Everyone expected him to break out big time in 2011 with Roddy White and Julio Jones both on the field.  Ryan disappointed and didn’t have the “elite” type of season that we were expecting.  In my opinion, Jones and White were on the injured list nearly every week last season and although the played on Sunday’s, I doubt they did much practicing.  After a full offseason Ryan is finally ready to explode.

Scottie – Falcons

Julio Jones will be the new Roddy White.  While I have concerns about the Falcon running game, they will still be able to get by the Chiefs.

Eagles @ Browns

Mattyoshow – Eagles

Mike Vick was my first round pick in my fantasy league this year for a reason, I think he’s going to have a huge season (and I had the 12th pick).  With a motivated DeSean Jackson and a consistent Jeremy Maclin running routes, and a formidable running back in McCoy in the backfield, Mike Vick will lead the Eagles to an 11-5 season and a NFC East division title.  The Browns, no matter who plays quarterback, will struggle again.

Scottie – Eagles

The Browns have no weapons other than rookie Trent Richardson.  Not enough to beat the high flying Eagles.

Redskins @ Saints

Mattyoshow – Saints

I love RG3, but then again who doesn’t.  This kid has all of the tools to be a big time quarterback in the NFL.  People compare him to Cam Newton and Vick all of the time, but I believe RG3 is a much more accurate passer than either of those two.  That being said, I think he will experience more growing pains than Luck.  Drew Brees is one of the few players that I believe could operate as a player/coach in the NFL.  The loss of Sean Payton hurts the Saints, but not extraordinarily.

Scottie – Saints

Brees is just too good.

Rams @ Lions

Mattyoshow – Lions

As was very evident in my fantasy draft this year, many believe Matthew Stafford will continue to put up huge numbers this season.  Honestly, I think Stafford takes a step back statistically, but the Lions take a step forward as a team.  I know he is named Megatron for a reason, but if Stafford keeps lobbing up the ducks for Calvin Johnson to grab, the guy is going to get killed.  I believe the Lions offense becomes a bit more balanced by utilizing Mikel Leshoure, Titus Young, and Brandon Pettigrew a bit more, and the defense continues to improve.

Scottie – Lions

Matthew Stafford is living proof the NFL has turned into flag football.  Teams can just air it out nowadays and he has the best receiver in football.

Patriots @ Titans

Mattyoshow – Patriots

Shout out to my man CV for still sticking with the Fisherless Titans, but I can’t see them pulling this one out.  I think Locker will grow into a decent NFL quarterback, but it is going to take some time.  Tennessee’s only shot in this one if for Chris Johnson to go off.  Otherwise, it’s going to be a tough start to the 2012 season for the Titans.

Scottie – Patriots

I am not as confident as most Patriots fans seem to be.  The Titans could pull this out if they keep TB12 off the field.  But in the end I don’t think they’ll be able to do it.

Jaguars @ Vikings

Mattyoshow – Vikings

Nothing like a battle between two pretty bad teams to get the fans in Jacksonville and Minnesota really excited!  The news that MJD won’t start this week basically seals the deal on this one.  I like what Christian Ponder did last season, but I’m still not sold.  A banged up Adrian Peterson and an often utilized Percy Harvin get the job done for the Vikings.

Scottie –  Vikings

Who cares? MJD and AP will be limited leaving the battle of 2nd year quarterbacks in what will sure to be the snoozer of the weak.  Heads Vikings Tails Jaguars… Vikings it is.

Bills @ Jets

Matty0show – Bills

From my point of view, the Jets are a complete disaster.  They willingly created a quarterback controversy between God and their already self-esteemless starter, they resigned the receiver who ripped the entire team last year, they just traded for a huge 1st round bust in Jason Smith, and Rex Ryan becomes less lovable with every pound he loses.  I think the Bills are out to prove that they can hang in the AFC East this year, and nothing says that more than Mario Williams knocking Mark Sanchez out of the game en route to a Buffalo victory.

Scottie – Jets

Tebow is going to replace Sanchez in the 4th quarter and lead the Jets in a come from behind win because that’s what Tim Tebow does. Prayers and Football!

Dolphins @ Texans

Mattyoshow – Texans

After watching Hard Knocks, it’s pretty clear to me that Joe Philben has absolutely no control over his team.  He reprimanded Chad Johnson for swearing at his press conference by never even talking about swearing at his press conference…doesn’t make sense to me.  In my eyes, Tannehill doesn’t get the job done.  I just can’t see this kid as a success in the NFL.  Also, beginning your career against a scary Wade Phillips defense doesn’t help.

Scottie – Texans

I can’t think of a team that has an easier schedule than the Texans this year.  They open up the 2012 campaign with a gimme.

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Mattyoshow – Seahawks

Ken Whisenhunt is screwed, plain and simple.  The Cardinals sent draft picks, their best defensive player, and 25 pounds of shaved steak to Philly for a complete bust of a quarterback.  Now they have this big doufus from DIAA ready to take them to the playoffs.  Good luck Arizona!  The Seahawks defense wins this one, even though I love Russell Wilson.

Scottie – Seahawks

Matty O’s sister is playing quarterback for the Cardinals.

49ers @ Packers

Mattyoshow – Packers

Now this game is more like it!  Arguably the league’s best defense taking on arguably the league’s best offense in week 1.  What more can you ask for?  As much as I love Pat Willis and crew over there in San Fran, I don’t think their offense can give them enough support to over take the Pack, especially at Lambeau.  The Packers defense will recover from a rough 2012 campaign, and as scary as it may sound, Aaron Rodgers will continue to improve.  The Pack take this one, but it will be too close for comfort.

Scottie – 49ers

The 49ers are the most balanced team in the league.  They have an outstanding defense and their offense is efficient under the underrated Alex Smith.  I love what Harbaugh has done with Singletary’s boys and I think this is the year the Niners get back to playing football in February.

Panthers @ Buccaneers

Matty0show – Panthers

Cam Newton’s sophomore season is almost underway.  The man who amazed NFL fans as a rookie in 2011 looks to improve upon his performance in year 2.  I think Cam will have a little tougher of a ride in 2012 simply because defenses will be putting much more emphasis on containing him in the pocket and avoided giving him big yardage on runs.  That being said, DeAngelo Williams and John Stewart are nothing to sneeze at in the backfield, and I love Luke Kuechly in the middle of that defense.

Scottie – Panthers

I have zero reason to go against Cam Newton in this one.

Steelers @ Broncos

Mattyoshow – Steelers

If Tebow could do, than why can’t Peyton?  The Broncos will be much improved from last season, but can Peyton Manning really be Peyton Manning without Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark?  I’m not trying to say that Peyton isn’t great, because he’s one of the best to ever play, but his supporting cast in Denver isn’t nearly what it was in Indy.  The key to the 2012 season is the Broncos run game.  If McGahee has a solid season, the Broncos make the playoffs, if not Peyton will be calling for some receivers that can actually play.

Scottie – Broncos

It’s the return of Peyton Manning.  Of course he is going to win.

Bengals @ Ravens

Mattyoshow – Ravens

I’m pretty sure that the knock against the Ravens for the past 5 seasons is that they are getting old.  Well, they keep on winning so I’m not even entertaining that thought.  Ray Rice will carry this team as far as it goes.  Joe Flacco is mediocre at best, but with a defense that good, does he really have to be more than that?  I don’t think so.  Torrey Smith it looking to have a breakout year, while on the other sideline AJ Green will be fighting through double and triple coverage all season.  I think 2012 may be a tough year for the Bengals, whereas the Ravens will be right in the playoff hunt.

Scottie – Ravens

Even without T Suggs I think the Ravens D will give Andy Dalton all he can handle and more.

Chargers @ Raiders

Mattyoshow – Raiders

This is probably the toughest game to pick from week 1.  I don’t like either of these teams.  The Raiders are led by a washed-up Carson Palmer, Run DMC is hurt nearly every week, and Darrius Heyward-Bey is arguably their best receiver (yes, I just threw up a bit in my mouth).  On the other sideline, it’s not much better, Philip Rivers will be throwing to Pete Carlone all season, Antonio Gates is getting old, and Ryan Mathews may be the only player in the NFL hurt more often than Run DMC!  The Raiders defense gets the job done in this one.

Scottie – Chargers

Phillip Rivers is a man on a mission this year.  He needs to prove he is a top flight quarterback and not just a fantasy football prize.  I always hate on the Raiders, so why stop now?