Top 5: Touchdown Celebrations of 2011

Last night, I watched Victor Cruz catch a short pass from Eli Manning.  He then turned the corner and took off toward pay dirt like he stole something.  Once he scored, he broke into his patent Victor Cruz Salsa Dance, complete with accompanying music blared from the Met Life Stadium speakers. I also realized there is an art to celebrating a touchdown.  Stevie Johnson certainly hasn’t mastered the art because he is good for a 15 yard penalty after every touchdown he scores with his excessive celebrations. Yesterday, it earned him a spot on the bench for the rest of the game. This got me thinking about who had the best patent end zone celebrations in 2011.

5) Tim Tebow- “Tebowing” 

I equate Tim Tebow to John Cena from the WWE.  You either love him or you despise him.  Much like Cena he doesn’t let people’s opinions phase him.  He can be putrid in some games yet walk on water in other games.  But no matter the circumstance, he will be found down on one knee, head bowed, deep in prayer and the rise up, yell and point to the sky.  He has even turned into a national phenomenon.





4) Rob Gronkowski “The Spike”

Rob Gronkowski put together the best season ever by a tight end in 2011.  He set the receiving yardage mark with 1,327 yards.  He also set the record for most touchdowns by a tight end with 17.  At the end of the each of those 17 touchdowns, Gronk would spike the ball to the turf with all his might.  It is a simple celebration, but when you see it 17 times, it starts to grow on you.





3) Aaron Rodgers- “Showing off the Belt”

Two WWE references in one post? Really? Really?  (Ok there’s 3).  When you have a commercial that features your touchdown celebration you are worthy of a top 5 spot.  I am a fan of Aaron Rodgers’ subtle flashing the belt because I am a WWE fan.  Not to mention Rodgers looks pretty bad ass when he does it.  Discount double-check? Yes sir.






2) Victor Cruz “The Salsa”

My favorite play from Victor Cruz this year came when the Giants were getting blown out of the stadium by the New Orleans Saints.  Cruz caught a 72 yard touchdown in the beginning of the fourth quarter.  No, he didn’t break out into his Salsa, he simply game the ball to the ref because he knew there was no celebrating losing by 30.  After seeing that, I became a big Victor Cruz fan and now thoroughly enjoy the dance.






1) Green Bay Packers “The Lambeau Leap”

Sure, this celebration has been going on for decades.  But is there truly anything better than a player running up and jumping into the fans’ arms?  Ultimately the fans are the reason the players are on the field and making the money they do.  To celebrate with the people who make you who you are is truly the greatest celebration. The Packers went 8-0 at home this season and scored 43 touchdowns at Lambeau Field.  Yes, that’s 43 Lambeau Leaps!


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