The Search for a Manager

I last wrote on this blog on July 8, 2011, 4 months ago.  For whatever reason I lost my motivation to write after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.  It is fair to say that I am a microcosm of the 2011 Boston Red Sox.  For awhile, I was going at a good clip, writing everyday and generating thought amongst the faithful readers of this blog.  Then I started drinking my beers, eating my fried chicken, playing an absurd amount of PS3, and putting on some lbs.

With those horrid 4 months behind me, I look to start over again and bring this blog back to some form of prominence.  What better way to do it then to address my favorite franchise in all of professional sports and the disaster they have become.  Everyone knows what happened to the Red Sox in 2011, so there is no need to open wounds that have just started to scab.  Instead, I am going to be progressive and look to the future and see what changes can be made that will get the Red Sox out of the pre-2004 era and back into the 2004-2007 timeframe.

First things first; With Terry Francona gone and likely headed to St. Louis, the Red Sox organization needs to find a manager to right the ship.  New general manager Ben Cherrington has probably the most talented all around roster in baseball he just needs someone to steer the unit in the right direction.  Names that have been rumored and/or interviewed to this point have been Pete Mackanin, Dale Sveum, Mike Maddux, Sandy Alomar, Jr, and Bobby Valentine.

Cherrington has said that he wants someone with major league experience.  I disagree with him here.  If someone is available that has major league experience, they are available for a reason.  They couldn’t win where they were before and were relieved of their duties.  In 15 years of managing at the big league level, Bobby Valentine has a record of 1117-1072.  That is a winning percentage of .510.  If 15 years, he has one exactly one pennant and didn’t win a World Series.  Why his name continuously comes up when a managerial job opens up is beyond me.  Sure he won in Japan, but baseball is backwards in Japan.  Isn’t Dice-k tangible evidence of that?  Bobby Valentine? No, thank you.

Dale Sveum was the Red Sox third base coach in 2004 and 2005.  Frankly, I don’t have one happy memory of him being in Boston.  He didn’t do well in Boston and if he couldn’t handle the job as a third base coach, what would make someone think he’d be able to take on additional duties as a manager?  He had a successful year in Milwaukee as a hitting coach, but when you have a lineup that includes Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, and Ryan Braun it is difficult to be unsuccessful.  In addition Dale Sveum even looks like Terry Francona.  Bringing in Sveum would just be more of the Sveum old problems.

Pete MacKanin.  To be honest his hair is just way too much for me.  I don’t know a single thing about the man other than he has been in baseball for 35 years and never has had a managerial position.  Theo and the Cubs are interested in him as well.  If I could ever get over the crazy hair style, I think he would be a good candidate to be the fresh voice the Red Sox need in the dugout.

The last two candidates, Sandy Alomar Jr. and Mike Maddux are two guys that I would prefer.  Alomar was a great catcher for a number of years and has a great knowledge of the game.  Like Maddux, he comes from a family of major league baseball players that include Hall of Famers.  There is something to be said coming from a pedigree of that nature.  Just ask Buddy, Rex, or Rob Ryan.  I also believe both of these candidates would be very influential on the Red Sox pitching staff.  The Red Sox pitching crumbled spectacularly in September and proved to be the biggest weakness and a team that on paper looked very good, but on the field was very much flawed.

Because of their baseball pedigree’s I would have to believe that both men would instantly garner the respect of every man in that clubhouse.  If the Red Sox hire either of these 2 candidates, it would be a step in the right direction for a troubled franchise.

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  1. You’re lucky! You missed the Soxsplosion. The Bruins were the best part of the baseball season, really…
    I’m not excited about anyone- but my gut says Maddux.

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