Who Do You Want in RF in 2012?

JD Drew is playing his last season as a member of the Boston Red Sox.  I am in the minority when it comes to an opinion on JD Drew.  I think he gave 5 quality years, playing the best defense in baseball (statistically proven) and making contributions to the club when they most needed them.

Now the question becomes, who is the heir apparent to JD Drew?

With speculation running wild that Andre Ethier is upset the direction of the lowly Dodgers and wanting to play in Boston with his best friend Dustin Pedroia, I have decided it’s a perfect time for a poll.


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One Response

  1. Pence- .325 10 home runs 59 rbi 42 runs 5 stolen bases

    Ethier- .311 7 home runs 42 rbi 43 runs 0 stolen bases

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