Did CM Punk Save the WWE?

This post may be coming out of left field for some of you.  Most of you who know me, knew it was only a matter of time before I would break down and write something covering this subject matter. Now is that time.

I have watched wrestling since I was a little boy and have been a fan for over 20 years.  I remember running and hiding under my bed at the sound of the “gong” and the lights going out in the arena signaling The Undertaker was about to arrive.  To this day I am terrified of snakes because Jake “the Snake” Roberts carried around a 20 foot snake in a bag properly named Damien.  I remember running around my living room with my friend at the time pretending we were the Rockers.  He was older so he always got to be Shawn Michaels and I had to be Marty Jannetty.  I remember crying and screaming at the television when I saw the 1-2-3 Kid sold out to join The Corporation.

As I got older I continued to root for Shawn Michaels (who to this day is my favorite wrestler of all time), I watched WCW change the landscape of wrestling by introducing the New World Order, I watched the WWE respond by unleashing the “attitude era” featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Degeneration X.

Up until about a year ago, a few buddies of mine and I would order whatever Pay-Per View was on and go crazy for a Sunday night.  I actually even went to Boston for the Royal Rumble this year back in January.  But that was the last time I actually followed wrestling.  See it was growing very tiresome and very stale.  Taunting small children about how much John Cena sucks was just not fun anymore.  My favorite wrestler retired after last year’s Wrestlemania and I can probably say that was the last time I had a vested interest in wrestling.  I tried to get behind the Miz, and yes I do like him, but he is no Shawn Michaels.

All of that may have changed after last Monday night.  I was clicking around Twitter and I saw a massive amount of “CM Punk just cut the greatest promo” type tweets.  Well I went right to YouTube and watched said promo, practically praying that it was just a semblance of what everyone was raving about.  I watched the six-minute promo and I thought it was easily the greatest gimmick in wrestling since the beginning of the NWO.

Punk broke all the “wrestling rules” talking about the WWE’s competition (Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling).  He called The Rock by his first name.  He said on live television what everyone believes about the WWE.  Cena and everyone else that is promoted and marketed are the best at “kissing Vince McMahon’s ass.”  He even gave a mini shout out to Colt Cabana who is a wrestler in Ring on Honor. He even talked about Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman who left the WWE on bitter terms. Punk broke every rule in the book and is now the talk of the wrestling world.  He threatened to win the WWE Championship and walk out of the company as his contract expires.  No wrestler has ever talked about the “behind the scenes” aspect of the company.  This made everything awesome.

Is wrestling about to “boom” again? I am unsure.  But CM Punk in a short six-minute soliloquy approached NWO, DeGeneration X, and “attitude era” status. I know I will tune in on Monday night for the first time in months.  I also know that with my propensity to be an impulse buyer, if I like what I see, I will buy the next Pay Per View.  CM Punk certainly piqued my interest.  For those that haven’t seen what I am talking about: Here you go.

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