It Is All About Game Seven

And it will all come down to a Game 7.  7.  The greatest number in all of sports.  7.
 Especially when it comes to the NHL, there is nothing, absolutely nothing better than a Game 7.

The Bruins have outscored the Canucks 19-8 in the first 6 games of this series. Boston has 216 shots, Vancouver has 194 shots.  The Bruins have 190 hits. The Canucks have 22 hits.None of those numbers matter now.  7 is the only number that means anything.

It doesn’t matter that Nathan Horton was knocked out of the series in Game 3.  It doesn’t matter that Aaron Rome was suspended 4 games said cheap shot.  It doesn’t matter that Alexandre Burrows bit Patrice Bergeron and wasn’t suspended for it.  It doesn’t matter that Roberto Luongo couldn’t last 10 minutes in Game 6.

It doesn’t matter that Tim Thomas didn’t “stay in the paint” on the garbage game winning goal by Maxim LaPierre in Game 5.  It doesn’t matter that either team’s power play hasn’t produced. It doesn’t matter that the home team has gone undefeated in this series.  It doesn’t matter that Tim Thomas has been a wall in net all series.

Nothing from the last two weeks, dating back to June 1, matters.

On Wednesday night the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks will play in one single game that will determine whose names will be engraved on Lord Stanley’s Cup from the 2011 season.  It has been a long, exciting, dare I say epic series to say the least.  It is only justice that the series will be determined in a winner take all game.

Make sure you grab your favorite recliner, bar stool, or space on the floor Wednesday night.  Game 7 is sure to be a classic.

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