Bruins Play Role of Disciplinarian

The Vancouver Canucks decided to mock the NHL and the Bruins after Alexandre Burrows was not suspended for his blatant bite of Patrice Bergeron’s finger in Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals.  In Game 2 Maxim Lapierre taunted Bergeron by sticking his fingers in his face pissing off the well-respected Bergeron and pissing off the rest of the NHL in the process. Burrows scored the game winner in Game 2 and tallied another in a game that he shouldn’t have been playing in.  Bruins fans were anxious for Game Three being down 0-2.  But it was a familiar position.

Then the Canucks continued way past the line they so blatantly crossed when Aaron
Rome blindsided Nathan Horton at the blue line with an unnecessary and gutless hit that sent Nathan Horton to Mass General Hospital in the first period of Game Three.  This ignited the fire for the Bruins.

They scored 4 goals in the second period and another 4 in the third period en route to a 8-1 win on Monday night.  Yes, Tim Thomas had 40 saves but this game was won through the toughness and grittiness of the Big Bad Bruins.  The Bruins had 40 hits (including one from Tim Thomas, 75 penalty minutes, and killed off 8 power plays with the Canucks not getting a single shot on goal in any of the 8 power plays.

Old Man Mark Recchi was awesome tonight as well.  He had 2 goals but more importantly got in the face of Lapierre and other bush league Canucks players letting them know that the Bruins won’t stand for the chippy play.  Seeing a 43-year-old man get in the mix of things and not back down will surely fire up the squad.

The Bruins effort tonight can be personified by Brad Marchand’s dazzling short handed goal.  Words will do that play no justice.  All you have to know is that Marchand’s play was the epitome of hustle and simply just wanting it more than the other guy.

While the loss of Nathan Horton is and will be a tough one to swallow, the Bruins’ resolve is now strengthened.  All season long we have heard about how tightly knit this team is.  Do you think they want to let down the man who ensured they be playing in this game (twice remember, Canadiens Game 7 and Lightning Game 7)?

Tonight the Bruins played the roll of disciplinarian for the NHL.  Because with Colin Campbell unable to attend to his duties, the person replacing him has been asleep at the wheel.  The Bruins punished the Canucks for 40 minutes of hockey tonight.  Even though they are down 2-1, all the momentum is now with the B’s.  One has to believe that they have satisfied the should be punishment for the Bergeron incident.  Imagine what they are going to do for Horton!

The Bruins are three wins away from being Stanley Cup Champions.  There is no doubt in my mind that when this series is over, they will be hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup high above their heads.

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