Patterson’s Week 6 MLB Rankings

It has become increasingly difficult to have write ups for all 30 MLB teams every week.  With that being said I will only have small blurbs about teams that I have something to actually write something about.  I figure this would make the column easier and more enjoyable for everyone to read and me to write.

1) Philadelphia Phillies (1)

2) Cleveland Indians (2)

3) Tampa Bay Rays (6)

I was dead wrong about the Rays in my preseason predictions saying they weren’t going anywhere.  After starting 1-8, the Rays are 23-11 with the best record in baseball over that time frame.

4) Florida Marlins (4)

5) Cincinnati Reds (14)

The Reds-Cardinals rivalry may now trump the intensity of the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry.

6) San Francisco Giants (12)

7) Detroit Tigers (18)

The Tigers welcomed back Victor Martinez with open arms.  VMart hit .579 this week with 11 runs batted in, 2 home runs, and 6 runs scored.

8) Atlanta Braves (8)

9) New York Yankees (3)

Does anybody else think the Jorge Posada saga is a non story?

10) Los Angeles Angels (9)

A fact I learned this week because I am reading Bottom of the 33rd: Peter Bourjos’s father Chris played in the longest game in the history of baseball at McCoy Stadium.  He played for the Rochester Red Wings.

11) St Louis Cardinals (7)

It was funny to see Kyle Lohse come out for the ground rules this week dressed and acting like Tony LaRussa.  I always enjoy seeing the lighter side of sports.

12) Colorado Rockies (5)

Last week I blasted Rockies beat writer Troy Renck for panicking about the Rockies play as of late.  As is usually the case, I was wrong.  He is right to be concerned. Ubaldo Jimenez has been nowhere near what he was last year.

13) Texas Rangers (11)

The Rangers will be getting Nelson Cruz back later in the upcoming week and Josh Hamilton back next week hopefully.

14) Kansas City Royals (10)

For the sake of baseball I hope Eric Hosmer stays a Royal for his career.  For the sake of me being a fan, well Adrian Gonzalez’s contract will be up when Hosmer becomes a free agent.

15) Toronto Blue Jays (20)

How long until the Jose Bautista is on steroids talk really heats up?  70 home runs since the start of last season.  The next closest? Adam Dunn and Ryan Braun with 49.

16) Oakland Athletics (13)

17) Boston Red Sox (22)

Adrian Gonzalez’s week: .346,  5 home runs, 7 runs scored and 10 runs batted in.  Money well spent.

18) Baltimore Orioles (25)

Jake Arrieta is looking like a formidable number 2 behind Zack Britton.  The 25 year old moved to 5-1 on the season today as he beat the Tampa Bay Rays.

19) Milwaukee Brewers (26)

20) New York Mets (19)

Carlos Beltran had a three home run game this week.  All three were 2 run jobs.  He hit from both sides of the plate and went deep to left, center, and right.

21) Washington Nationals (16)

22) Los Angeles Dodgers (24)

The Dodgers are reportedly in danger of not meeting payroll at the end of May.  You don’t often hear that in professional sports.

23) Pittsburgh Pirates (17)

24) Chicago Cubs (23)

25) Arizona Diamondbacks (21)

26) San Diego Padres (27)

Mat Latos got his first win in his last 11 appearances today.

27) Chicago White Sox (30)

28) Seattle Mariners (15)

After a great last two weeks, the Mariners came crashing back down to earth this week.  They have won 3 of their last 10 and lost 6 in a row.

29) Houston Astros (28)

The only thing cool about the Astros right now:

30) Minnesota Twins (29)

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