Patterson’s Week 5 MLB Power Rankings

With all the excitement centering around the Boston Bruins run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the much-anticipated Celtics-Heat matchup it has been difficult for me to follow what’s going on in the world of baseball.  With all that has been going on lately, it has been difficult for me to write on a regular basis like I have been doing.  But all excuses aside, I did promise that every Sunday I would sit down and give y’all a baseball write-up.  Without further adieu, I present to you, the Week 5 Power Rankings.

1) Philadelphia Phillies (1)

Roy Oswalt and Joe Blanton both went on the disabled list on May 8.  This may jeopardize their stranglehold on the number one spot in the coming weeks.  On a positive note Chase Utley has been playing in extended spring training games.

2) Cleveland Indians (2)

15th overall pick in the 2009 draft, Alex White picked up his first major league win this week beating the Los Angeles Angels, and their league leading .270 batting lineup.  The Indians continue to get solid pitching and their lineup is producing. When that happens, you win ballgames.

3) New York Yankees (4)

Jorge Posada is hitting just .146 on the season.  This ordinarily would be a problem for the Yanks but Russell Martin is producing from the catcher spot with 6 home runs and 20 runs batted in.  With Eric Chavez lost to a broken toe, The DH spot will be a platoon situation between Posada and Andruw Jones.

4) Florida Marlins (5)

The Marlins are expecting Logan Morrison back from the disabled list soon.  Emilio Bonifacio has filled in for him admirably hitting .322.  The Marlins haven’t had their whole outfield healthy at one time this season.  Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison have dealt with injuries while Chris Coghlan and Bonifacio have been in there everyday. By the Gaby Sanchez is on fire.

5) Colorado Rockies (3)

A quick look at the Denver Post and you would think the Rockies were in last place.  Their beat writer, Troy Renck, writes about how the Rockies haven’t played well in three weeks and they are panicking because they have lost their last 3 games in walk off fashion.  My take: It’s May.  The Rockies are fine.

6) Tampa Bay Rays (7)

Is there a hotter pitcher in baseball than James Shields? In hist last four starts he has gone at least seven innings while giving up 1 or fewer runs.  Naturally he is doing this promptly after I dropped him from my fantasy team.

7) St. Louis Cardinals (8)

The Cardinals have been the best offensive team in baseball seemingly without the services of Albert Pujols.  Albert is hitting .246 but does have 7 home runs and 22 runs batted in.  The Cardinals have been getting large contributions from Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman.

8) Atlanta Braves (16)

The Braves got hot this past week winning 7 of their last 10.  Not many pitchers can get a DUI earlier in the week and then in their next start hurl a gem.  But that is Derek Lowe’s career in a nutshell.

9) Los Angeles Angels (9)

Lost in the fact that the Angels have the only 1-2 punch that could rival Halladay and Lee, with Weaver and Haren is that the offense is hitting an American League leading .270.  Also worthy of note.  The Angels are 7-8 at home and 12-7 on the road.

10) Kansas City Royals (12)

This week the Royals called up one of their several jewels in their organization, Eric Hosmer.  Hosmer is a 21-year-old first baseman.  Hosmer will move Billy Butler to the DH position.  While the Marlins are the most exciting team in the National League, the Royals might be the youngest most exciting team in the American League.

11) Texas Rangers (8)

The Rangers have continued their fall over the past 2 weeks but they have received great news over the past two days.  Neftali Feliz was activated off the disabled list and Josh Hamilton will return to the lineup in 2-3 weeks.  Unfortunately the did lose Nelson Cruz to the DL this week.  The Rangers are starting to understand what the Red Sox went through last season.  The Curse of Beltre?

12) San Francisco Giants (15)

I originally wanted to write that no one is fearing the beard to this point in the season.  But Brian Wilson does have 10 saves and the Giants have won 17 games.  He does, however, have an ERA of just over 5.  He does also need to at least trim that thing.

13) Oakland Athletics (18)

Brandon McCarthy has thrown 2 complete games this season; both for losses.  As I have been saying all year, The A’s have the pitching but their offense is as useful as Magic Johnson at a blood drive.

14) Cincinnati Reds (11)

The Reds get Johnny Cueto back from the disabled list today and hope that he can help Bronson Arroyo shoulder the load of the rotation.  Edinson Volquez, Travis Wood, and Shoplifting Mike Leake have been atrocious for Cincinnati.

15) Seattle Mariners (14)

No, this isn’t a typo for the second week in a row.  I am just as surprised as you are.  The Mariners have won 7 of their last 10.  They also have two of the best young players in the game in Justin Smoak and Michael Pineda.

16) Washington Nationals (21)

Werth watch: Now earning his outrageous paycheck because he leads his team in batting average, home runs, on base percentage, and hits.  Those actual numbers? .227 average, 4 home runs, .324 on base percentage, and 27 hits.

17) Pittsburgh Pirates (23)

Kevin Correa and Charlie Morton have both thrown the ball very well for the Pirates this season.  Correa has 5 wins for the Pirates with an ERA of 2.91 and Morton has an ERA of 3.13 and 4 wins.  As a team the Pirates have won 16.

18) Detroit Tigers (22)

Baseball is a game of inches.  Justin Verlander was about 3 inches away from a perfect game yesterday.  He walked JP Arencibia in a 12 pitch at bat.  The ball was just inches off the plate. Verlander did get the no-hitter, the second of his career.  There have been 29 pitchers that have thrown 2 no hitters, and Verlander is one of them.

19) New York Mets (25)

The Mets continue to be cellar dwellers in the NL East.  They have made it known that Jose Reyes, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, and Jason Bay can all be had for the right price.  I suspect Reyes will end up in San Francisco (maybe for Brandon Belt?) and David Wright could end up in Cleveland.  I don’t think there is any interest in Beltran or Bay.

20) Toronto Blue Jays (17)

Intriguing rumor I read when looking up what to write about the Blue Jays.  Jose Bautista to the A’s? I am a sucker for trade rumors and the talk they generate.  While I am unsure what the A’s would give up (Yordy Cabrera, Jemelle Weeks, Michael Choice, or Grant Green) they need some offense, and the Jays can continue to rebuild.

21) Arizona Diamondbacks (26)

Daniel Hudson has to be the best all around player on the Diamondbacks.  He leads he team in batting average at .308 and he has won his last three starts.  He is now 3-4 with an ERA north of 4.50.

22) Boston Red Sox (24)

As expected the Red Sox have gotten zero production from the catching position so far this season.  The Sox can continue to try to develop Jarrod Saltalamacchia or they can try to make a move.  A likely target would be Ryan Doumit of the Pirates.  The Red Sox can dangle players such as Lars Anderson, Yamacio Navarro, or Josh Reddick.

23) Chicago Cubs (20)

Shockingly the Cubs have the second best batting average in all of baseball.  They had the NL Rookie of the Month for April in Darwin Barney, they had the league leader in home runs with Alfonso Soriano, and they have the talk of baseball future in Starlin Castro.  Yet, they can’t seem to win.

24) Los Angeles Dodgers (10)

Andre Ethier’s hitting streak came to an end yesterday at 30 games.  The streak was the second longest in franchise history.

25) Baltimore Orioles (19)

Barack Obama shut up Luke Scott by releasing his birth certificate two weeks ago.  Luke Scott was very outspoken in thinking that Obama was born in another country.  I wonder if Scott is happy that Obama ok’ed a dangerous and risky mission that resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden.

26) Milwaukee Brewers (13)

What makes Yovanni Gallardo’s gem yesterday even more impressive is that he did it against the number one offense in baseball.  Gallardo lost his no hitter in the eighth against the Cardinals.  He threw 8 innings striking out 6.  The Brewers desperately need more outings similar to this from their pitching staff.

27) San Diego Padres (28)

There is very little to say about the Padres other than wondering when they will trade closer Heath Bell.  In my opinion the most likely destination would be Philadelphia due to their health problems at the position.  Players the Padres would be interested in? Domonic Brown, Johnathan Singleton, and Jiwan James.

28) Houston Astros (27)

Through 32 games Brett Wallace is hitting .349.  He makes $418,000 this season.  Carlos Lee is hitting .218 and he is making $16.6 million this season.  Just belaboring my point how much I dislike Carlos Lee.

29) Minnesota Twins (30)

Francisco Liriano threw what may have been the most unimpressive no-hitter in baseball history this week.  Sure a no hitter is a fantastic feat.  But when you walk 6 and do it against the worst team in baseball (Chicago White Sox) it does nothing for me.  On top of it he only struck out 2.  Not exactly dominant.

30) Chicago White Sox (29)

All I can say for White Sox fans is thank God you have Derek Rose.

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