Bruins Drop Game 6

The Montreal Canadiens forced a Game 7 beating the Boston Bruins 2-1 tonight in Montreal.  Both Canadiens goals came on 5 on 3 power plays that the Bruins really had no shot of stopping.  The Habs then put on the hockey version of the prevent defense in the period, playing not to lose the game rather than win it.  The strategy worked as the Bruins could not generate any offense whatsoever.

The Bruins continued their powerless play going 0-6.  It is fair to say that a line consisting of Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Helen Keller, Christopher Reeves, and Heath Ledger would be more productive than the current Bruins power play lines. And my fantasy line consists of people who have passed away.

The Bruins caught a huge break in the opening minutes of the game via an early whistle by the officials.  Tim Thomas thought he had the puck under his glove when he didn’t and a Canadien skated in and put the puck in the back of the net, only to have the goal waved off by the early whistle from the zebra.  The unruly Canadien fans starting throwing things on the ice and booing louder than a 747 engine.  It also wouldn’t of surprised me if they starting calling the Montreal authorities looking for legal action much like they did when Chara laid out Pacioretty.  Their antics could have been a penalty against the Habs for delay of game but the officials decided to let it go.  Truth be told, that was here nor there with the Bruins because they wouldn’t have been able to score on the power play anyways.

Milan Lucic was also handed a five-minute penalty and game misconduct for laying out Jaroslav Spacek in the second period.  In the Boston area (and everywhere but Montreal) it was a solid hit.  In Montreal, it seemed like attempted murder.  Spacek made like Lazarus and was able to play close to 17 minutes on the night. Losing Lucic for the game should not have been a big deal for the Bruins because he hasn’t shown up all series.  But the Bruins were unable to generate any offensive pressure without #17 and pretty much looked like dead men skating.

The series moves back to Boston for Game 7 tomorrow night.  The Bruins are 2-8 in clinching games over the last 3 years.  Bruins fans have to be understandably nervous going into tomorrow night.  While the B’s were fantastic in Games 3-4-5, that is now ancient history.  The Bruins had the chance to end the series tonight and they let it slip through their gloves.  The Canadiens gave the Bruins every opportunity to tie the game up in the third period and they didn’t take advantage.

What tomorrow brings, nobody knows.  That is the great and awful thing about the two best words in all of sports.  Game.  Seven.

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  1. The Bruins will win game 7.

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