Bruins Snag 2OT Thriller

So there it is.  Haters go home.  We don’t need your down 0-2 negativity.  Tonight, and for the last three games really, the Bruins played like an actual playoff hockey team and came away with a 2-1 double overtime victory against the much hated Montreal Canadiens at The Garden.  This is one of those games that you look at and see why this team is playoff worthy.  Last game, they were able to keep up with a high scoring affair and this time, the high-end defensive pressure-packed game.

Brad Marchand looked like he has been playing in playoff games in the NHL for years.  He was making crisp passes, in the lanes he needed to be in, and just grinded every shift out.  Both goals for the Bruins for garbage goals but, the way that these goaltenders were playing it was the only way and rubber was crossing a goal line.

Tim Thomas didn’t look un-easy at all tonight for the first time in playoff game that I can remember.  I think it’s finally the time that we can tell Michael Felger that Thomas stole a game for the Bruins.  That save that he made in the second overtime where he had to sprawl to his left and flash the pad left me (and scottie) leaping off the couch.  Those are the kinds of saves that keep teams alive.

Game 6 is in Montreal on Tuesday.  All fans are welcome to enjoy this recent success but, for the ones that poo-pooed the Bruins when they went down 0-2, the criticism was deserved but shame on you for jumping of the playoff parade.  This is a big night from Boston hockey.  However, the series is not over and this team has a ways to go before we can all finally exhale.



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  1. Someone make sure Pacioretty keeps tweeting away!!!

    This guy has been great bulletin board material for the B’s…keep it going!

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