The Miracle in Montreal

The Bruins don’t have heart? They aren’t resilient? When they get down they don’t come back? I was wrong, wrong, and wrong.  Tonight, the Boston Bruins played like I haven’t seen them play before.  They got down 1-0, and then tied it up.  They got down 3-1, and then tied it up.  They got down 4-3, and then came back to win the game in overtime.

Tyler Seguin should be playing instead of Michael Ryder? Claude is playing Chris Kelly too much? If the Bruins can’t win in Boston, they certainly aren’t going to win in Montreal! Once again I was wrong, wrong and wrong! Michael Ryder had two goals including the game winner in overtime.  Chris Kelly, playing with a broken face, had the game tying goal late in the third period,  and two assists.  Lastly, the Boston Bruins silenced 21,273 Canadians, no easy task.  I wouldn’t hesitate to say the Bell Center is the loudest venue in the NHL.  And they didn’t do it once, they beat them on their ice twice.

Now the series comes back to Boston all tied up.  This series has a whole new feel to it then it did this morning.  Not only did the Bruins win the game, they won in a fashion that is sure to demoralize the Habs.  Montreal has to feel they gave the B’s their best shot tonight, and it simply wasn’t good enough.  Tonight the Bruins showed me that they can in fact play with playoff intensity.  Andrew Ference was the epitome of playoff attitude scoring a goal and promptly chucking the bird at the Montreal faithful.  This is the swag, the Big Bad Bruins, the Black and Gold that I have been begging to see once the playoffs began.

It took them 4 games, but the Boston Bruins have arrived to the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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