Patterson’s MLB Power Rankings Week Two

I am quite happy that I have been able to follow through on my promise of giving you my Power Rankings every Sunday.  Ok, it’s only the second week but hey, I am off to a good start.  In the rankings I will put in parenthesis where the team ranked last week.  With the benefit of MLBTV on my Ipad, I can better judge teams that aren’t the Red Sox or Yankees as I have been getting to see bits and pieces of every game every night.  What can I say, I love baseball.

Here we go.

1) Philadelphia Phillies (1)

The Phillies have a run differential of +27 over their opponents.  Doc Halladay has been untouchable to this point in the season and Wilson Valdez has filled in admirably for the injured Chase Utley.  All is going to plan in Philadelphia.

2) Colorado Rockies (5)

Troy Tulowitzki is making seriously kick myself for passing him up in my fantasy baseball draft.  At this time in the season, Tulo is the best player in baseball.  The Rockies are 11-3 and doing so without their ace, Ubaldo Jimenez.  Watch out for the Rockies.

3) Texas Rangers (2)

The Rangers lost Josh Hamilton earlier in the week to a broken arm which has subsequently cooled their offense.  But the Rangers are still among the top teams in baseball and they have gotten good pitching from unlikely places.  Alexi Ogando has yet to give up a run through 12 innings and Derek Holland has been solid as well.

4) Cincinnati Reds (4)

The Reds are 9-5.  They are second in the majors in runs and on base percentage.  They are third in the majors in batting average and slugging percentage.  Reigning NL MVP Joey Votto has gotten off to a white-hot start hitting .451.  If they can get some help in their rotation these Reds will be even tougher to beat.

5) Cleveland Indians (20)

No, this isn’t a misprint.  The Cleveland Indians have gotten off to a 10-4 start.  Travis Hafner looks like the Hafner of old, Asdrubal Cabrera has been playing out of his mind, and Justin Masterson is leading the pitching staff with 3 wins and an ERA under 2.  And they have gotten Grady Sizemore back today. Are these Indians for real? Only time will tell.

6) Kansas City Royals (19)

Once again this isn’t a misprint.  Alex Gordon is playing like everyone thought he would when he was first called up a few seasons ago.  Billy Butler is matching Gordon’s numbers. The Royals feature a staff of guys that were all once top prospects in baseball with Luke Hochevar, Jeff Francis, Bruce Chen, and Kyle Davies.  Through this point in the season, all are pitching very well.

7) New York Yankees (3)

The Yankees will always be atop these rankings because they have the talent to get here and stay here.  Concerns about the starting rotation are warranted with Phil Hughes going on the DL and Ivan Nova getting shelled to the tune of a 7.36 ERA. But  Freddy Garcia looked very good yesterday against the Rangers shutting them out, AJ Burnett has thrown well through the first 2 weeks, and CC is CC.

8) San Francisco Giants (12)

Brian Wilson is fresh off of injury but has saved 4 games in the last 4 days for the Giants.  This would be alarming to me as a Giants fan if he is being used this frequently when he’s barely gotten his band-aid’s off.  All the weight Pablo Sandoval lost in the off-season has helped him thus far as he leads the team with a .347 batting average.

9) Los Angeles Angels (16)

The Angels have gotten outstanding pitching from Jered Weaver who looks like a very early Cy Young candidate.  Dan Haren also looks great thus far with an ERA below one.  Once the Angels get some power back in the middle of the lineup when Kendrys Morales comes back from injury they will be a very tough team to face.

10) Florida Marlins (14)

I wasn’t sold on Josh Johnson coming into the season.  But through two weeks he has proven me wrong (which isn’t hard to do). Johnson had a no-hitter through 5 innings earlier this week and he currently owns a 1.35 ERA.  Of concern to the Marlins? Hanley Ramirez is hitting just .238 with no home runs.

11) St. Louis Cardinals (24)

The Cardinals could probably be a little higher if they had a better closer than Ryan Franklin.  They are statistically the best offensive team in baseball.  First in runs,batting average, and on base percentage and second in slugging.  Lance Berkman has had a resurrection of sorts and Colby Rasmus is shaping into the player everyone thought he would be.

12) Boston Red Sox (7)

No, I don’t honestly believe the Red Sox are the 12th best team in baseball.  Most of you will argue that this is a hometown rating and there are 10 teams better than them right now.  Listen, it’s only a matter of time before this team turns it on like other teams that were stacked and started out slow have done in years prior. Think of the Yankees the first year they had Texieira.  They won the Series.  Oh and by the way, Jed Lowrie fought Chuck Norris with one hand tied behind his back and won.

13) Milwaukee Brewers ( 11)

Rickie Weeks. Prince Fielder. Ryan Braun. How is this team sporting a .500 record to this point?  Their team ERA is below 3.  But their closer John Axford has 3 saves in 6 appearances with an ERA over 8.  This team is way too talented to be hovering around the .500 mark.

14) Chicago White Sox (9)

If Matt Thornton wasn’t sleeping with all of his teammate’s wives, the White Sox would be in much better shape.  Thornton has blown 4 saves already this season, but they are all due to the lack of defense being played behind him.  Juan Pierre alone dropped two routine fly balls that blew the games for Thornton.  Matt Thornton is Rick Vaughn.  Juan Pierre is Roger Dorn.  It’s that simple.

15) Toronto Blue Jays (6)

Aaron Hill is starting to heat up as Yunel Escobar is starting to cool off.  Jose Bautista has proven last year was not a fluke and JP Arcencibia is a Rookie of the Year candidate.  Playing in a competitive AL East does the Blue Jays no favors.  If they were in another division in baseball aside from the NL East, I’d venture to say they would be atop that division.

16) Oakland Athletics (22)

The great pitching has continued for the A’s early in the season.  Trevor Cahill has the worst ERA of the A’s starters at 3.12.  But when your team batting average is .235, you aren’t going to win many games.  On a side note, Coco Crisp brought back the Oscar Gamble look and it was actually kind of cool.

17) Tampa Bay Rays (29)

Johnny Damon breathed life into the Rays this week with a couple walk off hits.  Also amid boos at Fenway Park in his return he promptly homered off of Daisuke Matsuzaka.  If I am ever at a game that Johnny Damon is playing against the Red Sox, I will be sure to cheer him until I am hoarse.  All the man did while he was here was hustle and give his all every single day.  As a fan, I appreciate that.

18) Detroit Tigers (15)

As much as I like to get on Miguel Cabrera about his off the field antics, I have to recognize greatness when I see it.  He leads the team in batting average, home runs, runs batted in, hits, and on base percentage.  The problem is no one else on the Tigers is showing up to help him out.

19) Atlanta Braves (10)

Once again I was told the Braves are a playoff team.  Despite my asking everyone that believes this, they have given me no evidence to support their claims.  They don’t hit (.230) and their pitching isn’t good enough to support a team that doesn’t score runs.

20) Chicago Cubs (18)

Starlin Castro is showing no signs of a sophomore slump hitting .397.  The problem with the Cubs however is their best starter has an ERA of 6.11 and that comes from Carlos Zambrano.  They may have the best closer in the game with Carlos Marmol, but he is pretty much useless if you can’t get to him with a lead.

21) Minnesota Twins (13)

The Twins announced today that they are removing Joe Nathan from the closer role and giving it to Matt Capps.  Capps was very good in that role last year with the Nationals and then the Twins.  However the Twins need Joe Mauer to come back off the DL and they need Justin Morneau to get back to his pre-concussion self.  If those two things don’t happen the Twins are in trouble.

22) Washington Nationals (27)

Ryan Zimmerman going on the disabled list severely hampers the Nationals.  There is no one to fear in that lineup other than Jayson Werth and without Zimmerman, teams can pitch around him.  There must be a countdown somewhere that has when Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg will arrive.

23) Baltimore Orioles (17)

After starting out 4-0, the Orioles have since come back down to earth and proven they are who we thought they were.  They are hitting .230 with a team ERA near 5.  It was only a matter of time before the O’s came crashing back down to earth.  I just didn’t think it would happen this quickly.

24) Pittsburgh Pirates (21)

Kevin Correia and Charlie Morton have thrown the ball well for the Pirates so far this year.  Jose Tabata has also gotten off to a hot start.  Pirates fans can only hope this youth continues to develop and the make the Pirates relevant again someday.

25) San Diego Padres (26)

Nick Hundley is the  lone bright spot of the Padres offense.  The catcher is hitting .341 with 2 home runs and 8 runs batted in.  The Padres also got Mat Latos back this week and even though he is off to an 0-2 start, the Padres need all the help they can get.  Latos was among the league leaders in strikeouts last season.

26) Houston Astros (30)

Brett Myers has given the Astros outstanding starting pitching the first 2 weeks of the season.  The problem is he only has one win to show for it.  If the White Sox bullpen is bad, then Astros bullpen has to be atrocious.

27) Los Angeles Dodgers (8)

Despite Matt Kemp’s best efforts, (hitting .453) the Dodgers are reeling.  Chad Billingsley is getting roughed up with an ERA over 11.  They have lost five in a row and have won only three of their last 10.  The Dodgers can’t be this bad can they?

28) Seattle Mariners (28)

Young phenom Michael Pineda has been good as advertised and Mariner fans can be excited about having a one-two punch of Pineda and Hernandez.  The real concern is the lack of offense.  Even Ichiro is only hitting .250.

29) Arizona Diamondbacks (25)

Opponents are hitting .304 against Diamondback pitching but on a positive note Miguel Montero has continued his torrid start hitting .415.  The problem is the staff ERA is 5.74.

30) New York Mets (23)

Plain and simple.  The Mets stink.  They are 1-6 at home and are 2-8 in their last ten games.  They are awful.

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  1. Angels should move way up on that list. Rangers should move down; their pitching won’t hold up.

    The Royals are just an exciting team to watch… I’ll hate to watch the Red Sox end up with a better record.

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