Five Questions for the Bruins

Different game.  Same story. The Bruins lost Game Two 3-1 against their arch rival, the Montreal Canadiens and are now down 2-0 in the series. Instead of launching into my usual diatribe about why the Bruins aren’t a good playoff team, I am just going to offer up questions that I have had in hopes that someone can provide me with some answers.

How does a professional hockey player and team captain get scratched because of dehydration?

Why does Tim Thomas, a will be two-time Vezina Trophy winner, offer up the juiciest of rebounds and Carey Price seemingly doesn’t give up an rebounds?

How is Hal Gill owning the Bruins forwards?

Why can’t the Bruins win the initial face off when they get on the power play?

Why should I think the Bruins will win in Montreal when they can’t win in Boston?

After two games those are my questions for the Boston Bruins.  Any answers that anyone can provide so I can make some sense of the debauchery will be greatly appreciated.  If you feel the effort behind this post is weak, my apologies, I am just taking after my favorite hockey team.


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