Bruins Shutout in Game One

Wait, you aren’t surprised are you? This isn’t news.  This is as redundant as it gets.  The Bruins failed to score in Game One of their 2011 NHL Playoff debut.  For the
past two years I have been adamant.  You need to score goals to win hockey games.  The Bruins are a great regular season team but in the playoffs, under Claude Julien, they fail to impress.  It is deja vu all over again to coin a famous phrase.

Sure the Bruins peppered Carey Price with 31 shots including a near 6 minute onslaught in the 2nd period. But how many of those shots did Price actually have to do anything to stop?  To me, this was one of the easier shutouts to get.  Price was peppered with shots from the blue-line.  Not hard to stop.  Two scoring chances jump out at me and they both belong to Brad Marchand who seemed to be the only Bruin to show up tonight.  He had two breakaways but couldn’t put on the finishing touch.

Tim Thomas allowed two goals doing his job.  In my opinion you should be able to give up two goals and still win a hockey game. But when you play the Bruins, you only need one. Milan Lucic, Nathan Horton, David Krejci, and Patrice Bergeron failed to appear for Game One.  If this trend continues, forget getting out of the second round, the Bruins will not get out of the first.

Zdeno Chara may have one of the hardest slap shots in hockey.  He may be one of, if not the best, defenseman in the game.  However, his howitzers that he rips from the blue line seem to only succeed in making an opposing player limp off the ice.  Too many times his shot is blocked or misses wide, rendering what should be a nice weapon, useless.

The Bruins failed to impress me tonight.   I have followed them all season long seeing how bi-polar they are.  Some nights they come out flying high, other nights they come out with zero pulse.  I was told this year would be different in the playoffs.  I was told this year they had a great first line that would answer my incessant questions about lack of scoring.  Well the playoffs are here.  And after one game, I can say I was lied to.

Game two is Saturday.  If the Bruins come out like they did tonight, the series will end in Montreal.  Before you start to get upset, remember I told you they wouldn’t go far.  Here is proof:

See you Saturday.


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