These Bruins Won’t Go Far

There is a long-standing myth in hockey that a set of hot pads is all that is needed to win a Stanley Cup.  Because of that false sentiment Bruins fans believe that they have a shot at bringing the Cup back to Boston for the first time in 38 years.  Tim Thomas quite simply has been the best goalie in the NHL this season.  I freely admit, all of last season I was an unabashed Tuukka fan, calling for a Thomas trade.  I bashed the contract, I bashed his age, I did nothing to support him.  I was wrong.

With all that being said, through no fault of Tim Thomas the Boston Bruins have no shot of getting to the Stanley Cup Finals this season, let alone winning it.  It would not at all surprise me if they didn’t get out of the first round this season, although I think they are more likely for the usual Claude Julien 2nd round exit.  The Stanley Cup is Borat’s sister taunting Bruins fans saying “you can’t have this.” My reasons for these beliefs are not unfounded.

Since the lockout, the teams that won the Stanley Cup have had superstar talent, something the Bruins do not possess.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

2006 Carolina Hurricanes- Eric Staal/Erik Cole

2007  Anaheim Ducks-  Ryan Getzlaf/Teemu Selanne

2008 Detroit Red Wings- Henrik Zetterberg/Pavel Datsyuk

2009 Pittsburgh Penguins- Sidney Crosby/Evengi Malkin

2010 Chicago Blackhawks- Patrick Kane/Jonathan Towes

The 2011 Boston Bruins do not have that type of superstar talent.  They do have a group of solid role players in front of a stud goalie.  Lucic, Bergeron, and Horton are not superstars.  Zdeno Chara doesn’t do much for the offense.  Claude Julien’s style of hockey is a not a blueprint for success in the playoffs and is more suited for an 82 game season rather than a best of 7 series.

From what I have watched this season, the Bruins win when they attack the zone.  They lose when they do their D to D passing moving the puck back and forth rather than up the ice.  Cam Neely was quoted earlier this week saying “you can’t win a hockey game 0-0.”  That is something that Claude Julien fails to realize in my humble opinion.

Another reason the Bruins will have an early exit is another Julien trait.  He insists on playing four lines all the time.  When it comes playoff time, ride the top two lines as long as you can using your third line only to give them their necessary rest.  There is no reason for the 4th line to see the ice in the playoffs.  There times I honestly believe Julien would rather win with guys like Rich Peverly, Chris Kelly, and Gregory Campbell than win at all.  These guys are special line players only.  they should be used on penalty kills and if there is a hope for a quick energy spark.

If you are anticipating a deep run in the playoffs by these Bruins you will be sorely disappointed.  They don’t have the superstar talent needed to win a Cup.  The coach doesn’t have the blueprint to bring the most prestigious trophy in all of sports to Boston.  The only hardware coming home this season will be another Vezina Trophy for Tim Thomas.  Don’t expect anything more.

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4 Responses

  1. […] Game two is Saturday.  If the Bruins come out like they did tonight, the series will end in Montreal.  Before you start to get upset, remember I told you they wouldn’t go far.  Here is proof: […]

  2. Even though we’re on the verge of the SCF and the Bruins are still in it, I think this is an incredibly accurate post. Good analysis.

    • I appreciate the support but I am definitely eating cake right now. The Bruins answered every criticism I had of them coming into the playoffs. This was a rare occasion where I enjoyed being wrong.

  3. […] Back on April 6, I wrote a post titled “These Bruins Won’t Go Far.”  In case you need further proof of that previous statement here it is: […]

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