This post is inspired by JadaKiss.

For the past week, when it came to sports, I found myself asking one question numerous times.  Why? Some of these questions I think I have answers to.  Others I am as baffled by them as I once was with Math.  (Once they started putting letters in it, it really screwed me up).  So here are a few things that have been driving me insane.  If you can answer any of these, please, I beg of you answer them!

But first, out of respect:

Why is Glen Davis getting the ball at the end of games?

Why is Glen Davis getting 10-15 shots a game, mostly jumpers at that?

Why did the Celtics trade for Jeff Green if they aren’t going to play him?

Why did the Red Sox sign The Underbite to a 5 year contract?

Why does Tom Brady have his hair in a pony tail?

Why does Louis Murphy need Viagra?

Why can’t the Celtics stay healthy?

Why did I underestimate Butler two years in a row?

Why is Krista married to The Underbite?

Why is Jared Sullinger staying in school?

Why am I confident the Spurs won’t get to the Western Conference Finals?

Why does ESPN think Blake Griffin is better than Kevin Durant?

Why are the Orioles undefeated?

Why are people paying $250 to see a Charlie Sheen stand up?

Why does Evan Longoria own an AK 47?

Why isn’t Tyler Seguin getting more ice time?

Why is Jarrod Saltalamachhia being blamed for the Red Sox pitching staff giving up 11 home runs to Texas in three games?

Why is Glen Davis playing 30 minutes a game?

Why did I like Glen Davis so much in the first half of the season?



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  1. The Jada reference is pretty legit, Scotterson.

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