A Mad March for New England Sports Fans

So its been a while since we posted a new article here at NTCF and there is a good reason for that. There really has been nothing that New England sports fans can get excited about. It has been a mad March for Boston-area sports teams, and as electrifying as March Madness has been for all sports enthusiasts, there is no Northeast team making us clamor for more right now.

Lets take a quick look at the some of our local teams and why perhaps we should have been more wary of the ides of March.

PC – The Friars finished under .500 yet again with a 15-17 record, and despite having the ninth-highest scorer in program history in Marshon Brooks, PC managed to win just four BIG EAST Conference games. Not even a 52-point game from Brooks, who will get a look from NBA teams in the second round, could save former-bench boss Keno Davis. He was fired last week and now Providence must move quickly to find the next leader of the program.

Fairfield’s Ed Cooley has been the most brought-up name as a potential replacement and now that Bruce Pearl has been fired at Tennessee, his name will surely be batted around. Cooley put up an impressive 25-8 record during the 2010-11 season, but there is no guarantee that he can win at the BIG EAST level. Pearl would definitely require the Friars and AD Bob Driscoll to reach into their pockets, something the University can’t really afford to do. Pearl would also likely only be a stop-gap, as he tries to get his career back on track before moving on to another big-time program.

Speaking of the BIG EAST, after getting 11 teams into the NCAA Tourney, only two remain. Now Villanova closed out their year on a six-game losing streak and Georgetown has not done anything in their last three postseason appearances. St. John’s was without leading rebounder and heart-and-soul player, D.J. Kennedy in a blowout loss to Gonzaga. West Virginia played Kentucky tough, but the losses of De’Saun Butler, Devin Ebanks and Wellington Smith from last year’s Final Four team proved to be too much. Louisville was upset by Morehead State. Yes, once again Louisville was upset by Morehead State. Notre Dame could not buy a basket against FSU last night and bowed out as the first No. 2 seed to fall. Pittsburgh gave their game away to Butler on a ridiculous foul and continued their trend of being Tournament goats. Syracuse let fellow leaguemate Marquette advance after failing to execute in crunchtime and even though Boeheim admitted that this was not his best team, more was expected.

The Conference’s hopes now lie in the hands of Kemba Walker and UConn who knocked off Cincinnati to advance to the Sweet 16. The League NEEDS Calhoun’s boys to get past San Diego State, and probably Duke, just to keep from being crucified in publications across the country.

But PC and the BIG EAST weren’t the only college teams to fail to meet expectations. Boston College just missed out on a NCAA appearance and earned a No. 1 seed in the NIT. Despite having some talent with Reggie Williams and Corey Raji, the Eagles lost in second round to Northwestern. URI, who we rarely mention as is, is still alive in the CBI. I know you are probably asking yourself what the CBI is and because of that, I feel no need to write anything further about URI.

Keeping on the basketball track, the Celtics have been less than inspired as of late. The loss of Perkins has definitely affected mental psyche of the team and they need to figure out how to counteract his loss in the next few weeks leading up to the playoffs. There is also obviously something very wrong with Rajon Rondo. He has not played well at all during the past week and while he and Doc Rivers keep saying there is no injury affecting him, his lines as of late would speak to the contrary. Hopefully Rondo can get himself figured out while the bench continues to learn how to play together. This team needs to hit their stride as they chase the No. 1 seed along with Bulls and Heat, while hopefully entering the playoffs on a high note.

The Bruins have also struggled as of late, coming away with two points in just three of their nine games this month. Now just to be honest, I really don’t follow hockey all out untill the playoffs but the previous stat has me very worried about this team. Hopefully they can just rest Tim Thomas down the stretch through these final 11 games and get to the playoffs in decent shape.

UPDATE: Bruins and most NHL fans just got some good news as the league has announced that cheap-shot artist Matt Cooke will be suspended until the second round of the playoffs.

It’s the offseason for the Patriots and thanks to labor dispute, the biggest news this month has involved Brandon Meriweather being accused of shooting two men in the face and Tom Brady growing a pony-tail and showing he not only does not possess the ability to run on the field, but can not dance to save his life either.

To make things even better for Pats fans, rumors swirled today that head coach Bill Belichick is already going to trade picks – woof. The San Diego Union-Tribune notes Chargers GM A.J. Smith’s “history of partnering with Belichick” in draft-weekend trades, and reports that “the idea (of moving to No. 28) is intriguing” to Smith.

By the way, its also MattyO’s fault that he already did a draft preview for the Patriots and we couldn’t rewrite about that this month. Thanks a lot O’Rourke.

The only glimmer of hope for us despondent Boston sports fans is the Red Sox. We are two weeks away from opening day and with the staff announced, lineup seemingly set and pen shaping up, fans are genuinely getting excited for Opening Day. The only bad part is that it does not come in this month, which means we still have 10 more days of Mad March for New England Sports fans.

But again, after three Patriots titles, two Red Sox World Series rings and Celtics championship banner No. 17 in the past 10 years, should I really be that mad I had to put up with a month of futility? Probably not.


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  1. Thank God for Gambo.

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