Farewell Keno Davis!

There is absolutely no secret that I have been calling for Keno Davis to either resign or be fired from his position as head coach of the Providence College Men’s Basketball team since last summer.  The Friars haven’t performed well on the court and have been even worse off of it. Many of you will say that I am being too hard on him for what has happened with his players off the court, many of you will say that what happens off the court has no impact on the program and its all about winning ball games, and some of you will agree with me.

Keno Davis has destroyed the once proud Providence College basketball program in what has been a long three years.  In those three years he is 46-50.   19 of those wins came in his first seasons with Tim Welsh’s roster. He was unable to win a game on the road in the Big East this season, the only team in the conference to do so.  His team was responsible for Depaul’s only win.  The Friars were notorious for getting down 20 and having to fight back in the end only to come up short dozens of times over the last three years.

Off the court the Friar basketball team has blatantly embarrassed a school that “encourages the deepest respect for the essential dignity, freedom, and equality of every person.”  It started with Johnnie Lacy and James Still beating up a student because “they felt like beating someone up.”  Well congratulations, you dislocated an innocent student’s frontal lobe. Jamine Peterson was booted from the school after an incident on campus that was rumored to be hosting a party for 15-16 year old’s providing weed, alcohol, and strippers.  I won’t comment on that to heavy because it is rumors but I am sure that President Reverend Brian Shanley wouldn’t be thrilled to hear his dorms were turning into settings for rap music videos.

The problems continued when Kadeem Batts was arrested for disorderly conduct outside a Providence night club.  The charge was dismissed after he did some community service.  During the season, Gerard Coleman was suspended for the UCONN game because he fell asleep during class.  Sadly my take on that was, “Hell at least he went to class.” Later on in the season the star of the team Marshon Brooks was benched to start a game for undisclosed reasons.  The frosting on the cake for Keno? Duke Mondy hasn’t played in the last five games of the season due to whats rumored to be an incident with another female student.  I haven’t even mentioned the Joseph Young and Ricardo Ledo recruiting fiascos.

I honestly think if it hadn’t been for the Mondy incident, Keno would have had one more last chance next season.  Matt, my colleague on this blog, will argue with me until he is blue in the face that the off court problems had nothing to do with Keno.  That these problems were out of his control.  I started to believe him for a time but then the incidents just kept happening.

My earliest memories of PC basketball (live, not the tapes of Pitino and Donovan) were the days of Barnes, Gillen, and then Welsh.  I remember those coaches for coaching Eric Murdock, upsetting Duke and making a run to the elite eight in the tournament, for Ryan Gomes and bringing a top ranked Texas team to the buzzer at the Dunk.  I don’t remember any of these teams making more news off the court than they did on.  Keno has zero control of his program. He turned PC into a school for thugs, hoods, people with no regard for anyone but themselves.  These kids didn’t care that they were getting a full ride.  They didn’t care that more students get rejected than accepted to PC.  They didn’t care that kids who have SAT scores in the 1100’s were getting rejected so they could come in and play basketball.  All they cared about was where they could party and focus on how much they love themselves.

It is expected that come Monday, Keno Davis will no longer be the head basketball coach of the Friars.  Names will be thrown around all spring and summer long as to who will be on the sidelines next season.  Early candidates include Pittsburgh assistant coach Pat Skerry (who may hold out for a bigger job), PC alums Jim Larrnagua (who some say is too old for the job), Ken McDonald (who I wanted three years ago), former URI and BC head coach Al Skinner, and then long shots that I just like to dream about in Rick Pitino and Bobby Knight.

No matter who the PC decides to bring in, that person can not possibly be any worse than Keno Davis.  It is my hope for the program that they can bring in someone who will generate buzz and get the fans of Friartown who soured on the program because of Davis back into the seats of the Dunk.  Once upon a time there was nothing better to do in Rhode Island in the winter, than to go to a Providence Friar basketball game.  I hope those days are coming back with the end of the Davis “error.”

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6 Responses

  1. First off, saying Keno Davis destroyed PC’s program is stupid. Their program has been in shambles since Gomes left in 2005. Tim Welsh destroyed Providence’s program, Keno just didn’t have enough time or the players to restore it. Next, to call the recruiting mishaps associated with both Joe Young and Ricardo Ledo fiascos is just plain ignorant. Players, especially those as highly sought after as Ledo, verbally commit and decommit to programs on a regular basis. I’m not saying that every single guy in the ESPNU Top 100 does it, but it certainly isn’t a rarity. As for Joe Young, the kid signed a letter of intent. He was the second cornerstone of a very good recruiting class. If he didn’t want to got to Providence, then he shouldn’t have signed the LOI. If he wanted to transfer, that was fine with PC, but they shouldn’t be held responsible for not letting the kid just go for no consequence.

  2. Seems to me you have an excuse for every single mishap over the past three years. That is an abundance of excuses.

  3. No excuse for the players acting poorly, they are just thugs. Do you expect Providence to bring in some of the best basketball players in the country, that also have 4.0 gpa’s? That’s quite unrealistic. Those guys go to Duke, Notre Dame, UNC, etc. Providence, as alluded to by many, is one of, if not the toughest job in the Big East. That means taking a risk on a “troubled” player because of his talent is a near necessity.

    Check Bill Reynolds’ article in the PROJO this morning, he actually makes some good points. But, unlike you, I refuse to vilify Keno Davis.

  4. I read it. I understand the points made. I just can’t wrap my mind around how all these incidents happened under Keno’s supposed watch. The only other incident I remember from years past is the Donnie McGrath incident. Even with that it was handled and he continued to play. As much as Welsh was frustrating, he didn’t lose this many games in a season.

    I will conclude by saying that you and I will never agree on this topic. You may think I am not a PC fan, but it is hard to root for a group of thugs. I just can’t do it.

    Something we can both agree on. Let us hope the next coach can help make PC releveant for the right reasons as opposed to the wrong reasons.

  5. Rob Sanders? Dwight Brewington? DeSean White? Dwain Willaims?

    PC was equally as bad, if not worse under Welsh in the 1999-2000 season, 2004-2005 season, 2005-2006 season, and in the 2007-2008 season. Welsh only had two winning records in Big East play in ten years, and none since the 03-04 season. That’s pretty damn pathetic.

  6. none of you actually know duke mondy so dont ever call him a thug because hes not. he went to a Private high school for which he was taught discipline, responsibility, and treating others as you would want to be treated. So the female incident was a rumor that became a bigger problem since keno had enough

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