Big East Tournament Game 1: Marquette 87 – Providence 66

-I’m not sure if any Friar fan, no matter how pessimistic, would have predicted that Marquette would go on a 17-0 run to start the game.  The same bad start that has plagued the Friars all season continued on Tuesday, as Marquette’s early lead proved to be too large for Providence to overcome.

-It’s very telling about how much heart a team has when rumors are flying about your coach possibly being fired, and the team comes out and lays a dud like that.  Some people are trying to tell me that Keno “lost” the team towards the end of the season.  Others are calling for Davis to be fired.  What I think is that Marshon Brooks showed absolutely no heart and gave no effort defensively in Tuesday’s game, and as PC’s senior leader, his attitude was contagious.

-Vincent Council played his best game all season against Marquette.  Council ended the game with 21 points, 7 assists, 2 rebounds, 3 steals, 1 block, and only 1 turnover.  More importantly, Council left it all on the court.  When the Friars offense became anemic, Council was there with a three pointer.  When the Friars were gaining some momentum, Council was leading the charge.  When the Friars needed a defensive stop, Council was willing to put in the effort, although PC didn’t play more than two total minutes of defense on the entire night.  Vincent Council has just shown why he is the player that the Friars will build around over the next two seasons.

-Gerard Coleman needs to work relentlessly on his outside shot over the offseason.  Of Coleman’s first four three point attempts, I’m pretty sure only one hit the rim, and that was banked off of the backboard.  Coleman tried his best to step up and provide some offense while Marshon Brooks was struggling, but taking three pointers isn’t Gerard’s game (he was 2-7 on the night from beyond the arc, 4-15 overall).  Coleman is an explosive athlete when he is headed towards the rim, so adding some bulk and improving his ability to finish in traffic are necessities over the summer.

-Kadeem Batts and Bilal Dixon, you both got completely outworked all night.  Boxing out is all about effort, and neither showed any on Tuesday night.  I’m very disappointed in Batts, but I can’t say it wasn’t expected from Dixon.

-Bryce Cotton was arguably PC’s second best player on the court on Tuesday night.  Cotton took over the 6th man role since Duke Mondy was suspended, and has played better than I expected.  Cotton also showed his exceptional athleticism on an alley-opp in the second half.  At 6 feet tall, on a good day, Cotton soared through the air, with his forehead ending up even with the rim.

-Ron Giplaye has absolutely no offensive ability.  Developing at least some interior presence is a must this offseason.  Giplaye’e effort is second to none, but it rarely shows either offensively or defensively.

-Oh Marshon Brooks.  Just as Friar fans were calling for you to be considered for Big East Player of the Year, you give a performance like that.  Marshon seemed uninterested for the entirety of Tuesday’s game.  To be completely honest, the Friars defense effort was one of the worst that I have seen over the last several seasons from any team, and they were lead by Marshon.  The laziness the displayed on defense was unbelievable.  He jogged back on nearly every possession.  After a missed shot, which he threw up plenty, Marshon was either too busy pouting about not making the shot or about a foul not being called.  I appreciate what Marshon did for this Friars team for the majority of the season, but I truly believe that next season they will be better off without him.  I used to this Charlie Burch was my personal most hated Friar ever, but Marshon just put himself in the argument.

-Much speculation has been made, as mentioned earlier, that Keno Davis and PC are considering a buyout.  As most of you know, I’m a huge Keno Davis advocate.  I admit, PC’s performance on Tuesday, combined with their recent lack of success and several off of the court issues, aren’t good things for coach Davis to have on his resume, but you’ve got to at least give the man a chance.  I will repeat for the 28th time, Keno Davis’ first recruiting class are currently sophomores.  They have 11 freshmen on their team.  Were we really expecting immediate success when coach Davis got hired?  I was aware that PC needed to be rebuilt after the debacle Tim Welsh assembled, was everyone else not?  You need to give a new coach five seasons before you make a change.  Give him a chance to coach HIS guys as SENIORS.  That being said, I will make no further comment about this matter until an official report surfaces.

-To all of you supposed Friar fans out there, make a decision.  Don’t hate on PC, and then call yourself a fan when they beat a ranked opponent.  Don’t bash Keno Davis and then praise him when PC plays well or when he snags a good recruit.  Don’t not follow your team when they struggle but then become a “faithful” when they start winning games.  If you don’t want be a Friar fan, that’s fine with me, get off of the damn ship, but don’t you dare try to jump back on when they start winning games, you aren’t wanted.


3 Responses

  1. Clearly you did not watch the same game as anyone else. If you were at the game you would have seen what actually was happening. Dixon and Batts were both being hit while trying to play defense and when they would start getting rough to keep up Marquette would give the ball inside to take advantage of the foul. Marshon played his heart out, PC has been putting every game on him for this whole season and that’s not how a team works. Truthfully it comes down to coaching and discipline. If Peterson wasn’t gone I think it would have been a competitive team! Before you pick apart one game look at the overall season and see how the team as a whole has played.

    • Chris, If you follow this blog you would see this writer broke down each and every Big East game this season. So before you pick apart one post look at the overall body of work and see how the writer wrote.

      If you think Dixon was close to good this year…you are out of your mind.

  2. With keno gone, i hope my Friar bashing days are over. I only bash because they field a squad that belongs in the ACI. I hope and pray those days are over. It is impossible to root for me to root for thugs and that’s all this crew that Keno brought in were. I honestly can’t advocate for a group of players that have everything given to them (full ride schloarships (sp?) and they throw it away because they feel entitled.

    No, you don’t go beating up kids because you “feel like it” You don’t host parties for 15 year old’s that have drugs, alcohol, and women like its a rap video. Actually, I could go on and I am going to save it for a post.

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