Big East Game 17: #11 Louisville 87 – Providence 60

-The PC Friars have now lost seven consecutive games in the Big East, and any sort of momentum that they were looking to build heading into the Big East Tournament is essentially gone.  On Louisville’s senior night, the Friars didn’t have enough gas in the tank to overcome a ten point halftime deficit and Louisville had too many weapons for the Friars to contain.

-Duke Mondy missed his second consecutive game on Wednesday night against Louisville, but he was permitted to travel with the team.  Apparently, according to the Providence Journal (which is probably completely false), Mondy was cleared of whatever violation that kept him out against Marquette on Monday, but after traveling to Louisville with the team, coach Davis receiver word on Wednesday that Mondy again would not be permitted to play.  It seems that with every loss, more and more players start acting out.  Nobody can criticize coach Davis for not taking disciplinary measures (as many did over the summer when three former Friars were dismissed from the team), but I am beginning to get worried that as the losses mount, coach Davis is losing control of his team.

-PC shot a dismal 32.9% from the field and 23.5% from three point range on Wednesday.  Neither of those numbers will equate to wins anytime in the near future.

-Vincent Council showed a glimmer of hope offensively, as he shot 8-17 for 20 points.  But, Council recorded no assists and surrendered 6 turnovers.  As PC’s point guard, I would much rather see Council score 12 points and have 6 assists and 2 turnovers.  Something is wrong with Vincent Council.  I’m not sure if it is physical, mental, or a combination of the two, but the kid just doesn’t seem right.

-Bilal Dixon wasn’t terrible against Louisville, scoring 6 points and grabbing 10 boards, but he wasn’t great either.  Kadeem Batts continues to battle, also grabbing 10 rebounds, but 1-10 from the field for 2 points isn’t going to cut it.  As much as I rag on the big guys for not being assertive enough on the glass, Louisville’s Preston Knowles and Kyle Kuric, two guards, combined for 19 rebounds.  That is a blatant display of poor rebounding effort on the guards for the Friars.

-Marshon Brooks had his first poor offensive game in a long time, but that just goes to show that when Marshon isn’t scoring, the Friars offense comes to a stand-still.

-That brings up a good point.  As I read through Thursday’s Providence Journal, reading Jim Donaldson’s clear overreaction to a poor season by both the PC Friars men’s basketball and hockey teams, something became very clear to me…Jim Donaldson is a complete idiot.  Yes, I’m sure he has been doing what he does for a long time.  Yes, I’m sure that Donaldson has some sort of college degree that entitles him to be a sports writer for the PROJO.  Yes, I’m sure that thousands of people around the state read what Donaldson has to say and take it for complete truth.  Please, to those of you who are reading this, stop believing what this idiots says.  Donaldson basically used a page of the PROJO explaining why athletic director Bob Driscoll should fire men’s basketball coach Keno Davis and men’s hockey coach Tim Army.  The be frank, I don’t care about coach Army, but I am a passionate PC basketball fan, and calling out coach Davis doesn’t sit well with me.  Keno Davis’ first class of recruits is a bunch of sophomores!  How are you going to fire a coach before his first group of players is not even upperclassmen?  That makes no sense.  I realize that Providence hasn’t had much success as of late (then again, coach Davis did make the NIT with that sorry bunch of players Tim Welsh couldn’t do anything with), but wouldn’t firing your head coach when nearly the entire team are freshman and sophomores set the team back another three or four seasons?  That makes sense.  Then Donaldson goes on to proclaim that coach Davis is bringing in no “impact freshman” for next season, and their isn’t enough talent on the current team to be optimistic about next year.  Not enough talent, are you kidding me?  Gerard Coleman should be on the Big East All-Freshman team.  Vincent Council, your sophomore point guard, is leading the Big East in assists.  Kadeem Batts is a freshman that is averaging 7 points and 6 boards a game, with a skill set that could make him a very good player within a couple of seasons.  Duke Mondy is arguably the best on-the-ball defender in the league, and he has a killer instinct from three point range.  Bilal Dixon, Bryce Cotton, Ron Giplaye, and Dre Evans all have a season of Big East play under their belt (in Dixon’s case, a second season).  Simply playing in the best conference in the country is an experience that can’t be taught or simulated in practice.  This team has the same, if not more upside than any other team in the league.  Anyways, who is Jim Donaldson to say how good Markus Crider or Kyan Anderson are going to be?  What about current red-shirt player Brice Kofane, or freshman Lee Goldsbrough?  Have you scouted Crider and Anderson, Donaldson?  Do you go to every single practice that the Friars have and watch these young kids work?  I didn’t think so.

-Aside from the lack of victories, it is clearly coach Davis’ fault that three of his players got thrown off of the team this past summer.  I mean, word is that Keno told James Still and Johnny Lacy to go jump a random kid and nearly kill him on the streets of Providence.  Shame on you, Keno…grow up Donaldson.

-I’m a firm believer that this team will be better next season.  Obviously, Jimmy Donaldson doesn’t believe so because apparently he knew that coming into this season Marshon Brooks would be second in the nation in scoring.  Apparently Donaldson wasn’t reiterating the concerns of nearly all Friar fans when top scorer Jamine Peterson was dismissed from the team, wondering who would carry the offensive burden for PC.  Marshon Brooks stepped up in 2010/2011, and stepped up in a huge way, but the beauty of college basketball is that next season someone else will step, and then Donaldson will be wondering in next year’s Fire-Keno-Davis-Rant, “What are the Friars going to do after [insert player’s name here] graduates?”  Pipe down Donaldson, nobody wants to know what you think anymore.  I don’t even get paid for this and I’m destroying you.  I’m winning Donaldson, Charlie Sheen style!

-Senior night is on Saturday.  Hopefully the Friars can grab a win, sending Ray Hall and good ol’ Marshon off correctly.

-NEXT GAME: Saturday, March 5th vs. Rutgers, 7pm


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  1. Nice commentary, thanks for posting this. I wish I shared your optimism because I think Keno’s a classy guy and I agree that he’s doing a nice job recruiting. But I do think that too many unfortunate incidents have happened on his watch to ignore. Peterson was a deathblow to this season. Then Lacy-Still, the Coleman suspension, and now the Mondy suspension. Not to mention Joe Young and Ricky Ledo recending their commitments. There have been a lot of off the court issues that make back to back 4-14 seasons look even worse, as if that were possible.

    All that said, I’d understand if they gave him another year, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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