Big East Game 16: Marquette 86 – Providence 62

-Another game for the Friars and another player not on the bench.  Sunday, Duke Mondy became the latest victim of the unexplained suspensions that have plagued this Friars team over the last few weeks.  Before Sunday’s match up, coach Keno Davis said he could provide no explanation for Mondy not being on the bench, which leads me to believe that some sort of disciplinary/academic issue is the reason behind the suspension.

-6 losses in a row means that any hope of playing basketball beyond the Big East Tournament is slipping away from the Friars.  As far as I know, to be considered for the NIT, a team’s record needs to be above .500.  Currently the Friars’ record stands at 14-15 (3-13 in conference).  PC needs to try and pull together and grind through the last couple of games in hopes that they can get back above .500.

-The Friars shot a dismal 31.5% from the field and 28.6% from beyond the arc.  As a team that plays terrible defense, PC isn’t going to win any games when they shoot that poorly.  Not only did the Friars shoot very poorly, they allowed Marquette to shoot 52.5% from the floor.  All of those numbers are unacceptable.

-Bilal Dixon finally decided to try and assert himself in Sunday’s game, but a 2-9 effort from the floor didn’t provide much help for the Friars.  Dixon did manage 9 rebounds to accompany his 4 points, but again foul trouble held Dixon to only 17 minutes for the game.

-Vincent Council reverted back to his usual ways, committing five turnovers while only racking up 4 assists.  Council has been plagued by bad decision making throughout nearly all of Big East play, and at this point Keno Davis needs to light a fire under Council.

-Gerard Coleman scored 16 points, but was only 5-14 from the field and 1-5 from three.  Coleman needs to realize that his game is driving to the hoop, not settling for three pointers.

-There is not much more I want to say about this game.  I’m very disappointed in the lack of consistency from this team, but I also think that my expectations on a game-to-game basis are a bit high.

-NEXT GAME: Wednesday, March 2nd @ #11 Louisville, 7pm


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