Big East Game 15: Notre Dame 94 – Providence 93

-Marshon Brooks and his 52 points stole the show on Wednesday night in Providence, but Ben Hansbrough’s 32 points proved to be more effective as Notre Dame escaped with a one point victory.  Marshon’s performance was amazing, but the Friars’ inability to get a defensive stop or a clutch rebound proved to be their downfall against the Fighting Irish.

-The Friars committed four turnovers for the entire game, which I believe is a school record.  Offensively, I have no problem with how Providence played, again it was their inability to stop the Fighting Irish that cost the Friars the game.

-PC made Ben Hansbrough look like a white version of Derrick Rose…he was truly unstoppable.

-Vincent Council played his best game in a very long time against Notre Dame.  Council was 5-10 from the field, scoring 13 points, grabbing 5 boards, dishing out 6 assists, to accompany 2 steals and 1 block, not to mention a huge three pointer that he made towards the end of the game.  The best number for Council on the night…0 turnovers.  I believe that Council has been playing banged up all year, but Wednesday’s game might be a sign that he is beginning to get back to his old self.

-Bilal Dixon continues to leave me disappointed after every single game.  On the other hand, Kadeem Batts will be the best player on the Friars in 2 years.

-Duke Mondy got another start, with Bilal Dixon seemingly in the dog house after coming off of the bench.  Mondy played pretty well, scoring 8 points, grabbing 5 rebounds and 2 steals.  Mondy is the most clutch shooter for the Friars and with some continued development, Mondy could be a consistent 15 point scorer for this team next season.

-Gerard Coleman finally made his way back into the starting lineup after spending a few games coming off the bench.  Coleman was unstoppable when driving to the lane, but was taken advantage of on defense because of his slender frame.  Coleman ended the game with 12 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 steal.  Coleman only took one three pointer on the night, which is a good sign.  Gerard’s three point shooting is not consistent enough to be relied on, but when he is driving to the hoop and making plays he is one of the best freshmen in the Big East.

-Although many people don’t see it, I love what Ron Giplaye brings to this team.  He provides some toughness and aggression that few other players on this PC team display.  Although comparisons to Jamine Peterson are a bit premature due to Giplaye’s lack of offensive skill, his build and rebounding ability is very similar to Peterson’s.

-Notre Dame shot over 56 percent for the game…an unacceptable number.  Providence shot 56 percent from the free throw line…an unacceptable number.

-Keno Davis keeps preaching that he believes this team will be better next year, and to be honest I’m with him on that one.  All you hear are these supposed fans saying, “How can they possibly be better when they are losing Marshon Brooks?”  I have a question for you, who was Marshon Brooks before this season started?  I have the answer, a decent wingman that averaged 14 points per game last season and refused to play defense.  Friar fans everywhere were up in arms when Peterson was dismissed from the team before this season, wondering who was going to score for the Friars.  This season it’s Marshon Brooks and next season it will be someone else.  Players like Gerard Coleman, Kadeem Batts, Vincent Council, Duke Mondy, and the rest of the bunch will continue to improve, perfecting their game, and next season someone else will emerge as the next star for the Friars.  The playing time that these young guys are receiving is invaluable, and can not be replicated in practice.  Over the next couple of years, these nail-biting losses will be turning into dramatic victories for the Friars.  I have faith in you Keno, hopefully everyone else starts jumping on board.

NEXT GAME: Sunday, February 27th @ Marquette, 4pm

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