Potential Deadline Acquisitions for the Boston Celtics

With the first domino finally falling in the NBA trade deadline season with Carmelo Anthony finally going to where everyone knew he was going all along (the Knicks), here is a look at some options for the Boston Celtics.

In the beginning of the season, I wrote that the Celtics had so much depth 1-12, they wouldn’t need to make their annual “PJ Brown, Sam Cassel, Stephon Marbury, Mikki Moore, Nate Robinson” acquisition.  Nate Robinson and Delonte West would be the backcourt off of the bench.  Marquis Daniels would spell Paul Pierce.  The O’ Neal’s and Glen Davis would be able to give KG and Perk their necessary rest.  This season the Celtics have been pleasantly surprised with the solid play of Semih Erden, adding to their impressive depth.

But the Celtics play in New England where the injury bug has established a residence over the past 4 years. Delonte West broke his wrist.  Marquis Daniels bruised his spine.  My grandfather has better knees than Jermaine O’ Neal.  Shaq is older than Betty White.  While, West and Shaq are expected back sooner rather than later, Jermaine O’Neal will be out until near the end of the regular season, and Marquis Daniels is likely not to return this season.  That leaves the Celtics needing a swingman to back up Paul Pierce.

In terms of trade bait, the Celtics don’t have many attractive options.  Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis would be the most valuable trade pieces, but the Celtics obviously don’t want to move them.  Marquis Daniels and Nate Robinson both have one year left on their contracts and would be the most likely to be moved.  Avery Bradley and Luke Harangody are of little value to the Celtics and probably the rest of the NBA.  Semih Erden could be had for the right price.  Lastly, the Celtics are projected to be picking at the end of the first round in June’s draft, not a pick holding much value.

So who’s available? Here are a couple of names divided into groups of my feelings toward acquiring that player.

Absolutely Not, Danny Ainge!

Rasual Butler-  Has played 38 games with the Clippers this season but hasn’t been able to crack the rotation for significant minutes.  If he can’t crack the Clippers lineup how are we to expect him to be better than Von Wafer?  This guy reeks of a smaller Mikki Moore.

Roger Mason- Once upon a time Mason was a stud for the Spurs.  Ok I will take it back a notch, he was a solid role player for the Spurs who could knock down the open trey.  Fast forward to the present.  He has played in one game this season, playing 7 minutes.  That was back in October for the Knicks.  Nothing further needs to be written.

Josh Howard- Here is a guy who once had all the talent in the world, a guy I would have loved to have come off the bench… 3 years ago.  He was then given a big contract and immediately fell apart.  He admitted to drug use without being provoked to do so.  He bashed the national anthem on Youtube.  Then he started dealing with knee problems.  Bottom line: he is not worth the trouble, no matter what the price.

I’d be ok with it, but I am not excited

Anthony Parker- Parker proved last year in the playoffs he is capable of playing tough defense and can shoot the rock.  He is a quality reserve that I wouldn’t mind wearing the Green, but I think his sister is better than him. He is averaging 9 points a game this season and is shooting 40% from downtown on an atrocious Cleveland team.

James Posey- Only because of my sentimental ways would I like to see James Posey back in the Celtic uniform.  Who wouldn’t love to see Posey given the starting five the usual man hug before they take the court.  Posey is a glue guy that knows his role, hits his shots, and plays good defense.  He knows the Celtics system and is the consummate teammate.  My only reservation is he is not getting any younger and isn’t as athletic as I would prefer.

Do it!

Shane Battier- I’ve wanted Battier in Boston since the Celtics assembled the Big Three in 2007.  Battier would be the perfect swingman to replace Marquis Daniels.  He is a notorious Kobe stopper, and has a high basketball IQ evidenced by his play at Duke.  His stats are nothing great (8.8 ppg, 4 rpg, 2 apg) but they don’t have to be.  He has given the Rockets 30 minutes a game this season.  This is ideal to give a somewhat banged up Pierce time off before the playoffs.  Using ESPN’s trade machine, the Celtics could trade Marquis Daniels and Nate Robinson for Battier.  Would the Rockets do it?

Richard Hamilton- If Battier is not available, I would love to see Rip come to Boston.  I liked Rip back when he was at UCONN.  He is much like Ray Allen in that he can run for days.  He also knows how to win, dating back to his days with the Pistons when they won a championship with no superstars, just players who understood their roles.  Hamilton is likely to be bought out by the Pistons.  Granted I hate the buyout rule and have for years.  But when it benefits the team that I root for, I am all for it! Funny how that works.  He may come at a high cost to the Celtics, but I think he would be worth it.  I will just have to get use to that mask.

It is very important for the Celtics to get a swingman to spell Paul Pierce.  I am a huge Von Wafer fan but given the choice I’d rather have Hamilton or Battier.  I have long been in Wafer’s corner but at 6’5 he is too small to be a quality back up 3. (Rip is 6’7 and Battier is 6’8).  When thinking of acquiring more depth, the Celtics have to factor in who can guard LeBron or Kobe into their thinking.

The trade deadline is two days away.  Who do you want the Celtics to acquire in that time frame?

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