More Proof That The League Hates Matt Cooke

Matt Cooke continues to be a cheap shot artist and his repertoire does occasionally come back to bite him.  There are a few things that I’d like to point out.

1. Matt Bradley probably wouldn’t have went after just any body with their head down there.  Chances are he would have went in for a hit but kept it pretty tame and done just enough to rub Player X off of the puck.  Instead, he noticed it was Cooke with his head down and lined him up.  The hit was possibly worthy of a charging call (not sure if there were penalties handed out or not) but either way this was well deserved.

2. Even the Penguins didn’t really want to stick up for Cooke.  Jordan Staal went at Bradley and just kind of laid on top of him.  Staal must have realized he had to make it look like he was sticking up for his teammate but clearly knew Cooke had a hit like that coming.

3.  I love how Matt Cooke got up with that “what the hell?!” look.  Most goons like him are definitely the ‘dish it out but can’t take it’ type.  I also love how Scott Hannan jumped in and pretty much told Cooke to just back off because everything was over.

Thank you for your services Matt Bradley.  The NHL and fans alike approve of your actions.


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