Big East Game 14: Cincinnati 93 – Providence 81

-Saturday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bearcats was a lot closer than the score would indicate.  Providence was down by 16 points with as little as 8 minutes and 30 seconds remaining in the game when they began a Friar-like run to get back into it.  Marshon was rolling.  Kadeem Batts was battling for every inch underneath, tipping rebounds and making shots.  Ron Giplaye, in his first significant bout of playing time, was leaving everything on the floor.  Giplaye was finishing dunks and grabbing boards.  Duke Mondy’s defense and clutch shooting was coming at just the right time.  Then, it was all thrown away by a TERRIBLE foul call with 16 seconds left on Ron Giplaye.  As Cincinnati’s Rashad Bishop rose up to shoot a mid range jumper, Giplaye left his man to contest the shot, and as Bishop released the ball and kicked Giplaye, apparently the official thought that Giplaye had fouled Bishop.  Bishop made one of two free throws, and then bad play execution by the Friars to end the game sent it into overtime, where Cincinnati ran away with the victory.

-Aside from the GARBAGE that took place with 16 seconds left in the game, the Friars still had a chance to run a play to win the game at the end of regulation.  After the second free throw was made by Cincinnati, Marshon Brooks caught the inbounds pass and began walking the ball up the court.  Yes, as Keno Davis is frantically running around trying to get Marshon over half court so he can call a timeout, Brooks is nonchalantly walking the ball up.  That is why Marshon Brooks gets on my nerves.  Come on dude, have some intelligence for one second.  Coach Davis knows a hell of a lot more about basketball than you do.  You know in the back of your head that you will be taking the last shot.  Get over half court, let coach call a timeout with 13 seconds left, and allow him to draw up a play that hopefully will be successful for you.  Wake up Marshon!  Instead, Davis got the timeout call with 9 seconds remaining.  The ball again was inbounded to Brooks at half court, he walked around for about 5 seconds, waited for Batts to set a screen, and then heaved up a fade-away contested three pointer.  Great work Marshon, I’m proud of you kid!

-Kadeem Batts played a great game, probably his best of the season.  Although the Friars’ big men were taken advantage of on defense, Batts battled the entire game and ended with 17 points and 11 rebounds.  Batts’ play has improved nearly every game, and I’m liking what I see out of the 6’8” freshman.  Bilal Dixon on the other hand actually stayed on the court for more than 5 minutes, but contributed only 7 points and 4 boards in 26 minutes.  More importantly, Dixon was benched for freshman Ron Giplaye in the last 10 minutes of the game.

-Speaking of Ron Giplaye, the kid played a really solid game.  I’ve been calling for Giplaye to see more playing time nearly every review, and he finally got some solid minutes.  Although very erratic and sloppy on defense, Giplaye contributed 5 points and 5 rebounds in 13 minutes of play.  Giplaye may be subject to criticism because of the foul called against him at the end of the game, but I’m not going there.  I saw it Ron, no foul there.

-Vincent Council, come on dude wake up!

-Gerard Coleman came off of the bench for the second consecutive game.  Coleman only played 12 minutes in Saturday’s contest, and he managed 1 point, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, and 2 steals.  I like the message that Keno is sending here.  Starting spots are won in practice.  If a player isn’t practicing well, then he does not deserve to keep starting just because he has in the past.  The time to get Coleman on the right track in terms of discipline and work ethic is now, as a freshman.  Keep doing your thing Keno, I like it.

-Ray Hall is huge and I love the effort he brings…but he can not jump at all.

-Duke Mondy is the best one-on-one defender in the Big East…try and prove me wrong.

-Now, an NIT bid is slipping away.  The Friars could use a huge upset against Notre Dame on Wednesday, but they aren’t going to get it playing the way they have over their last three games.  The four remaining games on the Friars’ schedule are home against Notre Dame, at Marquette, at Louisville, and home against Rutgers.  Ideally, three wins would be great to finish the season at a respectable 6-12 in the Big East.  Hopefully, two wins and a decent showing in the Big East tournament will have the Friars in a post-season tournament.

-Side note: Apparently Ricky Ledo was at the Dunk last night doing a shoot around with the Friars before the game…whatever that means.

NEXT GAME: Wednesday, February 23rd vs. Notre Dame, 7pm


2 Responses

  1. since when is 6-12 respectable?

  2. Since that would probably put you in 12th place in a league that is projected to put 11 teams in the tournament…respectable…NIT is respectable

    Worry about your beloved Longhorns losing to Nebraska not about your phantom fanship to the Friars

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