Bruins Make Pre-Trade Deadline Splash

Earlier today the Boston Bruins made a pair of deals to help net them the puck-moving defenseman they were looking to acquire in Tomas Kaberle (Toe-mahs Cab-ur-lay).  The Bruins were able to shed some baby fat and beef up their line-up in preparation for their playoff run.  Here is a breakdown of the deals…


To Boston: Kaberle (D)

To Toronto: Joe Colborne (C), 2011 1st rnd pick


To Boston: Rich Peverley (C), Boris Valabik (D)

To Atlanta: Blake Wheeler (F), Mark Stuart (D)


So, what does all this mean?  Plain and simple the Bruins got better.  They have a veteran who makes an excellent first pass out of his defensive zone to start the rush, they got rid of Blake “I can’t hit the net” Wheeler, and they gave up a defenseman in Mark Stuart who was struggling to crack the line-up the last few weeks after returning from injury.  The center they picked up from Atlanta has won 55 percent of his faceoffs this year and has very good speed.  He’s also scouted as someone who has a very quick wrist shot and someone who likes to shoot as often as possible.

The Bruins also picked up center Chris Kelly from Ottawa the other night for a second round draft pick.  Kelly is very similar to what Greg Campbell brings to the table.

This team is definitely better but, are they a cup contender?  I don’t feel it.  They need a sure-fire sniper on the top line if they want to do any damage past the second round of the playoffs.  This team will need a full effort night in and night out if they want any chance of making a run.  Either way, I’m excited about the direction the front office has put this team in.


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  1. This Kaberle trade is definitely an interesting one as the Bruins are getting someone who is a free agent at the end of the season, so essentially he is a rental player. I’m not a big fan of rental players because anything short of a stanley cup is a failure when you acquire a rental player so even though they have two 1st rounders we don’t know if giving away these prospects and draft picks could come back to haunt the Bruins. Kaberle is a very solid player, but the Leafs must have been happy to get a pretty solid package for him. I think the Leafs did a very good job with the trade and it could even be one of those win-win types of trades. But only time will tell I guess. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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