Remember This Game

Tonight the Boston Bruins pounded their arch rival, the Montreal Canadiens into submission 8-6 in the most exciting hockey game I have ever seen.  Tonight the Bruins, played with more heart than Rudy Ruettiger, something they have been missing during the Claude Julien era.  Tonight the Bruins, pulled an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, erasing all the bitter memories I had from last years debacle against the Flyers in the playoffs.

Tonight’s game was a fast paced, hard-hitting, stay on the edge of your seat game.  The Facebook and Twitter atmosphere was inundated with status updates and tweets about just how crazy the game was.  In today’s day and age, if it’s tweeted about or status updated, you know it is legit.

14 goals.  95 penalty minutes for the Canadiens.  97 penalty minutes for the Bruins. Countless fights, including a goalie fight, and numerous skirmishes.  At one point there were 5 guys in the penalty box for the Bruins. Over the past week the Bruins have regained their 1970’s motto of the Big Bad Bruins.  Not only do they fight, but they kick some serious ass when they do. I love the fact they don’t take crap from anyone at any time.  I firmly believe this is a product of what happened with Marc Savard last season with the Matt Cooke incident.

Nathan Horton had a five point night making Bruins fans everywhere mumble Dennis Wideman and then laugh to themselves.  Michael Ryder played out of his mind against his former team. And how banged up was Milan Lucic last season?  He has put together an excellent 3rd year campaign, finding the twine 23 times this season, twice tonight.  Another of the young guns, Brad Marchand was sensational tonight as well.  On the season he has 15 goals and 14 assists. There is so much to love with this young, gritty, hard nosed squad.  Something that hasn’t been in the Boston ice scene for several years.

The Bruins have been slowly winning me back as the season has gone on.  Games like tonight are what build confidence especially with a young team.  The best part about watching the Bruins now is they have a certain swagger about them that I have never seen before.  They have the best goaltending in hockey.  That combination could be lethal once the playoffs roll around.  The Bruins are no longer the ugly duckling in Boston.  Tonight was evidence of that.


3 Responses

  1. Things do look good right now and I’m glad fans are getting pumped. They are still a couple pieces short before they can sustain some damage in the playoffs. There’s so much reason to be excited going forward because of their trade potential and youth/prospects upside. Go B’s!

  2. “Tonight the Bruins, pulled an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

    Perfect analogy.

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