Savard Shelved For Season

From ESPN Boston:  Today the Boston Bruins and Marc Savard announced that the 33 year-old center will be put on long term injured reserve (LTIR) which will leave him out for the remainder of the season and any playoff games the Bruins would play.  The announcement came today during a press conference with teammates Patrice Bergeron, Zdeno Chara, and Mark Recchi present.

“I think when that hit happened against Colorado, I said to [athletic trainer Don DelNegro], ‘Why? Why again?'” Savard recalled. “So it’s tough. I guess things happen in hockey. It’s a fast game and it’s something that I’ll just have to get over.”

The decision made was an expected one and has created some interesting talk over the past week or so.  What should the Bruins due with the newly opened cap space now that Savard is officially out for the season.  I’m in the mindset that there is a couple things they need to do.  If you go with common thought, you’d think the Bruins now have $4 Million to spend now.  However, after reading Matt Kalman’s article it has made things a little more difficult on the mind.  If you click on the article you’ll discover that they can’t spend all of that cap space because of performance bonuses of other players on the team (Tyler Seguin, Steven Kampfer, and Recchi).

So, I’m going to throw out a hypothetical question here….