Big East Game 11: Georgetown 83 – Providence 81

-I’ve got to admit, even in defeat for my beloved Friars, Saturday’s game between PC and Georgetown was the best college basketball game that I have watched all season.  It seemed that throughout the entire second half Georgetown was willing to give the game to the Friars, but the lead that they Hoyas built up in the first half and early in the second was just a bit too big for the Friars to overcome.  I was on the edge of my seat for the last 16 minutes of that game, it was truly a great contest.

-Marshon Brooks was unstoppable.  Brooks played the entire 40 minutes of Saturday’s contest and was awesome during every single one of those minutes.  Brooks poured in 43 points, the fifth highest total ever scored in a Big East game, on 17-28 shooting (60.7%), while adding 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block.  Georgetown was throwing everything that had at Brooks and they still could not slow down the Friars’ scoring leader.  Aside from questionable decision making that led to a turnover to end the game, Brooks played nearly a flawless game.

-Great performance from Bilal Dixon against the Hoyas.  In five spectacular minutes of play racked up 0 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 fouls.  Keep up the good work big man!

-Great performance from Vincent Council against the Hoyas.  After receiving praise from commentators that apparently haven’t watched one Big East game that the Friars were involved in, Council responded by going 0-10 from the field, while grabbing 3 boards, dishing out 5 assists, and racking up 3 huge points.  Keep up the good work little man!

-Gerard Coleman is still struggling to realize that at 6’4”, 170 lbs, it’s tough to take it to the hoop strong when you’re running into guys that have 5 inches and about 60 pounds on you.  Coleman only lofted up 2 three’s (one of which he banked in off of the glass), which is a shot that he needs to stay away from, but 3-13 from the field wasn’t enough out of the Friars’ most talented freshman.

-Vincent Council was actually benched for rarely seen freshman point guard Dre Evans at a crucial juncture towards the end of the game.  I like the move by Davis, it’s time to light a fire under Council.  Time will only tell if the move motivated Vincent or crushes his confidence.

-I called out Duke Mondy in my last review for not providing enough offense off of the bench.  Mondy must be an NTCF faithful because he responded in a big way.  Duke put in 19 critical points when offensive production from a Friar not named Marshon Brooks was harder to find than Waldo in the dark after 15 beers (I just cringed as I wrote that).

-Freshman guard Bryce Cotton hit a huge three with 38 seconds left to bring the Friars within two.  It’s great to see a young kid with that kind of confidence.  It was also a great play by Marshon to find Cotton open after Brooks was surrounded by 8 Hoyas.

-Ray Hall isn’t very gifted athletically, but the guy leaves it all on the floor every time he gets out there.  After five tough years, you have to respect that.

-16-26 from the charity stripe isn’t going to get it done in Big East play.  A few more made free throws and the Friars have their third victory versus a ranked opponent in Big East play.

-I did not think that the Friars’ first half defense was bad, I just though that Georgetown hit nearly every shot that they had.  PC continues to play to the level of their opponent’s.  That is great when your opponent is nationally ranked, but not so good when you play South Florida and Seton Hall.

NEXT GAME: Sunday, February 13th @ #7 Connecticut, 7pm


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