Bruins Hit All-Star Break In First Place

Last night, following a 2-1 victory over the Florida Panthers, the Boston Bruins found themselves sitting atop the Northeast division with 63 points and 4 points ahead of the Montreal Canadiens.  They are also perched in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference.  The best part about this game was not that the Bruins won or that the Bruins head into the All-Star break leading their division but, that I was there in person for the first time since the 08-09 season, and damn did it feel good to be back.  The girlfriend came through hard for my birthday getting seats 5 rows behind the Bruins net and even though she wasn’t feeling well she still went all out to make sure we had fun.  Clutch.  Here is where our seats were…

You can also see me at the 34 second mark on the replay of the Lucic goal sticking my goofy arm up in the air (black shirt, grey long sleeve underneath, on the aisle).

Last night was just an awesome night overall and it was nice to see the Bruins grind out a win, albeit an ugly one.  My upcoming work schedule may prevent me from doing a post on this weekend’s All-Star game/skills competition but I want to try and do one because of the new fantasy draft format.  The NHL doesn’t always do things right but they aren’t the ones threatening a labor stop (I’m looking at you NFL and NBA) so, they may be one of the cleaner dirty shirts out there in terms of professional sports…but they are still cleaner…or something…right?


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  1. How quickly you forget…Was it just 3 or 4 years ago the NHL had a lockout? maybe more but you get my point…as the great Forrest Gump once said…”it happens”

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