Bruins Stifled In LA- Savard Out Indefinitely

I just wanted to make a couple quick points in regards to the Bruins and Marc Savard. I’ll start with the Bruins game last night in Los Angeles.  This team has struggled with the Kings lately and I don’t know what it is.  Even when the Bruins are playing well they can’t figure out the Kings.  The Bruins even stopped by LA last night with the Kings on a cold streak and couldn’t solve UMass’s own Jon Quick, losing 2-0.  The weird thing was, the Bruins didn’t play horrible, just not well enough to win (obviously).  Tim Thomas stood on his head once again but Quick and the Kings were slightly better snuffing any strong chances the Bruins could develop.  The Bruins have now lost their last five games to Los Angeles.  If I had time to look it up I would, but I am curious, do the Bruins hold a current drought longer than five games to any other teams?  I’d be willing to bet next week’s paycheck on “no” here.

Onto Savard.  Savard was again diagnosed with a concussion on a hard (but clean) hit from former Bruin Matt Hunwick the other night in Colorado.  I don’t know what’s more puzzling, Savard going down again or Hunwick actually throwing a hard hit.  I digress.  The Marc Savard concussion raises many eyebrows.  I believe he should be put on LTIR and be done for the rest of the season.  Every time I see him on the ice I think of Eric Lindros, a career cut short via the concussion.  It literally brings up so much anger toward Matt Cooke for laying the original dirty hit on Savard and taking out the Bruins biggest potential point producer over the past few years and for years to come.  Marc Savard was an assist machine until that hit and now Matt Cooke is still flying around night after night playing dirty and aggravating the league…I hope he gets his some day, I really do.


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