It’s A Party in the OSU

So what is the number one team in the country(the Ohio State Buckeyes) up to?

Keep in mind that Jared Sullinger is the consensus player of the year at this point in the season and likely the number one player to go in the NBA draft in April.  Will he ever be able to live this down when he makes it to the NBA?  Is this worse than a public sex tape? (see Oden, Greg).

Jon Diebler averages 12 points a game and Aaron Craft averages 6 points and 4 assists a game.  These aren’t your end of the bench scrubs.

I don’t expect Providence to do any damage, (or even get to for that matter) in the tournament.  And if Texas inexplicably falls apart…well I have my bandwagon jumping shoes on come March.


One Response

  1. I hate myself for watching this, and I hate you for posting it…everyone is now dumber for having watched this, I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

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