NTCF Championship Weekend Picks

After the Patriots lost to the Jets, interest in the NFL playoffs on this blog dwindled significantly.  Ok, maybe I am just speaking for myself.  Regardless we do have to finish what we started and that is our playoff pick ’em.  At the end of the division round the standings look like this:

B-Farl and Matt are tied at 5-3.

Gambo, Scottie, and Q are tied at 4-4.

Brick is holding down the cellar at 2-6.

Here are this week’s picks:

Packers @ Bears

Scottie: Packers

Since the beginning of the season I have said the Packers were my NFC favorite to get into the Super Bowl.  There is zero reason to abandon that prediction now.  The Packers defense will give Jay Cutler nightmares as he will be good for 2 or 3 picks in this one.

Brick: Packers

Since I haven’t picked the Pack yet I figure now is the time for me to jinx them.  Green Bay is hotter than any of the other three teams left standing and have been playing playoff football since probably week 13 when they were fighting just to make the dance.  The Bears had a bye and then had the cupcake Seahawks so I feel it’s going to be tough to step it up this week…especially with Jay Cutler over center.  Packers roll in this one.

B-Farl: Packers

This game is a lot tougher than people think. Chicago has been jekyl and hyde all season, but so hasn’t Green Bay.  The key to this game will be Green Bays ability to bottle up Matt Forte. If Chicago can control the clock and limit mistakes they wil win this game. However Rodgers has been playing the best football I’ve seen since…..well Brady in the regular season. I can’t bet against him right now. This is going to be an ugly game, both qb’s have the arms needed to throw through the elements and like any playoff game, one big turnover, or return by Hester, will be the tale of the tape.

Gambo: Packers

With Green Bay, I still have one of my Super Bowl picks alive after the Ravens blew it in the second half last weekend. The Packers and Bears should be a great matchup, but don’t expect a ton of offense as both teams boast strong defensive units and division rivals usually don’t allow too many points in games like this. I anticipate Jay Cutler to come crashing down to earth as Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams and Clay Matthews show that as long as your hot entering the playoffs, it doesn’t matter what seed you are.

Q: Packers

As much as I want to pick the Bears it is impossible.  The Packers are almost literally on fire, and while the offense has been praised throughout the media, their defense has been just as solid.  Jay Cutler cannot be trusted until proven otherwise.  It looked like he TRIED to throw the ball to the Seahawks last week, and the difference is the Packers D will catch it.  I’m thinking Packers in yet another blowout on the road.

Matt: Packers

I truly hate going with the unanimous selections, but I guess when you think about it I’m the trend setter since I had the Pack’ winning the title since September.  Enough about me, B-Farl is killing it for these post season picks and we are in a battle for the free bar tab.  I’m not going to go as far as my man Q and say that a Bears win is impossible, because a few early turnovers caused by the Bears could easily have Green Bay in a 14 point hole.  But, I will say that is is highly unlikely the Bears pull this one out.

Jets @ Steelers

Scottie: Jets

I might be the only Patriot fan in the world that is rooting for the Jets in this one.  I really detest the Steelers more than any other organization in sports.  The fans are obnoxious with their ridiculous towels and their quarterback is a rapist.  I am actually rooting for Mark Sanchez because of this story  http://sports.espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/news/story?id=5991920. And don’t look now but in the playoffs his record is 4-1.  (Peyton Manning is 9-10).

Brick: Steelers

In the interest of time (I’m late for work!), I hate the Jets, and Roethlisberger is a gamer.  Steel town takes it.

B-Farl: Steelers

I’m pretty amped about the physicality of this game. Both teams feed off of thier defense. My key to this game is Big Ben and I have seen him do it time and time again in the playoffs. The guy is as good as anyone in the business this time of the year. He does it ugly, and does what is needed to be done. The thing that concerns me regarding the pick is the jets track record. They’ve taken down the best two quarterbacks in the league by sitting back rather than a heavy dose of blitzing. They’ve dialed up blitzes at the right time but if they miss, Mike Wallace will be there to make them pay. The lack of a good safety on this team will hurt them in containing Wallace. Pitt will take this in a close one.

Gambo: Steelers

I said it right after last weekend’s Patriots game and it is quite vulgar, but true nonetheless. Picking a winner in this game for a Pats fan is like choosing to be castrated or raped. And as I am siding with the Steelers and Big Ben, I guess I just chose rape. The Jets have been good in the playoffs this year, and they added players like Tomlinson, Holmes, Jason Taylor and Cromartie to get them to the Super Bowl, but I still can’t trust Mark Sanchez to be a Championship QB. With Polamalu playing and Roethlisberger scrambling for his life and coming up with deep throws to Mike Wallace, I see a Steelers-Packers Super Bowl matchup.

Q: Steelers

Scottie, my blog compatriot, Mark Sanchez could be just as much of a rapist, lest we forget that Mr. Sanchez has also been accused of sexual assault.  So either way, you could be rooting for a rapist, so I say we cut that out right here.  I do not think the Jets rallying cry is going to work again going into Pitt, Big Ben will not be taken down so easily, and Polamalu may just give Sanchez nightmares for the next few weeks, the kind of nightmares he probably had when he sexually assaulted someone and they pressed charges…could not help myself….Steelers-Packers Super Bowl.

Matt: Steelers

Scottie picked the Jets, so I guess me going with the Steelers isn’t that bad, but it still hurts.  As a Patriots fan, I’m not sure who I would rather win this game.  The Jets are the Pats’ biggest rival, and there is a ton of bad blood between them.  The Steelers were in a battle with the Pats to be called the team of the 2000’s, and Roethlisberger is looking for a Brady-equaling title number 3.  When is comes down to it, I think that last week was the Jets’ Super Bowl, and there are two quarterbacks that I don’t bet against in the post-season, Brady and Roethlisberger.


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  1. What a horrible game the AFC is to pick for all of us except for Farley…

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