Defense Still Wins Championships

Four teams are left in the NFL Playoffs and aside from that common thread they also share something else,  they all have great defenses.

These teams are respectively 1st (Pitt) 2nd (GB) 4th (Chicago) and 6th (NYJ) in pts allowed this season. If that weren’t enough to sway your opinion, only ONE has a top ten scoring offense, the Green  Bay Packers sit at ten.

Call it cliché, but its a fact.

Does it happen every single year, no look at New Orleans last season. However their defense was built off of turnovers and aggression and it paid off when it counted, ask Tracey Porter.  Do I have to bring up 2007? Having a great offense only assures that you will always have a shot to come back, not always a shot to win. If you can light up the score board but can’t stop anyone what good is it?  Having balance is the ultimate goal but I guarantee that if you polled every coach in the NFL what he’d rather have a dominant defense or a high scoring offense he will take the defense every time.

Having a great defense keeps you in every game. It gives a team the ability to travel well on the road as well as wingames in ugly weather battling the elements. Greats defense allow its offense to settle in and get used to the weather to make necessary adjustments. Both Green Bay and New York have won on the road this postseason and the Jets repeated the feat last season.

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Bress, the best quarterbacks in the league are all out of the playoffs and Philip Rivers didn’t even make it to the dance.

Defense wins championships and as sick as you may be of hearing it, nothing is going to change. Especially with how the NFL tailored the rules nowadays to favor the offensive side of the ball. Think about all of the restrictions placed on defensive players today as opposed to yesterday.  The five yard contact rule used to be a defensive back holding and pushing you down the sideline.  The forearm to the head back in the day will get you a hefty fine and if you do it again you’ll be suspended. Hitting a guy in the lower half of his body, fine and suspension.

With all of the restrictions being placed on defensive players defense is still the most important aspect of a game. It may not be as attractive as putting up a 50-burger on some team, but dominating the game and not allowing a team to do what they’ve game planned for all week, is much more impressive.

The four teams left have great defenses, the mistakes that they make will dictate this game, why you ask? Because defense wins championships. Am I excited about today? CAN’T WAIT


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