We Are All Going to Be Just Fine

After the Jets took down the Patriots Sunday in Foxboro, I will freely admit I was upset.  I had that funny, sick feeling right in the pit of my stomach.  I sat on the couch despondent for a solid fifteen minutes and tried to pretend everything was alright.  Inside, I was a mess.  A sad state of affairs for a 25 year old man.  All I could think about was the week of talk radio that lay ahead of me, the jabs I’d face at work from Jets fans, and the embarrassment of being overconfident and counting my chickens before they hatched.  I went to bed Sunday night in a daze that is indescribable to people that don’t understand sports.

Then a funny thing happened.  I woke up Monday morning. It wasn’t the end of the world after all.  I had a delicious breakfast.  And I was somewhat out of my funk.  The day went on and the Bruins were scheduled to play the Carolina Hurricanes at 1:00.  The Celtics were scheduled to play the Orlando Magic at 8:00.  Could I handle these games after what happened on Sunday?  Of course I could.  I am a fan and I am there to support my squads at all times.

Enter Zdeno Chara. Enter Tim Thomas.  Enter Ray Allen.  Enter Kevin Garnett.  Zdeno Chara led the Bruins with his first career hat trick and Tim Thomas shut out the Hurricanes making 31 saves as the Bruins shut out the Hurricanes 7-0.  In the night cap, Ray Allen solidified my belief that he is the best shooter the world has ever seen.  Kevin Garnett made his return after missing nine games with a calf injury to inspire the Celtics defense and bring that energy that has been missing the last nine games.  The rival Magic took the Celtics down to the wire, but a late Garnett steal and free throws by Ray Allen cemented the victory for the Celtics.

Being a sports fan is a vicious cycle.  There are emotional lows and emotional highs.  There is no further evidence than what happened this past weekend.  No doubt, the Patriot loss will leave a sour taste in my mouth for a few weeks.  I know because I have been there before.  I was there in 2003, when Boone hit his home run. But I was there in 2004 when Dave Roberts stole 2nd.  I was there just this last summer seeing Celtics lose to the Lakers in Game 7 of the Finals after being up for the majority of the game.  I have also seen the Celtics solidify their roster and jump out to a 31-9 start this season.  I was there last season when the Red Sox were ravaged with injuries and didn’t make the playoffs.  I was also there when they went out and traded for Adrian Gonzalez and signed Carl Crawford this winter.

So yes, I was there on Sunday as Tom Brady looked lost and Rex Ryan thoroughly out coached Bill Belichick.  But don’t think for a moment, I won’t be there when the 2011 season starts (lockout depending).  Any true fan has been there before.  Sports are  a vicious cycle that bring out the gauntlet of emotions.  From ecstasy to heart break and everything in between, we still wake up the next day.  Fear not Patriot fans, we are all going to be just fine.  I know I already am.


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