Patriot Pain

(This post has no rhyme or reason, just letting the finger tips vent)

Welp, my biggest fears from yesterday turned into reality.  I had the worst sensations leading up to yesterday even when experts and fans from all over the country ensured me I had nothing to worry about.  This was the same feeling I had against the Giants and the same result took place.  The worst part is, the victor was the Jets.  A team I used to hate so much, tolerated a little bit after this preseason’s series of Hard Knocks, and then quickly began to hate once again a few games into the season.  The Jets showed up and the Patriots flat out didn’t.  This was an even bigger choke job than the Super Bowl because New England beat themselves.  They made mistakes that were so uncharacteristic that the whole thing seemed like a dream.  The offensive line was dominated, Brady was shaken, the running game never got established, and the wide receivers and tight ends never helped Brady get out of any funk.  The team ran a slow offense in the fourth quarter and showed no sense of urgency.  So much time was wasted in the final quarter that even if the Pats scored there was only 4 or so minutes to go.  It was a collective team loss that Patriot fans need to cope with for a while.  28-14 hurt earlier in the season, the Browns loss wasn’t easy but, those will easily be forgotten.  Last night’s game is just going to sting for a couple years…


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