Big East Game 5: West Virginia 93 – Providence 63

-I’m going to do my best to keep this one short and sweet because, quite frankly, reviewing this game doesn’t deserve much of my time.

-Very rarely do I turn off a PC game before it is over because the Friars have a knack of making things close towards the end.  The West Virginia-Providence game was off with 12 minutes left in the second half.  Very rarely do I say that I am embarrassed to be a PC fan, in fact I’m not sure if I have ever said that.  On Thursday night, I was embarrassed to be a PC fan.

-Who’s not getting it done?  Everyone.  Keno Davis’ after-timeout plays are no longer effective.  I like the press that the run, and when you aren’t that big I don’t necessarily disagree with either the 2-1-2 defense of the 1-3-1.  But, Keno’s players are playing erratically and stupidly, so some of the blame has to fall on him.  Marshon Brooks isn’t getting it done.  Yes, he scoring points, but his defensive intensity and shot selection have diminished since Big East play has started.  No longer is Marshon using his ability to create for others, he is getting more selfish by the game.  Kadeem Batts and Bilal Dixon have been terrible.  They can’t rebound, they can’t finish underneath, they can’t play defense.  I’m extremely disappointed in what Dixon is giving the Friars this season.  Gerard Coleman is playing like a freshman, and with him in the starting lineup the Friars can’t afford that.

-Vincent Council deserves his own bullet.  I’m not sure what happened to the Vincent Council that I saw for the first 13 games of the season, but he hasn’t been in uniform for the 5 Big East games.  He’s played out of control lately.  He hasn’t been making good decisions, running poor fast breaks, taking questionable shots, and not being able to make any of them.  As I keep saying, this team will go as far as Marshon and Council want to take them, and right now that’s nowhere.

-Ray Hall was the Friars’ best player on Thursday.  Enough said.

-5-15 shooting for Marshon, 4-16 from Council, and 3-15 from Coleman is a recipe for disaster for this team.

-NEXT GAME: Sunday, January 16th @ USF, 12pm


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