Best of the Best

With “The Decision,” Opening Night, Christmas Day rivalry games, rejuvenated superstars and up-and-coming players, this has been one of the best NBA seasons in recent memory. Fans love to hate LeBron, Kobe, the Celtics, and root for new stars like Kevin Durant and Kevin Love to take over the league. With so much new talent in the Association, the debate over who is the best rages on.

Below is my ranking of the Top-50 players right now. This is not a fantasy ranking. It is more of a, “if you were a GM and every player was dropped into a pool, and you wanted to win right now, who would you take,” list.

A few just missed the cut and a few more are on the horizon, but needless to say, this list would look mighty different at the start of the season and will more than likely look completely different by seasons end.

  1. Kobe Bryant

    No. 1 Kobe Bryant and No. 2 LeBron James

  2. LeBron James
  3. Kevin Durant
  4. Dirk Nowitzki
  5. Dwayne Wade
  6. Chris Paul
  7. Dwight Howard
  8. Deron Williams
  9. Pau Gasol
  10. Paul Pierce
  11. Amar’e Stoudemire
  12. Carmelo Anthony
  13. Rajon Rondo
  14. Derrick Rose
  15. Kevin Garnett
  16. Al Jefferson
  17. Steve Nash

    College Teammates: No. 20 Russell Westbrook and No. 21 Kevin Love

  18. Manu Ginobili
  19. Joe Johnson
  20. Russell Westbrook
  21. Kevin Love
  22. Josh Smith
  23. Chris Bosh
  24. Tim Duncan
  25. Rudy Gay
  26. Al Horford
  27. Monta Ellis
  28. Blake Griffin
  29. Stephen Curry
  30. John Wall
  31. Danny Granger
  32. Tyreke Evans

    No. 33 Tony Parker; A great excuse to show Eva Longoria

  33. Tony Parker
  34. Andre Iguodala
  35. Chauncey Billups
  36. Jason Kidd
  37. Ray Allen
  38. Carlos Boozer
  39. Joakim Noah
  40. Zach Randolph
  41. LaMarcus Aldridge
  42. Paul Millsap
  43. Eric Gordon
  44. Andrea Bargnani
  45. Elton Brand
  46. Brook Lopez
  47. David Lee
  48. Brandon Jennings
  49. Gerald Wallace
  50. Brandon Roy

Just Missed the Cut:

Jason Richardson, Andrew Bogut, David West, Lamar Odom, Gilbert Arenas, Raymond Felton, Kevin Martin, Mo Williams, Stephen Jackson, Marcus Camby, Antawn Jamison, Baron Davis, Devin Harris, Jason Terry, Hedo Turkoglu, Rashard Lewis, Luis Scola, Jamal Crawford, Jameer Nelson, Luol Deng, Vince Carter, Emeka Okafor, Jose Calderon, Andrew Bynum, Tyson Chandler, Richard Jefferson.

On the Horizon:

Michael Beasley, Wilson Chandler, Wesley Matthews, Marc Gasol, Danillo Gallinari, Jeff Green, Jrue Holiday, Serge Ibaka, D.J. Augustin, Nene Hilario, Darren Collison, Roy Hibbert, J.R. Smith, Tyrus Thomas.


3 Responses

  1. Think someone should have made the Top 50 list?

    Thinks someone was too low, or too high?

    Post here and tell us why.

  2. Durant #1
    You know why.
    I’d also move Duncan up to just behind Garnett.

  3. I wanted to wait until we see what Durant does in the playoffs before we give him the big push. Even though Popovich and the Spurs are resting Duncan this year he will put up the numbers in the postseason. Probably should have slotted him Ginobili at least.

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