Patriots-Dolphins: What to Look For

With Matt suffering from a computer crash of epic proportions, I figured I’d fill in on his “What to Look For” segment for this week’s Patriots-Dolphins game.

The obvious thing that Patriot fans will be looking for this week is how long the starters will play.  What is fresh in the minds of Patriot Nation is Wes Welker’s injury last year in week 17 against the Texans.  An injury can happen on any given play in the NFL, but out of an abundance of caution, the Patriots should sit Brady, Wilfork, Welker and anybody else that might be banged up. What to look for: How will Belichick handle the playing time of his key players.

There are a few statistical milestones a few of the players will be chasing.  Tom Brady is 299 yards short of 4,000 for the season.  BenJarvus Green-Ellis is 72 yards short of 1,000 for the season.  Rob Gronkowski has 9 touchdowns on the season.  These are all milestones that the players could be gunning for.  Brady is the only one likely not reach his as I expect to see Brian Hoyer for the second half of the game. What to look for: Will the Patriots be gunning for statistical milestones?

In a game that is pretty much meaningless it is tough to really give any true analysis.  The main story is how long the Patriots will be playing their starters.  In Miami, the Dolphins are playing for pride, and trying to protect Tony Sparano’s job. For insight from the Dolphins prospective, my old college roommate runs a pretty solid blog over at  Give it a look.  What to look for: How competitive will this game actually be?




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