Take it Easy KG

Now that all of Celtics Nation has regained their breath after holding for the past 18 hours, with news that Kevin Garnett’s leg injury is nothing more than a calf strain, it is time to put things in perspective.  I detest the idea of putting a time frame on KG’s return to the lineup.  The initial reports from the Boston media outlet has Garnett coming back in two weeks.  While this is reassuring news for the Celtics fan base, ultimately I don’t like putting an actual timeframe on his return.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am absolutely relieved that the injury is minor.  But we all know how competitive KG is.  He is going to push himself as hard as he can to get back on the court as fast as he can.  In reality, what does KG accomplish by getting back on the court sooner rather than later? If the season were to end today, they would be the number one seed in the East come playoff time.  They could theoretically play without KG and Rondo the rest of the season, and still walk into the playoffs.

Ever the optimist, I see where KG’s injury could be a positive for the Celtics as opposed to a negative.  Rewind to 2 seasons ago when Garnett went down for the rest of the season.  Glen Davis emerged as a top role player, and we are seeing the results of him getting extra minutes and extra experience as he is the sixth man of the year.  With Garnett out, this will give Jermaine O’ Neal a chance to get that WD-40 out to get that abundance of rust off.  This will also give Semih Erden more minutes and the Celtics will be able to ease Perk back into the rotation soon enough.

The bottom line is let’s not rush KG’s return.  He did that 2 seasons ago and came back to soon.  It then took him a full season to recover.  Why the news is great that the injury is minor, let’s keep what is important in perspective.  Last season the Celtics proved the regular season means nothing.  The real goal for the rest of the season is to be healthy for the playoffs.

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