Scottie’s Christmas List

I made a list. I checked it twice.  I found out who was naughty and who was nice. If I had 12 reindeer and a sleigh I would be also be stuffing myself down the chimney’s of the following people, either stuffing their stockings with coal or an iPad (or whatever the hot gift is this year).


Jonathan Papelbon

Papelbon was overall terrible at his job this year in closing games for the Boston Red Sox. Yeah, he had 37 saves.  But if blame could be placed squarely on one individual for preventing the 2010 Sox from being the Miracle Sox getting into the playoffs with a Triple A lineup, he would be that individual.  The once heir apparent to Mariano Rivera for being the greatest closer in the game, Pap went 5-7 with an outrageous 3.90 ERA. He also blew 6 saves. Keep in mind the Red Sox finished 4 games out of a playoff spot.

Pap gets a large lump of coal.

Josh Beckett and John Lackey

Or as I like to call this duo, Beckey and Lackett.  Beckett signed a contract in the opening week of the season that will keep him in Boston through 2014 making $68 million when it’s all said and done.  What did Beckett do to show his appreciation? He sat out have the season making 21 starts and getting lit in those starts, his ERA just a shade under 6 at 5.78.  He was lucky to finish 6-6 on the season.  John Lackey came into Boston with huge expectations after signing a 4 year $82 million dollar deal.  I never understood why such expectations were bestowed upon him, as I see him as nothing more than a bulldog innings eater.  But because he failed to meet the expectations the Boston media put on him, I’d deliver a lump of coal to him as well.  He posted a 14-11 record with a 4.40 ERA. He did throw 215 innings though so I can’t be that mad at him.

Beckett gets a Snuggie.

Lackey gets the pink bunny outfit from A Christmas Story

Claude Julien

I have advocated the firing of Claude Julien since the middle of last season.  Until last night, the Bruins have played with zero fire under the eye of Julien and frankly I am sick of watching a boring hockey team. Julien led the B’s to an improbable losing streak that was merely a month long.  Julien then made sure the Bruins would forever in the conversation of dubious achievements by blowing a 3-0 lead to the Philadelphia Flyers in the Eastern Conference semifinals, and squandering a 3-0 lead in Game 7 of that series.  Fast forward to this season and the Bruins are playing uninspired hockey yet again.  Julien doesn’t even deserve a lump of coal, a sweater, or a bunny outfit.

Julien gets a shake weight.

Providence College Basketball Program

First, it was Johnnie Lacy and James Still beating up a student because they felt like it.  Then it was Jamine Peterson having an on campus incident that allegedly involved 15 year old AAU players, then it was the Joseph Young recruiting debacle, and lastly Kadeem Batts picked up a disorderly conduct charge in Municipal Court for failing to leave a night club.  2010 was not kind to Keno Davis’ program.  And while he has worked hard to rectify all that was wrong in Friartown (the Friars are 11-2 going into Big East play) these issues can’t be forgotten.  Lacy and Still dislocated the frontal lobe of a student that was walking down the street minding his own business.  Peterson, the best player in the program since Ryan Gomes, gets himself kicked off the team.  These actions were deplorable for a College that prides itself on “being responsible and productive citizens to serve in their own society and make the world a better place”  These actions were not actions of responsible and productive citizens.

The Providence College Basketball program gets a pet rock.

Randy Moss

You cried yourself out of New England and it seems you haven’t caught a pass since.  You made fun of the best quarterback to ever play the game’s hair.  Then you landed with the oldest most overrated quarterback to play the game.  You dissed a mom and pop’s restaurant, saying their food was $#!^.  You then got traded to a team that is playing for draft picks.  You aren’t what you once were and you can’t except that.  Yeah, you are going to the Hall of Fame but sadly your career is ending on a down note.

I’d say Randy got what he deserved.


Theo Epstein

Recognizing the fact the interest was fading in the Boston area with the Red Sox, Theo went out and made a splash of epic proportions this off season.  He traded for a slugger and gold glover in Adrian Gonzalez. He then signed one of the best outfielders in the game in Carl Crawford to a sizable contract.  Then he went and brought in arms to help his bullpen and to light a fire under Papelbon’s sorry ass.  Bobby Jenks and Dan Wheeler will provide a great bridge to Bard and Papelbon in the coming years.  The team roster is set for the next 4 years and they look to be legitimate World Series contenders for all 4 years.

Epstein gets an iPad, Blu-ray player, and Pearl Jam’s greatest hits.

Devin McCourty

I remember after the Patriots picked McCourty with their first pick in April how outraged Pats fans were.  No one knew who McCourty was and they were also craving Dez Bryant because they wanted more toys for Brady to work with.  Now Bryant is on season ending IR and McCourty is up for defensive rookie of the year along with number 2 pick Ndomukung Suh.  McCourty has been phenomenal this year and can say that he has established McCourty Island for opposing receivers which is a nightmare.  McCourty has six picks, forced a fumble that went for a touchdown, and one sack.

McCourty gets a 56 inch flat screen high definition television with a Dobe Surround Sound.

Rajon Rondo

Since the calendar turned to 2010 Rondo has become the face of the Celtics franchise.  He was outstanding during last season’s playoff run nearly averaging a triple double and nearly leading the Celtics to Banner 18.  This season despite playing with a nagging hamstring injury he has picked up right were he left off.  He is averaging nearly 14 assists a game and had the Celtics rolling before he went down with his injury.  There was talk of trading Rondo in the off-season but then the Celtics came to their senses and signed the point guard.  Many would argue that he is the best point guard in the game and I would side with those in favor of that notion.

Rondo gets a 3G Amazon Kindle complete with Wi-Fi, a Playstation 3, and NBA 2k11.

Tim Thomas

Yeah I like to be hard on Thomas because I have so much fun busting up Tazzi.  But now that Tazzi doesn’t write on here anymore I have to be objective.  Thomas wasn’t very good last year because he was hurt.  I was calling for a trade along with many other Bruin fans because his contract was awful and Tuuka Rask was playing great and looked like he had the potential to be a perennial Vezina Trophy winner.  Now that Thomas is healthy, he is clearly the best goaltender in the game.  In my Bruins post earlier this week I wrote that he was the best goalie statistically in the NHL.  What I didn’t realize is that if he is able to maintain his current save percentage throughout the season, it would shatter Domenic Hasek’s old mark of about 93%.  (Thomas is at 94.8%).  To Tim Thomas I owe you an apology about my criticisms I laid upon you for the better part of a year.  Understand that it was just to ruffle the feathers of your biggest fan who ironically has gone MIA during your current hot streak. As my buddy Leera would say, “Yo, Tim Thomas is nice kid!”

Tim Thomas gets a 2010 Mercedes Benz Sedan.

Merry Christmas to all…and to all a good night!


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