Week 16 NFL Picks: Scott vs. Matt

I was white washed last week.  There is no other way to really put it.  I put up 7 wins while Matt nearly doubled that with 13 wins.  This puts Matt at 134 wins to my 127.  My choke job could be what clinched the title for my opponent.  I am not going to wave the white flag just yet in hopes that I can put together a solid win total this weekend.  If I don’t I know that I am going to be opening my wallet and ordering some Sam Adams for TheMattyOShow.  Tavern Twelve?

The Tavern sounds good to me.  Let’s do it…

Panthers @ Steelers

Scott: Steelers

Layup.  The Steelers are very tough to beat at home even without Polamalu.  While the Steelers will cruise in this game there is a very strong chance they are looking at a first round exit in the playoffs.  The offense doesn’t move the ball very well and their defense isn’t what it’s cracked up to be without Polamalu.  They are good enough to beat the Panthers but not good enough to sustain a run in the playoffs.

Matt: Steelers

The Panthers found a win in their stocking last week by way of the Arizona Cardinals.  This week in Pittsburgh it is much more likely that they will be getting a big chuck of coal.

Cowboys @ Cardinals

Scott: Cowboys

Layup #2.  The Cowboys have shown they are a tough team to beat under Jason Garrett.  The Boys are 4-2 under Garrett and their two losses are by a combined 6 points.  I think Jerry Jones would be making a huge mistake if he decides to hire someone else to coach his squad instead of Garrett.

Matt: Cowboys

As Scottie said, the Cowboys have been playing some really good football under Jason Garrett.  I’m not sure if that reflects more poorly on Wade Phillips or the players for being babies.  Either way, Arizona is lined up for another beat down this week.

Redskins @ Jaguars

Scott: Jaguars

The Jaguars are still in the hunt for the playoffs despite their loss to the Colts.  Both teams are 8-6 and fighting to get in.  The Redskins are an absolute mess.  Sexy Rexy did have a 300+ yard game last week and almost led a comeback to beat the Cowboys.  However, they are still a mess.  MJD sat out the last two drives against the Colts last week but should be ready to go o Sunday.  If he isn’t Rashad Jennings is waiting in the wings and this backfield reminds me of the Charger days of LT and Michael Turner.

Matt: Jaguars

This is a tough one.  My first reaction says Jags, but when I think it over I’m leaning towards the Gross-Skins (gotta love that one).  I think when it comes down to it, MJD and Rashad Jennings just may be too much for the Gross-Skins to handle.

Lions @ Dolphins

Scott: Lions

The Lions upset the Bucs last week and they are looking to end their season on a high note.  They do have the building blocks in place to have a very bright future but I have been saying that since 2000. The Dolphins on the other hand had a chance of making the playoffs going into last week and then promptly lost to the Bills.  They also are 1-6 at home. The Dolphins simply can’t move the football as Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are no longer as effective as they once were.  Chad Henne has proven he isn’t the answer in Miami and I foresee Donovan McNabb in Miami next season.

Matt: Dolphins

Without doing the math, I’m pretty sure that the Dolphins are eliminated from playoff contention.  They really don’t have much to play for aside from pride.  The Lions could give the Dolphins a good lesson in not playing for anything because they have been doing it for a number of years.  The Lions looked good last week, but I can’t see them stringing two road wins together back-to-back.

49ers @ Rams

Scott: Rams

I have aborted my love for the Niners a long time ago and there is no reason for me to return back to it.  Here’s to a huge day by Steven Jackson leading the Rams into the playoffs and me to the Fantasy Football Crown.  St. Louis finishes their season against the 49ers and Seahawks controlling their own destiny.  I have long said Sam Bradford is the next big thing and he will prove it in these next 2 weeks.

Matt: 49ers

49ers are winning this division.  Singletary.

Titans @ Chiefs

Scott: Chiefs

The Titans looked good last week against the Texans.  I really feel that Kenny Britt really adds a whole new dimension to that team.  With that being said I don’t see the Titans stopping Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.  The Cheifs are also fighting to secure a playoff spot and are also undefeated at home this season. A win here puts them in great position to do just that while the Titans are playing for nothing but pride.

Matt: Chiefs

Like Scottie said, I really liked the way that the Titans looked last week, but their offensive productivity did come against one of the worst defenses in the league.  Although J-Charles and T-Jones lead the way for the Chiefs, their defense has been very good this year.  The Chiefs know that a playoff birth is at stake, so they’ll be highly motivated to get it done in front of their home fans.

Jets @ Bears

Scott: Bears

I really thought the Jets were in the midst of a major meltdown after their loss to the Pats and then lost to the Dolphins.  But the Jets were able to gather themselves and beat Pittsburgh at home last week.  But I feel they are in a position to suffer a mauling at the hands of the Bears.  The Bears are 3rd against the run which is the Jets strength.  The Bears are going to force Mark Sanchez to beat them and I just don’t think he can do that.

Matt: Jets

The Jets looked good last week in Pittsburgh and pulled out a win against one of the league’s better teams.  The Bears also played well against Minnesota, but the Vikings were out of their element in the cold weather and Joe Webb took the majority of snaps for them at quarterback.  Right now, I think that the Jets are the better team, so I’m sticking with Sanchise.

Patriots @ Bills

Scott: Patriots

Layup #3. The Patriots win and the road to the Super Bowl in the AFC goes through New England.  While the Bills have been better than their record indicates with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, there is no way the Bills pull the upset here.  The Patriots smell blood and they want to enjoy the rest of their season at home until they play in the Super Bowl.

Matt: Patriots

I wouldn’t go as far as saying this game is a layup.  Whenever you play a team within your division it more often than not turns into a battle because the teams play against each other so often.  The Bills’ play has improved over the course of the season, but with the way that the Patriots offense is going right now, I’m not sure that the Bills have the personnel to slow them down.

Ravens @ Browns

Scott: Ravens

Layup #4.  If there is any team in the AFC that will threaten the Patriots march to the Super Bowl it is the Ravens.  Last year they destroyed the Pats in Foxboro in the first round of the playoffs.  The offense looks to be rounding into form with Ray Rice running well and Flacco limiting his mistakes.  In terms of this week, Peyton Hillis is starting to show the effects of the long season and is gimpy.  The Ravens defense will stop him forcing Colt McCoy to beat them and like Mark Sanchez against the Bears, I don’t think Colt is up to task.

Matt: Ravens

Damn Scottie, you are throwing lay-ups in like Marshon Brooks against Sacred Heart.  Again, a division game can never be considered a lay-up, but similarly to what was previously said about the Patriots, the Ravens are too talented for the Browns to keep up with.

Texans @ Broncos

Scott: Texans

There could easily be 80 points scored in this game because neither side believes in defense.  The Texans have way to many questions the Broncos don’t have answers for.  While I expect the Broncos to lose, I hope to see them open up the playbook for Tebow so we can see what he can do in the NFL.  This is a great opportunity for him as there is no real pressure, no defense, and he can just let it fly.

Matt: Broncos

I’m going to take a flyer here and go with Tebow.  The Texans look like a defeated team.  That loss to the Ravens a few weeks ago was essentially the nail in the Texans’ coffin, and they have been playing very poorly since that game.  Tebow will look to inspire his fellow Broncos over the seemingly uninspired Texans.

Chargers @ Bengals

Scott: Chargers

Layup #5. The Chargers are still fighting for their playoff lives.  The Bengals can’t wait for the season to end.  The Chargers have their start reciever back just in time and he showed he hasn’t missed a beat scoring 3 touchdowns last week.  The Bengals lost their star reciever to a knee injury.  Two teams. Opposite directions.

Matt: Chargers

The Chargers try to keep pace with the Chiefs, but if Kansas City keeps winning there is no shot that the Chargers are making the playoffs.

Colts @ Raiders

Scott: Colts

Peyton controls his team’s destiny as they are currently tied with the Jags at 8-6.  The win last week was absolutely huge for the Colts as I project the Jags to win their last 2 games and the Colts to do so as well.  When this season ends, Colts fans can look back to Week 15 and realize that win got them into the playoffs.  Pats fans can actually root for the Colts here because every loss the Raiders have, the greater the Richard Seymour pick becomes.

Matt: Colts

The Colts finally control their own destiny.  Although Austin Collie has been placed on IR, the Colts will continue to fight through injuries just as they have the entire season.  Peyton Manning knows what is at stake in every game for the remainder of the season and he will play like their playoff lives are on the line.

Giants @ Packers

Scott: Packers

All eyes will be on the Giants this weekend after their monumental collapse against the Eagles last week.  As for the Packers, they played really well without Aaron Rodgers against the best team in football last week.  Now Rodgers is healthy and expected to start against the G-Men.  This doesn’t bode well for a quick recovery for the Giants.  This may well be a play in game for the playoffs with the Giants at 9-5 and the Pack at 8-6.

Matt: Giants

The Giants are primed for a loss this week against the Packers.  Everything is working against them.  Tom Coughlin is still their coach, they are coming off of a huge loss, Aaron Rodgers is returning for the Packers, and they are playing in Green Bay.  The one thing that the Giants will undoubtedly bring to Lambeau is the ability to get after Aaron Rodgers, and I think that will be the difference in this one.

Seahawks @ Bucs

Scott: Bucs

The Bucs loss to the Lions last week pretty much ended their playoff hopes.  But they have put together an impressive season giving their fans hope for years to come behind a young nucleus.  The Seahawks are in the playoff picture but they are in shambles.  They don’t know who their starting quarterback is and Marshawn Lynch was seen puking on the sideline last weekend.  I like the Bucs here and let’s go LaGarrette Blount!

Matt: Bucs

Raheem Morris knows what finishing out this season strong will mean to the 2011 Tampa Bay Bucs.  As I said a few weeks back, it is easy to inspire a young team because they are full of energy and enthusiasm.  Look for coach Morris to have his Bucs fired up to finish the season strong.

Vikings @ Eagles

Scott: Eagles

Layup #6. What happened last week against the Giants was something that no video game could ever do.  It was so unrealistic to score 4 touchdowns in 7 minutes.  But somehow Mike Vick did it.  And while many are arguing who the MVP is of the NFL, Vick or Brady, many will look to last weekend and see that as what won Mike Vick an MVP.  The Vikings don’t have a quarterback and Adrian Peterson is hurt making them quite possibly the worst team in the NFL.

Matt: Eagles

As you guys know, I have a new found hatred for the Eagles.  I don’t think that they are nearly as good as everyone thinks they are.  That being said, there is no shot that Joe Webb is leading the Vikes to a win in Philly.

Saints @ Falcons

Scott: Falcons

A win for the Falcons clinches the NFC South.  This is the best Monday night matchup since the Patriots-Jets matchup a few weeks ago.  But I don’t think we will see the same results here.  The Saints have won 6 of their last 7.  But Matty Ice doesn’t lose at home.

Matt: Saints

My roommate has me convinced that the Saints are the best team in the NFC, and as of now I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.  I know that Matt Ryan doesn’t lose at home.  I’m aware that Ryan, Turner, and White are playing out of their minds right now, but Drew Brees and company are no slouches.  The Saints are almost back to full health, and look for them to make their claim as the NFC’s best on Monday night.


2 Responses

  1. After one o clock games
    scott: 7-2
    matt: 4-5

  2. before tuesday
    scott 10-5
    matt 8-7

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