Week 15 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

And down the stretch they come.  With three weeks left in the NFL season Matty and I are separated by just one game as he has 121 wins to my 120.  It has been a see-saw battle over the past few weeks and out of respect for my opponent I will decline talking trash and get focused for the picks I have to make that will help me declare victory.  With Matty focused on exams, I might have the chance to sneak ahead of him.

Scottie said it right, I’m in the middle of exams right now but that doesn’t mean I still can’t post a great week of picks.  Let’s do it…

49ers @ Chargers

Scott:  Chargers

The 49ers absolutely smashed the Seahawks last weekend and still have an outside shot at making the playoffs.  However, Phillip Rivers is putting quite a season together without many legit weapons around him because he is the weapon.  I don’t think the 49ers offense can keep up with the Bolt’s high flying offense.

Matt: 49ers


Browns @ Bengals

Scott: Browns

Colt McCoy is back starting for the Browns.  With McCoy, they have a quarterback that won’t put up gawdy numbers, but will take care of the football.  The Bengals are now in the conversation for who wants Andrew Luck and I think the fix has long been on in Cincy.

Matt: Bengals

The Bengals are a bad team, plain and simple.  The Browns only managed 6 points against the Bills last week.  They are getting McCoy back, but the Bengals are too talented to only have two wins, even with how poorly Carson Palmer is playing.

Redskins @ Cowboys

Scott: Cowboys

Its a huge week in the NFC East and these teams have nothing to do with it.  But in all seriousness I think there is a perfect recipe for a Cowboys win here.  Albert Haynesworth has been the most expensive distraction in football, Sexy Rexy Grossman might start for the ‘Skins, and the Cowboys have been rejuvenated under Jason Garrett playing solid football.

Matt: Cowboys

Here is a tale of two teams heading in complete opposite directions.  The Redskins starter off the season well, having football fans all over DC excited for what would come of the Mike Shanahan era.  Since, they have been terrible.  As Scottie mentioned, the Haynesworth situation is horrible for that locker room, and Rex Grossman is as incapable as any quarterback in the NFL.  Contrarily, the Cowboys’ Super Bowl aspirations were all but crushed by week 8.  Since Garrett has taken over, this team has turned their season around, and right now I would not want to play the Cowboys.

Texans @ Titans

Scott: Texans

The Texans showed a lot of heart last week in coming back against a tough Ravens defense.  This actually impressed me.  The Texans have a lot to love on their roster and are exciting to watch when they can put it all together.  Unfortunately, their defense is abysmal. Fortunately, the Titans offense is even worse.  Plus, I pick against the Titans just to get CV’s blood boiling.

Matt: Titans

The Texans made a valiant effort in an attempt to keep their playoff hopes alive on Monday night against the Ravens, but a crucial mistake by Schaub (accompanied by a ton of dropped passes by Texan receivers) in overtime gave the Ravens the game.  I agree with Scottie, the Texans are very exciting, but I foresee an emotional letdown after a tough loss.

Jaguars @ Colts

Scott: Colts

This is essentially an early playoff game.  With that kind of atmosphere Peyton Manning is only behind Tom Brady as far as quarterbacks I’d pick if I needed to win a ball game.  I expect this to be a shootout however because the Colts defense is swiss cheese.  Peyton will lead a fourth quarter drive to lead the Colts to victory.

Matt: Colts

Peyton said it this past week, this one is as “must win” as they come.  Collie is looking to return, so Manning will have nearly his full arsenal of weapons to work with against a suspect Jags’ secondary.

Chiefs @ Rams

Scott: Rams

Matt Cassel picked a helluva time to have an appendectomy. We could be seeing a free fall of Jet-like proportions in Kansas City with Brodie Croyle at the helm.  This reminded me of my senior year in high school when our star player had his appendix burst the day before the Super Bowl, ending any hope we had of being state champions.  Now that I am done being nostalgic, I think Sam Bradford will grow up on Sunday and win a game in front of the home crowd that will help push the Rams into the playoffs.

Matt: Chiefs

The Chiefs know that if they win they are essentially into the playoffs.  The Rams are also fighting for a playoff spot but I’m just not sure if they have enough talent and experience to get it done.  I’ll take Charles and Jones over the Rams D anytime.

Bills @ Dolphins

Scott: Dolphins

A loss for the Dolphins would almost asure them that they wouldn’t make the playoffs.  If the Dolphins win out there is a chance they can get into the playoffs.  With Brandon Marshall healthy, that scenario is not all that far fetched.  My only drawback here is that the Dolphins stink at home. I’m glad the Bills stink, period.

Matt: Dolphins

The Dolphins are slowly but surely creeping up the wild card ladder, and at 7-6 they have a legitimate shot to be the third AFC East team in the dance if they can win out.  Miami fans know that in order to get a good rhythm for this team, they need to start relying more heavily on Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.  Ricky will lead you to the promise land Miami…

Lions @ Bucs

Scott: Bucs

Yeah, Shaun Hill is starting.  Yeah, Aqib Talib is out.  This should lead me to believe that Calvin Johnson would have a huge day.  For my fantasy team purposes, I sure hope so.  I also hope LaGarrette Blount can run all over the Lions D as he was my replacement for Frank Gore.  Hell, I hope Brandon Pettigrew and Mike Williams go wild as well.  This game has huge fantasy implications for me and I hope for an absolute shootout.  Oh and the Bucs will win.

Matt: Lions

The Shaun Hill to Calvin Johnson combo has been working quite well all season, and with Talib out for the Bucs I’m not sure who is attempting to slow Megatron down.  Also, Suh has been playing like a man (yes, he’s 40!) lately which will disrupt Blount’s boys.

Cardinals @ Panthers

Scott: Cardinals

The Cardinals were impressive in thrashing the Denver Broncos last week.  The only team worse than the Broncos is the Panthers.  Where the hell did the Cardinals offense come from?  Was Jay Feeley the big secret in Arizona? Who the hell is John Skelton? Why am I still writing about this game? Why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets?

Matt: Panthers

The Panthers run game has been reeling as of late, and I’m not sure anyone on the Cardinals is a worthy defensive player (especially after watching that 49ers game a couple of weeks back).  The Panthers can hopefully get some pressure on rookie (former D-1 AA) quarterback John Skelton, and make it a long day in Carolina for the Cards.  By the way Scottie, Jadakiss has no place on this blog…

Saints @ Ravens

Scott: Saints

The Saints are in a dogfight with the Falcons for the top spot in the NFC South. The Ravens are in a dogfight with the Steelers for the AFC North crown.  In any matchup of this magnititude I look at the quarterbacks.  Here I am more confident in Drew Brees than I am Joe Flacco. This is a game that will go down to the wire.  On a sidenote, I find myself every week praying that I won’t see that Drew Brees jersey commercial, because that “you’ve got personality” jingle gets stuck in my head for hours.

Matt: Ravens

It’s time for the Ravens to make a statement to the NFL.  It’s looking like they are nearly a lock for one of the wildcard spots in the AFC, but Flacco and co. could certainly use a marquee win to jumpstart them on their run to the Super Bowl…not many better ways than to knock off the defending champs.

Eagles @ Giants

Scott: Eagles

A few of my colleagues from work are journeying up to New York for this game.  Mike Vick is my fantasy quarterback on both my teams.  These are the two reasons I’m rooting for the Eagles.  I love talking smack and busting chops every chance I get and hope to do so Monday morning with an Eagles win on my down trodden co-workers.  I also love money and Vick is instrumental in fattening my bank account.  Fly Eagles, Fly!

Matt: Giants

I think that the Giants are the best team in the NFC East right now, and maybe the best team in the whole NFC (yes, I know about Atlanta).  Their run game is second to maybe only Kansas City, but Eli has proven that he can win.  Also, reports are out that Vick wants to buy a dog eventually…watch out Philly.

Falcons @ Seahawks

Scott: Falcons

Matty Ice has been a flat out stud all season.  He is also blessed with the talents of Michael Turner and Roddy White.  The road to the Super Bowl goes through Atlanta and the Seahawks won’t put up much of a fight even though they are in playoff contention.  This is a matchup for the birds.

Matt: Falcons

Seattle is tough at home, but it seems like Matt Ryan hasn’t made a mistake all season and who’s to say that he’ll start throwing picks in Seattle?  Not me.

Jets @ Steelers

Scott: Steelers

There are few things in life I enjoy more than watching a rival during a monumental collapse.  The deuce is hitting the fan and spraying everywhere in New York.  Sanchez looks the pathetic, Tomlinson is back to his old ways of choking as the season hits its critical stages, and their coaches are tripping opposing players on the sideline because thats the only way they can win at this point.  The Patriots ripped the heart and soul of of the Jets two weeks and are stomped on it.  We are witnessing the aftermath and it is beautiful.  Now I am going to go have a god damn snack.

Matt: Jets

The Jets need to rebound, plain and simple.  The division is all but gone now, but another loss puts their wildcard spot in jeopardy.  I expect Rex Ryan to take the ball out of Sanchez’s hands and let LT and Shonn Greene lead them past the Steelers, who haven’t been overly impressive as of late.

Broncos @ Raiders

Scott: Raiders

I have no reason to even have a notion that the Broncos will even compete in this game.  They have been embarrassing the past 2 months and there is no sign whatsoever that they are going to get out of this funk anytime soon.  While the Raiders aren’t much better, they are still better and I expect Darren McFadden to have a big day.  The only question I have in this game is will we see the second coming of Jesus Chr-, I mean Tim Tebow?

Matt: Raiders

The Broncos got smoked by Arizona last week, and once you get smoked by Arizona you officially suck.  It’s looking like McDaniels may not have been to only problem in Denver, but that is still to be seen.  Kyle Orton got me 0 fantasy points in my playoff matchup last week, so I’m not siding with the Broncos for the rest of the season.

Packers @ Patriots

Scott: Patriots

Matt Flynn will not be able to lead the Pack to victory over the MVP of the league Sunday night.  To be honest, I don’t think the Packers would win in Foxboro with Aaron Rodgers under center.  The Patriots should clinch home field throughout the playoffs come Sunday night.

Matt: Patriots

Matt Flynn, in New England, in December, without a run game = Patriots victory.

Bears @ Vikings

Scott: Vikings

We have seen what happened to the Jets after the Patriots imposed their will upon them.  I expect to see the same aftermath with the Bears after they were annihlated by the Pats last Sunday.  Jay Cutler will be terrible and everyone will remember that Bears were never actually for real.

Matt: Bears

Man, the Bears just get lay-up after lay-up, it’s ridiculous.  In the last nine weeks the Bears have had the luxury of playing NE, DET, PHI, MIA, MIN, BUF, WAS, SEA, CAR.  Aside from the Patriots and Eagles, there are no playoff teams in there (maybe Miami but it is a long shot) and a bunch of terrible teams (MIN, BUF, WAS, SEA, CAR, DET).  The Patriots showed how far the Bears are from being elite, but they are better then the Vikes, led by Joe Webb.


4 Responses

  1. Going into Sunday night…

    Scott – 6-8

    Matt – 11-3

  2. not my finest moment

  3. Heading into Monday night…

    Scott – 7-8

    Matt – 12-3

  4. Here comes the run to the title…

    Matt – 13-3

    Scott – 7-9

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