Week 14 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

It’s official ladies and gentlemen, I have blown the lead.  Some how, some way this Scottie character actually has the lead.  I know, I am as baffled as you are.  I feel like T.O. trying to defend Tony Romo right now…it’s pathetic. My record for the season stands at 110-82 (.573 winning percentage) after going 9-7 last week, while Scottie has worked his way up to a record of 111-81 (.578 winning percentage) after an 11-5 performance last week.  Scottie is one game up, but I’m turning it around this week.  It’s about time I stop talking and start talking…about picks…let’s do it…

Don’t have time to explain myself this week.  Just believe in me and know I am better at everything than my opponent.

Colts @ Titans

Matt -Colts

I would have bet a lot of money last weekend that there was no shot Peyton would lose three games in a row.  Manning’s play has been sub-par as of late, and playing on a Thursday night certainly doesn’t give you a lot of time to work out the kinks.  Luckily for the Colts, they are only one game out of first place in the division (behind the bi-polar Jags), and the Titans are among one of the few teams in the NFL that is playing worse than the Colts.

Scottie – Colts

Browns @ Bills

Matt – Bills

Like I always say, there is nothing more difficult than picking between two bad teams, so stick with the home team.

Scottie – Browns

Falcons @ Panthers

Matt – Falcons

The Falcons are considered to be among one of the top two or three teams in the entire NFL, and yet it seems that on a weekly basis they are playing against powder puff teams.  I obviously have a terrible memory because their last five games, they have faced some pretty stiff competition (2 TB, GB, STL, BAL).  Or maybe, the Falcons just make them seem like powder puff teams…

Scottie – Falcons

Bengals @ Steelers

Matt – Steelers

Coming off of a big win on Monday night, the Steelers will look to keep the momentum going against another divisional opponent.  Even with Roethlisberger’s now slightly crooked nose, I don’t see much hope for the Bengals in this one.

Scottie – Steelers

Buccaneers @ Redskins

Matt – Buccaneers

Losing another nail-bitter to the Falcons must be a tough pill for the Buccaneers to swallow, but they are still 7-5 and squarely in the middle of the playoff hunt.  The best thing about having a young team is that it doesn’t take much to get them fired up.  Look for the Bucs to play inspired football on Sunday in DC.

Scottie – Bucs

Packers @ Lions

Matt – Packers

The most proficient quarterback-wide receiver combination in the NFL right now is Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings.  Behind Matt Ryan to Roddy White, (insert sub-par quarterback name here) to Calvin Johnson might be the next most dangerous duo in the NFL.  But, the Packers are a much better team than the Lions.

Scottie – Packers

Giants @ Vikings

Matt – Giants

The Vikes have been playing inspired football as of late behind the leadership of Leslie Frazier, but even the slightest notion that Favre will try to take the field with a bum shoulder has me looking for Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora and make him feel some more pain.

Scottie – Vikings

Raiders @ Jaguars

Matt – Raiders

The Raiders and the Jaguars are very similar teams.  Both teams are run first squads, but their passing attack flourishes on random occurrences, and disappoints on others.  Both teams are fighting for playoff spots.  But, in Jacksonville…ah, forget it I’m going with the Raiders.

Scottie – Jaguars

Rams @ Saints

Matt – Saints

Sam Bradford is exceeding expectation and Steven Jackson continues to produce no matter what.  The Rams defense has been better than expected, but the Saints offense is clicking and they now have about ten healthy running backs to throw at the Rams.

Scottie – Saints

Seahawks @ 49ers

Matt – 49ers

The 49ers are still technically alive in the playoff picture…yup, sticking with Singletary.

Scottie – Seahawks

Patriots @ Bears

Matt – Patriots

The Patriots offense has been absolutely reeling as of late.  They have posted 45 points in two consecutive games, and have averaged just over 39 points per game in their last four.  The Bears’ defense is a very good unit, but I don’t know if any defense can slow this offense right now.

Scottie – Patriots

Dolphins @ Jets

Matt – Jets

I came very close to going with the Dolphins in this one.  The Jets need to rebound from the biggest loss of the Rex Ryan era in a big way, and expect the Dolphins to receive the brunt of their frustrations.

Scottie – Jets

Broncos @ Cardinals

Matt – Broncos

As this season has certainly proven to us, teams that change coaches mid-way through the season usually win their first game with their new head coach (see Dallas and Minnesota).  Although, I would pick the Broncos in this one even if they had no coaching staff…Arizona is just horrible.

Scottie – Broncos

Chiefs @ Chargers

Matt – Chargers

It would not be San Diego-like if they didn’t make the Chiefs work for the division title.  A win for the Chargers and they are a game out of first place in their division with three games to play, a loss and they are three out with three to play.  That is the definition of a must-win.

Scottie – Chiefs

Eagles @ Cowboys

Matt – Cowboys

For some reason I have started to truly hate this Eagles team.  Maybe it is because how over hyped they were by the media for crushing the Redskins (who were subsequently just crushed by the Giants), or maybe it was how every ESPN analyst is in love with Mike Vick…just two short years after they were ALL bashing him for how terrible of a person he was.  Either way, the Eagles haven’t won anything yet, and my money is on the Giants to win the NFC East…and yes, I just went there with that picture.

Scottie – Eagles

Ravens @ Texans

Matt – Ravens

It pains me to say this, because I have loved this Texans team ever since they drafted Mario Williams with the first pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, but it is looking more and more like the Texans are done.  If there are two things that the Ravens are very good at, they are stuffing the run and pressuring the quarterback.  The Texans fall apart under two circumstances, when Arian Foster isn’t being productive and Matt Schaub is getting pressured.  It might be a long night in Houston…

Scottie – Ravens


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  1. scottie: 8-6
    Matt 9-5

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