Week 13 – The Mattyoshow Review

In this segment I will provide a weekly review for the previous weekend’s Patriots game, as well as my prediction for next weekend’s game.

-Monday night’s game was one of the most anticipated Monday Night Football games that I can remember.  Thankfully, the game provided a great display of offensive efficiency, defensive effectiveness, and overall will power…for one team at least.  The New England Patriots outplayed the New York Jets in all three facets of the game, offense, defense, and special teams.  With one minute and seven seconds left in the first quarter, Tom Brady completed a fourth down throw to Deion Branch that went for a touchdown, putting the Patriots up 17 – 0, and en route to one of the biggest wins in Monday Night Football history.

-As I mentioned in my “What to Look For…” segment, in the first matchup between the Jets and Patriots in week 2, LaDainian Tomlinson, Shonn Greene, and Dustin Keller were the linchpins that assured a Jets victory.  On Monday, Tomlinson and Greene combined for 111 yards on the ground (most of which came in the second half), and Keller amassed only 27 yards on three catches.  That Pats realized that running the ball is the first priority of the Jets, and they use it to set up the pass.  Containing the run game early in the game was a key to the Patriots’ overall defensive success.

-Tom Brady was great for the fourth consecutive week (PIT, IND, DET, NYJ).  On Monday, Brady was 21-29 for 326 yards and four touchdowns, posting a passer rating of 148.8.  Over Brady’s last four games, his average passer rating is 136.9.  Yes, I will say that again…over Tom Brady’s last four game, his passer rating is 136.9.  That statistic is unbelievable.  Brady was on point Monday night, hitting the open receiver, in the right spot, at the right time, on a very consistent basis.  If Tom Brady played like this every single game, the Patriots would never lose a game.

-As I also mentioned in my “What to Look For…” segment, the Patriots seem to have their most successful game running the ball when they are playing teams that are very good against the run (against the six top-ten run defenses that the Pats have faced, they average 96 yards per game on the ground).  On Monday, BenJarvus Green-Ellis led the charge with 18 rushes for 72 yards and two touchdowns, and as a team the Pats ran for 101 yards.  I love that Bill Belichick and the Patriots are FINALLY consistently handing the ball off to their backs, and keeping defenses honest.

-After a 45-3 rout against one of the best defensive teams in the NFL, it may be easy to forget about how well the Patriots defense played.  Thankfully, I’m here to remind you.  For the 13th consecutive week, I will mention future 2010 NFL defensive rookie of the year Devin McCourty.  McCourty grabbed another interception on a poorly thrown ball by Mark Sanchez, which now give Devin six interceptions on the year.  McCourty improves on a weekly basis, but it is becoming more difficult to see because teams are beginning to stay away from him.  McCourty was matched up against Braylon Edwards for the majority of the game, allowing Edwards to haul in only two catches for 39 yards (accompanied by a couple of drops).  I felt that Vince Wilfork played his best game of the season on Monday night.  Playing primarily defensive end, Wilfork continually stuffed running lanes and pushed the pocket for the entire game, helping the Patriots secondary rack up three interceptions.

NEXT WEEK’S PREDICTION: Patriots 31 – Bears 21


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