Yo Adrian! Welcome to Boston!

Yesterday morning I woke up to numerous text messages saying “Sox doing big things,” Who’d they give up?” and “Welcome to Boston.”  Naturally I was wondering what in the world was going on.  It wasn’t long after rolling out of bed I learned the Boston Red Sox traded Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, and Reymond Fuentes for Adrian Gonzalez.  Truth be told, this really still hasn’t quite sunk in yet.  It is reminiscent of the Sox trading Carl Pavano and Tony Armas Jr. for Pedro Martinez and the Sox signing Manny Ramirez to a 8 year $160 million dollar deal.

Gonzalez is one of the best players in baseball.  He was a former number one pick in the 2000 draft by the Florida Marlins.  He is a model of consistent production that has been trapped in a massive pitcher friendly park in San Diego the last few seasons.  Now he comes to Friendly Fenway with a patented opposite field swing that will pepper the Green Monster all year.  He is also surrounded by guys that get on base.  What Gonzalez has the potential to do in Boston is down right scary.

Casey Kelly is the jewel in the trade for the Padres.  He is ESPN’s Keith Law’s number 10 prospect in all of baseball.  Kelly was converted from shortstop to pitcher this season in the minors. He is a young kid that projects to be a strong #2 starter some day down the line. Reymond Fuentes is the cousin of Carlos Beltran, and the Sox number one pick in 2008. Many have questioned Fuentes lack of power and he faced an uphill battle getting to Boston as the outfield looks to be strong throughout the system.   Anthony Rizzo was the first baseman of the future for the Sox until they went out and got Gonzo.  Rizzo has the potential to hit 30 dingers a year and play solid defense.

Just last week, I was blasting the Red Sox management for letting Victor Martinez pack his bags and head to Detroit.  I admit at this time I now look pretty foolish.  I have always believed that Theo has a plan and that he will always execute it.  Hind sight is 20-20 but if one is to look at at Theo’s moves over the past 2 seasons, this was a well calculated move. The signing of John Lackey now makes sense as he knew he was going to lose Casey Kelly so he needed to fill the void with Lackey. The only thing left for the Sox to do is to sign Gonzalez long term.  This trade will silence the Liverpool talk and it also makes the Sox relevant in this region again.

Going forward I now think they will target Jayson Werth to play left field.  Before Saturday I really had an unhealthy craving for Carl Crawford.  But now that Gonzalez is here and likely to bat in the three spot, I don’t see where Crawford fits in the lineup.  Werth is a perfect complimentary piece to the lineup. Think Jason Bay.  He is a right handed bat that would ideally bat sixth behind Ortiz.  The best part about Werth is that he already has thrived in a major market and he would likely love to have the chance to take aim at the Green Monster 81 games a year.  Initially I was afraid the Sox would target Werth as their big signing like they did with Lackey last year.  But then I remembered not doubt Theo Epstein.

My 2010 Projected Red Sox Line up and Rotation:  (Bullpen is yet to take shape)

CF Jacoby Ellsbury

2b Dustin Pedroia

1b Adrian Gonzalez

3b Kevin Youkillis

DH David Ortiz

LF Jayson Werth

RF JD Drew

C Jarrod Saltalamacchia

SS Marco Scutaro/ Jed Lowrie

1) Jon Lester

2) Clay Buccholz

3) Josh Beckett

4) John Lackey

5) Daisuke Matsuzaka

Not bad Theo.  Once again I find myself excited for Truck Day, the day pitchers and catchers have to report, and most of all Opening Day!


8 Responses

  1. Scottie

    You might want to delete this post

  2. Lee Corso says…”not so fast my friend…”

  3. i guess its gonna be Willie Bloomquist instead of Adrian Gonzalez and in left will be Willie Harrisnow the Werth is in Washington…at least Marco Scutaro signed a bad contract with the Red Sox

  4. it’s good, he’s signed now

  5. never a doubt

  6. Thank God the Nationals grabbed Werth…that would have been the worst signing since Drew

  7. disagree…werth would have been a nice complimentary piece to the lineup

    granted i wouldnt want the sox to have signed him as their marquee guy this offseason and i certainly wouldnt want them to sign him to 7 for 126 either.

    im thinking its gonna be kalish in left and cameron as the fourth outfielder

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