Week 13 NFL Picks: Scottie vs. Matt

Week 12 turned out to be a great week if you are a fan on the NFL.  The Bears-Eagles, Steelers-Bills, Browns-Panthers, Rams-Broncos, Jaguars-Giants, and Vikings-Redskins were all great games (who would of thought that Browns-Panthers and “great game” would ever have been used in the same sentence?).  There are an array of great games lined up again for this week, topped off by the over-hyped Monday night showdown between the Jets and Patriots.  Last week, Scottie and I both posted respectable 11-5 records, boosting my season record to 101-75 (.574 winning percentage), while Scottie stands at 100-76 (.568 winning percentage).  It is coming down to the wire so it’s time to buckle down and assure myself a free night at the bar.  Let’s do it…

We have a month left in the season and I’m all over the self proclaimed better looking Mel Kiper like white on rice.  Make sure you have money in your bank account son, it’s gonna be a helluva night…on you.

Texans @ Eagles

Matt -Texans

This may be the most important game of the season for the Houston Texans.  They stand at 5-6, tied for third place in their division with the Tennessee Titans, one game behind division leaders Indy and Jacksonville.  A win, and the Texans are right back in the playoff hunt.  A loss, and the Texans players will be playing golf in January.  The Eagles will be looking to rebound after a big loss to the Bears, but Asante Samuel’s health vs. Andre Johnson’s right uppercut has me leaning towards Houston.

Scott – Eagles

Houston allows the most big plays in the NFL this season.  Philly is the definition of the big play.  Desean Jackson is going to run circles around the Texans secondary and Mike Vick will have another huge day.

Bills @ Vikings

Matt – Vikings

Adrian Peterson is banged up, but whether he plays or not may not matter come Sunday.  Toby Gerhart did a good job filling in for Peterson last week, and shouldn’t have any problem doing so again, if necessary, against the Bills.  Buffalo has been playing very well over the last four or five weeks, but the Vikings look rejuvenated under Leslie Frazier.

Scott – Bills

I love the way the Bills have been playing over the last month.  If Steve Johnson wasn’t busy blaming God for dropping a sure touchdown last week instead of his own faulty hands, I’d be more confident in my already risky pick.  But Ryan Fitzpatrick has been serviceable this season making the draft day decision interesting for the Bills.  Peterson is hurt and I hate Brett Favre.  Go Bills.

Browns @ Dolphins

Matt – Dolphins

Just when everyone began forgetting about the Dolphins, they lay the smack down on the Raiders and climb right back into the wild card chase in the AFC.  The Browns won a nail-biter last weekend against the Panthers…whenever you are forced into a close game against the Panthers, you are not getting my support the following week.

Scott – Dolphins

I am picking the Browns to lose here not the Dolphins to win.  Jake Delhomme must have the most pick sixes in NFL history as he simply is very good at losing football games.  If Colt McCoy were under center I’d definitely pick the Browns because he knows not to turn the ball over.

Jaguars @ Titans

Matt – Titans

It’s looking like Kerry Collins will be back in the starting lineup against Jacksonville come Sunday, but at what level of health, we are not truly sure.  Either way, Collins at 60 or 70% is better than Rusty Smith at 130%, so the Titans offense should at least get 3 points this weekend.  All kidding aside, the situation in Tennessee is similar to the one in Houston.  This is almost a must win for Tennessee against the Jags.

Scott -Jaguars

MJD is back.  Randy Moss seems to be a cancer that brings losses wherever he goes.  It wasn’t too long ago I loved the Titans.  But now I don’t have any confidence in them whatsoever, especially if Chris Johnson is only gaining 7 yards on the ground.

Saints @ Bengals

Matt – Saints

The Bengals got smoked by the Jets on Thanksgiving last Thursday.  They are a team in complete disarray.  Carson Palmer and T.O. are running one way, while Chad Ocho…Johnson is running in the complete opposite direction.  Marvin Lewis’s job is certainly at jeopardy, and Carson Palmer’s role as the starter for the Bengals should be under the microscope as well.  The Saints will be getting Pierre Thomas back this week, which spells even more trouble for the Bengals.

Scott: Saints

The 2010 Sportsman of the Year will take down the Reality Television Bengals. The reinforcements are coming in as Reggie Bush is back and Pierre Thomas will return to the lineup as well.  After all, I can’t in my right mind call the Bungles a “team.”  They are all too interested in themselves and don’t care much about winning.

Broncos @ Chiefs

Matt – Chiefs

In Denver, I’m going with the Broncos.  In Kansas City, I’m sticking with T-Jones and J-Charles.

Scott – Chiefs

After Sunday, the only video tapes McDaniels will have is that of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones running left, right, and up the middle against the weak Bronco D.

Redskins @ Giants

Matt – Giants

Scottie and I got a call this past week to try out for the Giants, they needed help at wideout.  We showed up and ran 40’s.  I obviously smoked Scottie, but they said my stone hands just couldn’t cut it in the NFL.  Yea, it’s getting to that point at the New Meadowlands Stadium.  Luckily for the G-Men, the Redskins have been playing terribly ever since Mr. McNabb got paid…

Scott – Giants

All kidding aside, I am far better than Matt in everything in life and this pick ’em challenge is no different.  As far as the game, well the Redskins are terrible and the Giants are finding themselves in a must win situation to stave off the Eagles for the division crown.

Bears @ Lions

Matt – Bears

It would be very Bears-like to follow up a huge win against the Eagles with an equally ugly loss in Detroit.  Let us take a look back at week 1, when the Bears beat the Lions 19-14 solely because of a blown call.  Calvin Johnson catches the ball in the endzone, falls to the ground, knocks out 30 crunches while he’s down there, throws the ball away, and they call it incomplete.  A healthy Shaun Hill would equate to a Detroit win…a healthy Drew Stanton means Megatron might kill my fantasy team this week.

Scott – Bears

I am picking the Bears here despite my hatred for  Jay Cutler.  There is no bigger baby in sports then Jay Cutler.  He is worse than what Dan Marino was as far as crying and complaining to about his offensive line and receivers.  Luckily for the Bears, they are playing the Lions who aren’t so scary without Stafford or even Shaun Hill under center.

49ers @ Packers

Matt – 49ers

I’ve made it this far, now isn’t the time to go against my man Singletary (fully realizing that I am essentially giving Scottie a game here).

Scott – Packers

I am very bitter toward anything 49er right now because I lost Frank Gore for the season in my big money fantasy league.  Also I like it when others have to pay for my drinks, so I will take the layup here.

Raiders @ Chargers

Matt – Chargers

The Chargers have been lights out lately (ironic isn’t it…because they are the Chargers…get it…never mind).  The Chargers are now just one game behind the Chiefs in the AFC South, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be taking their foot off of the pedal any time soon.  Oakland on the other hand has fallen to 5-6 after losing two games in a row.  Trouble is mounting for the black and silver…

Scott -Chargers

Over the past 10 years, has there been any better 2nd half of the season team then the San Diego Chargers?  Phillip Rivers is having an MVP season with Chris Veltri at wideout and that is like the time Jesus turned the water into wine…a bleepin miracle.  Plus, I am rooting hard against the Raiders because I want a nice 1st round pick for the Pats.

Falcons @ Bucanneers

Matt – Falcons

The Bucs got a taste last week of what it takes to be in the upper echelon of teams in the NFL.  They lost to the Ravens 17-10, but still managed to play relatively well.  Atlanta beat the Bucs 27-21 in early November at Atlanta, and I expect a similar result this time.

Scott – Falcons

I love Matty Ice.  Kid is a player.  I argued with a buddy of mine at length a few weeks ago about Matt Ryan vs. Eli Manning.  At the time the stats were very similiar, even favoring Eli slightly.  But the past two weeks I have watched Matty Ice go down the field with ease in the fourth quarter to win big games.  He will continue that trend and soon lock up the number 1 seed in the NFC West.  The road to the Super Bowl goes through Hot Lanta.

Cowboys @ Colts

Matt – Colts

The Cowboys’ hopes for a miraculous run at the playoffs were squandered last week after the Saints pulled out a win in big-D on Thanksgiving.  The Cowboys are playing with much more intensity, emotion, and heart, but the Colts are making an actual run at the playoffs.  Peyton had one of the worst games of his career against the Chargers last Sunday night, so expect him to rebound in a big way against a porous Dallas secondary.

Scott – Colts

I have a better shot of dating Jennifer Aniston than Peyton Manning has of losing three games in a row.

Rams @ Cardinals

Matt – Rams

Did you watch that game on Monday night?  Well, if you did than you have to realize that I can’t pick the Cards for the rest of the season…they are terrible.

Scott – Rams

As a Texas Longhorn fan, it pains me to say that Sam Bradford is the next big thing in the NFL.  It won’t be long before I will be arguing that he is better than Eli Manning.  Oh and Derek Anderson puts his heart and soul into the game and can only score six points.

Panthers @ Seahawks

Matt – Seahawks

There is nothing that sucks more in this line of work than having to pick a game between two terrible teams.  I’m pretty sure I said it last week, when there is a matchup as ugly as this one, always stick with the home team.

Scott – Seahawks

Somehow the Seahawks are still in this thing.  Somehow this game has playoff implications.  As always when it comes to a Seahawks game, I just don’t care.  The Panthers stink and that’s about it.

Steelers @ Ravens

Matt – Ravens

This is my kind of ball game.  As a defensive guy, a Steelers-Ravens battle is like waking up to a brand new Benz on Christmas morning.  It is everything that you could have asked for.  A week after dismantling Oakland, the Steelers struggled to beat the Bills in overtime (and should have lost if Steve Johnson should catch).  I’m never really sure which Steeler team is going to show up on a weekly basis, so I’m sticking with the more consistent squad.

Scott – Ravens

I am excited for this game.  Smash mouth football is what it’s all about.  Reports have come out today that the Rapist is playing with a broken foot.  With that being said, I fully expect the Murderer to break the Rapist’s other foot en route to a win for the Ravens.

Jets @ Patriots

Matt – Patriots

You know that the Pats are going to be ready for this one.  Apparently, this week Belichick essentially put a block on the players’ mouths, telling them to be completely vanilla in regards to contact with the media.  You may be thinking that is how it always is in Foxboro, but not to this extent.  That only leads me to believe that coach Belichick has conjured up a gameplan that will look to stupefy the New York Jets.

Scott – Patriots

Maybe its a homer call by me.  But I have actually been waiting for Monday since Thanksgiving.  Brady is playing with Kevin Garnett like intensity and I love it.  He hates the Jets and he will not lose to them twice in a row.


4 Responses

  1. Sorry Houston, another year of mediocrity is upon you…

    Scottie – 1-0

    O-Face – 0-1

  2. So if the Colts lose… Scott’s gf becomes available?? Lets go Cowboys!

  3. going into sunday night

    scott- 10-4 (and no my gf is not available)

    matt- 8-6

  4. Heading into the biggest game of the season…

    Scottie – 10-5

    Matt – 8-7

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