The Rest of the Week 12 Picks

After a great Turkey Day, Matt and I were tied at 2-1…  Here is the rest of the week 12 picks.

I’ve already said everything that needed to be said…let’s finish it…

Packers @ Falcons

Scottie: Falcons

This might be the best matchup Sunday has to offer being a precursor for the NFC Championship. Matt Ryan and the Falcons are flying high as he continues to prove that he is deserving of being in the conversation of elite quarterbacks.  He matches up against another good young quarterback in Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers is yet to lead his team to victory in any kind of close game and I believe that trend will continue here.

Matt: Packers

I’ve said it many times throughout the year, I love this Falcons team.  Matt Ryan doesn’t lose at home, and the Packers are the most banged up team in the NFL.  But, I’ve sat in front of my computer for the last five minutes trying to think of who is going to block Clay Matthews and I’ve yet to come up with a name.  Matt Ryan can’t win a game if he’s one the turf the whole time.

Steelers @ Bills

Scott: Steelers

The Bills have actually been playing great football over the last month.  The problem here is that they may have played themselves out of having the number one pick in April.  However the Bills will get back to their losing ways Sunday against the strong Steeler team.

Matt: Steelers

The Bills may make this game more competitive than it looks on paper, but I still think that the Steelers have way to much offensively and defensively for the Bills to keep up.

Panthers @ Browns

Scottie: Browns

I have admittedly been high on the Browns since they upset the Patriots a few weeks ago.  Even with Colt McCoy out on Sunday, I still think they have enough to beat the lowly Panthers.  Jake Delhomme’s best days are far behind him but his only responsibility is to hand the ball to Peyton Hillis and get out of his way.  I think he can manage.

Matt: Browns

The games that I hate picking the most are the ones between two bad teams.  I’d be better of flipping a coin to determine the winner because it’s anyone’s guess who is the best of the worst.  Anyways, I think that Peyton Hillis will run all over the Panthers defense, which equates to a Browns victory in Cleveland.

Jaguars @ Giants

Scottie: Jaguars

MJD has his mojo back and despite David Garrard’s best efforts to lose the game last week, The Jags still came out on top.  Eli Manning has lost his top 2 recievers to injury and their once rock solid back field is now questionable.  Ahmad Bradshaw has fumbled away the starting job to Brandon Jacobs.  I expect the Giants offense to struggle to move the ball and the Jags to sneak away with the win.

Matt: Giants

As Scottie said, MJD is back running like a monster again, but I’m not sure he can carry an entire team to victory in the Meadowlands.  Even without Hakeem Nicks, the Giants passing attack will find success against a porous Jags’ secondary, and Brandon Jacobs will surely be rejuvenated after finally getting to start again.

Vikings @ Redskins

Scottie: Vikings

It seems that whenever a coach is fired mid-season, the interim coach provides a spark that enables a team to rattle off a few wins.  We saw it in Dallas when Wade Phillips was canned in favor of Jason Garrett.  The Vikings hated playing for Brad Childress and I feel they will step up for Leslie Frazier. It doesn’t hurt that the Redskins stink.

Matt: Redskins

I almost always side with the team that has a new coach in a situation like this.  But, in this case I’m going against the guys in Purple.  Brett Favre has been a cancer to that organization this season, first essentially eliminating any hope that this team had of making the playoffs and then running the head coach out of town.  Now, Leslie Frazier is supposed to come in and restore order?  Brett Favre runs this team, and as long as he is there it’s tough for me to pick the Vikes.

Titans @ Texans

Scottie: Texans

The Titans are a mess.  Vince Young has the maturity of a 13 year old girl and that has created chaos in the locker room.  It is true the Texans can’t defend my grandmother but I am still waiting for Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson to show up this season.  Arian Foster will continue to do work and the Texans will win this ball game.

Matt: Texans

Both of these teams are desperate for a win.  Both teams started off the season very strong, looking like locks to at least contend for a playoff spot, and now both teams are essentially in must win situations.  So what’s the difference in this game?  I’m sticking with Matt Schaub over Rusty Smith.

Chiefs @ Seahawks

Scottie: Chiefs

I have done nothing but disrespect the Seahawks all year.  While I will still pick against them it is worth noting that the Seahawks are division leaders and are in line for a playoff spot.  Making the playoffs a reality will be difficult losing Mike Williams, but with or without him I’d expect Jamaal Charles to run all over the field on Sunday setting up Thomas Jones touchdowns.

Matt: Chiefs

The Seahawks are a tough team to play in Seattle, but without Mike Williams (who is doubtful to play with a foot injury) I’m just not sure if Seattle has the offensive weapons to be able to score enough to keep up with Kansas City.  I’m sticking with Jones and Charles in this one.

Dolphins @ Raiders

Scott: Raiders

The Dolphins are in disarray without a true starting quarterback and no Brandon Marshall.  The Raiders have exceeded many experts’ expectations this season, but I have always felt they had an outside shot at a playoff spot.  Darren McFadden has arrived and the defense is playing really well.

Matt: Dolphins

Brandon Marshall is doubtful.  Chad Henne is terrible.  Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are missing.  So why am I picking the Dolphins?  Because you simply can not trust Oakland.  One game they come in and look like the best team in the league, and the next week they forget how to run the ball and just try and throw bombs to DHB.  The Dolphins may not be better, but they are more consistent, so I’m going with Miami.

Rams @ Broncos

Scott: Rams

When I pick the Broncos they lose by 30.  When I pick against the Broncos they win by 30.  The hell with it! I have been a closet Rams fan this year because I love watching young teams.  I also think Steven Jackson will have a big day against a weak Broncos D.

Matt: Broncos

The Broncos got smoked by the Chargers last Monday, and should still be licking their wounds.  Apparently, Josh McDaniels just got fined 50k for some videotaping incident thing (I’m not really sure, but I don’t care enough to look into it), so I’m expecting the Broncos to rally around their coach and bounce back from a tough loss.

Eagles @ Bears

Scott: Eagles

Mike Vick passed the test last week against the tough Giant defense.  This week he faces another stiff test with the stingy Bears defense.  I think the Eagles are a really scary team because they are the fastest team in football and there is no way to defend all the weapons they have.  It also helps the cause that the biggest baby of a quarterback since Dan Marino (that being Jay Cutler) is opposing the Eagles and he is good for 3 picks and 7 sacks.

Matt: Bears

Unlike 99% of the nation and 100% of ESPN commentators (not to mention my roommate who is a die hard Eagles fan), I’m not sold on the Eagles yet.  Call me dumb, crazy, idiotic, etc, but I’m not ready to anoint this Eagles team as one of the two or three best teams in the league.  Over Philly’s last three games, they beat up on the Giants, Redskins, and Colts.  The Colts have Scottie playing wideout, the Redskins already beat the Eagles once this season (it is very difficult to sweep an inter-division foe), and the Giants beat themselves.  Julius Peppers will wreak havoc on the Eagles’ offensive line, and the Bears d is among the stingiest in the league.  I am hoping that Jay Cutler doesn’t lose the game for his squad, because I see the possibility for a Bears’ victory at Soldier field.

Buccaneers @ Ravens

Scott: Ravens

Rahiem Morris’ boys get a look at some real NFL competition this Sunday as they travel to Baltimore.  While I do love what the Bucs have done this season, I can’t in my right mind go against the Ravens.  I expect Josh Freeman to have a tough time against the Ravens D, Ray Rice to run wild, and Ray Lewis to decapitiate someone coming over the middle.

Matt: Ravens

Similarly to what Scottie said, the Bucs get a chance to matchup against one of the best teams in the NFL.  I like what Raheem Morris is doing down there in Tampa, but Baltimore is already at where the Bucs are trying to get to.

Chargers @ Colts

Scott: Colts

What Phillip Rivers has done this season with no name receivers has been downright amazing.  He gets a legit weapon back in Vincent Jackson just in time for a showdown with Peyton Manning and the Colts.  ButI don’t care what miracles Rivers has pulled this season, I’ve learned to never go against Peyton Manning especially after a loss.

Matt: Colts

Again, Scottie said it all.  If the season ended today, the Colts would be on the outside looking in, in terms of the playoffs.  The Chargers are on a short week after beating up on Denver last Monday, and traveling to ice-cold Indy can’t be fun.  This game will be a shootout, but I can’t see Peyton losing two in a row.

49ers @ Cardinals

Scottie: 49ers

Last week I admitted I have severely overrated the 49ers all year.  My problem was i fell too much in love with Mike Singletary, Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis.  An old roommate in college use to pick teams to win solely based on one player.  I turned into that roommate over the last 12 weeks and I feel awful about that.  With all that being said there is not a shot in hell the 49ers lose to the Cardinals on Monday night.

Matt: 49ers

So after 11 weeks you expect me to pick against Mike Singletary…no shot.  Singletary is fighting for his job, and if it takes him suiting up and playing some linebacker for the 49ers than he’ll do it.

2 Responses

  1. after 1 o clock games

    scott- 7-2
    matt- 6-3

  2. As of 8pm…

    Matt – 10-3
    Scott – 10-3

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